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Posted: Apr 9 2012, 09:11 PM


General Information
    Name: Princess Ariel of Atlantica
    Gender: Female
    Species: mermaid/human
    Homeworld: Atlantica
    Film: The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
Physical Characteristics
    Height: 5'6"
    Eyes: bright blue
    Hair/Fur: long, fiery red
    Age: 17

    Description: Ariel is a fiery, red-headed girl that stands at an average height of 5'6" and piercing blue eyes that are as deep as the sea. As a mermaid, Ariel wears a purple seashell bra and has been blessed with an emerald green tail that contrasts nicely with her red locks. As a human, Ariel was graced with a pair of long legs and usually wears whatever is available since she is not accustomed to human traditions. Other than that, her skin is rather pale since she lives under water. She is not a sicky pale, but she's not an Aztec sun goddess either.
Personal Characteristics
  • humans (well, Eric mostly)
  • human things
  • exploring shipwrecks
  • music
  • the human world
  • collecting trinkets
  • singing
  • her family
  • visiting Scuttle
  • being treated like a child
  • tattle-tails
  • not being able to speak
  • Ursula & Morgana
  • anyone who threatens her family
  • getting into trouble (though, that happens quite often)
  • remembering the day her mother died
  • rules
  • being compared to her father (*coughoverprotectivecough*)
  • losing her father (or anyone in her family) like she lost her mother
  • pirate ships
  • Melody being taken away from her by Morgana
  • Ursula
  • sharks
  • stubborn
  • impulsive
  • rather gullible
  • moody
  • overprotective

    Relatives: Attina, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Alana, Andrina (older sisters); King Triton (father); Queen Athena (mother, deceased); Princess Melody (future daughter); Prince Eric (husband)
    Friends: Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle, Carlotta, Grimsby
    Enemies: Ursula, Morgana, Marina Del Ray
    Significant Other: Prince Eric

    Stubborn: Ariel is stubborn as a horse. She does not like to be wrong. It is just not an option for her to be wrong. She is set in her beliefs and fights for what she thinks is right. She's got a good head on her shoulders, but to her being wrong is a sign of weakness.

    Caring: Ariel cares so much for her friends and family she would die for them. When she first meets someone, she'll be off-hand-ish, but over time she will grow to love them. She puts other people's needs before her own-which isn't always a good thing-and will stop at nothing to make sure that person is happy before she goes to make herself happy. She is very loyal, defending a friend in need when the situation calls for it.

    Brave: Ariel is a tough cookie with a good amount of courage. It usually takes people off guard when she shows this side of her personality, since she is generally so friendly and chatty, but she can stand up for herself and others just as well as people much older and bigger then herself. She is very loyal to her friends, and as such, is willing to do anything for them if they need her help. Her ability and capacity for courage is often surprising to those who don’t know her well, as she doesn’t exactly appear to be much of a threat.

    Impulsive: Ariel very rarely thinks about what she does before she does it. She usually just has a vague general idea of what she wants to do and she then just executes it, no planning involved of any sort. That could be a fatal flaw of hers, since impulsive people do not think they usually run into a situation and most of the time they get hurt-or killed. Somehow Ari avoids that fate right in the middle of her decision-if she's in the middle of a fight with someone, then she'll start thinking about the consequences. Not always fun. This gets her into some trouble with her father, but since she is the baby he isn't too hard on her.

    Hard-headed: Along with her stubbornness, Ariel is very hard-headed. She does not listen to others around her and she does not like taking direction if it is something she is not in the mood to do at the moment. This causes trouble at school and at home, but her bubbly personality usually gets her out of trouble somehow. It is kind of funny how life works out that way.

    Princess Ariel was born to King Triton and Queen Athena as the seventh child in their brood many years ago. The king and queen already had 6 beautiful daughters by the time Ariel was conceived, but she was an unexpected addition. The king had been told that he was starting to get too old to father more children, and he was fine with that. He had his girls and he was a happy merman. Fortunately, however, he and Athena were graced with one final child before his time ran out.

    Out of all his children, Ariel resembled Triton's beloved wife the most both in looks and personality. At a young age, Ariel had been known to be one of the sweetest of the princesses, but if you got her fired up her mother's fiery temper would rear it's ugly head. Ariel was the one who was the most attached to her father, often seen swimming along with him and was always attached to his shoulders. Being the youngest, and the 'miracle child' on top of that, Ariel's sisters would tease her about being the favorite, but they did not resent her--at least, to Ariel's knowledge they didn't.

    Everything in Ariel's young life was perfect. There was music everywhere in the kingdom, the queen being an avid music fan, and her days were filled with laughter and dancing with her family. Her parents were madly in love, her sisters loved her, she had everything she needed, perfect life right? Well... Not for long.

    It was a beautiful day above the surface. The sun was shining, the mermaids were playing music, everything was perfect for the king and queen's anniversary celebration. They had been married for fifteen or so years and Ariel was just as excited as her sisters to see the gift their father would present to their mother. Triton had been wondering for weeks what to get his beloved queen, and as his advisers gave him many ideas it was Ariel who gave him the one that he liked the best. Pulling out his gift to his queen, Athena smiled as she opened the blue shell to reveal tiny golden figurines of herself and her husband dancing together as the box played their song.

    Ariel watched closely with her sisters from a nearby rock, all of them sighing dreamily as they watched their parents with each other enjoying the gift. When their father leaned in for a kiss, Adella gasped and the girls hid once Triton turned to face them-suddenly aware of their presence. He snuck up on them and they laughed, soon all of them playing in the lagoon and laughing as they all piled on their father. Their happiness would be short-lived, however, for the skies darkened and soon shouting could be heard from the ocean nearby. It wasn't until Triton tossed his youngest in the air and Ariel caught sight of the black sails that the merpeople realized the threat approaching.


    Triton grabbed his girls, tossing them all into deeper water as Athena went to help Attina, who had gotten her fin stuck in the rocks. Thankfully, she was able to free her oldest and was about to join her family in the water when Athena realized she left her music box. The mermaid queen made a break for the box as the ship approached, snatching the leftover objects in their wake.

    Ariel and her sisters swam for their lives, thinking their father was behind them until they heard the king scream his wife's name. Ariel froze at the terror in her father's voice, swimming to the surface as she tried to catch a glimpse of her mother. Her sisters called after her, some of them appearing beside her attempting to pull Ariel back into the water. The redhead screamed for her mother, trying to coax the queen into deeper waters and soon the sisters who were with her called out to their mother as well. Athena grabbed her music box, only to turn and see the pirate ship closing in on her. The girls screamed as their mother's eyes widened, there was a sickening crack that sounded off as the ship rammed the rocks, and the precious music box flew from the lagoon and floated on the surface as Triton swam to try and find his queen.

    Ariel was in shock. Her mother, her beautiful, powerful, unbeatable mother, was gone. Gone before her very eyes. They never found the queen's body, but the girls suffered the most from Athena's death. Ariel, in shock from seeing the ship ram her mother, was left without any memories of her mother due to the stress of the event sealing off her memories of anything before that day. Triton gathered up the music box, feeling his heart break, and he tossed it into the ocean-far, far away.

    Ever since that day, music was banned from the kingdom. It caused the king too much pain to see or hear anything musical since his beloved wife had loved it so much. Everything hurt, everything reminded him of Athena--especially Ariel. Since Ariel was his baby, and the spitting image of her mother, Triton made sure that his daughter was watched 24/7. He had hired a governess named Marina Del Ray to take care of the girls, and even though she wasn't the most pleasant person to be around she got the job done. Most of the time.

    Over this time, Ariel grew into a fine young woman, but soon she started to wonder why music was banned and why they all had to have specific schedules for everything. Her world had become routine, and she was getting sick of it. She just wanted to do something different for once! Was that really so horrible? Ariel certainly didn't think so.

    A little while after she got punished for disrupting their family walk-again-Ariel met a fish named Flounder. He had been making music, and it fascinated the redhead. Soon a couple of palace guards started chasing them, and they became fast friends. One night, Ariel caught Flounder swimming around in the middle of the night and she followed after him. Soon enough, she came upon an underground club! One that played music! It was fascinating and so exciting! And the best part?! Sebastian was the owner!

    Ariel became a member of the club, her music jogging her memory of her mother and how the kingdom used to be filled with music, and soon she began sneaking out every night to listen to it. After a week or two of her sneaking out, her sisters started putting 2 and 2 together and assumed their baby sister was running off to see a boy or doing something dangerous. Ariel soon spilled the beans and told them about the club, and how the music was beautiful and the dancing! The best part? It felt like when their mom was around when she was there.

    The sisters all flocked to their baby sister, begging her to take them with her next time, and after ganging up on Attina all of them agreed that they would go that night. Taking the girls to the club was so amusing for Ariel, because it was like they had never seen anyone dancing or heard music before! The looks on their faces were priceless! She was so excited! She had a secret to share with her sisters and she felt so much closer to them all. For the next couple of weeks, the girls were initiated into the club and they would spend their nights dancing away and having fun with their music. Unfortunately for them, their new found happiness would be short lived once again.

    Marina Del Ray was alerted the girls were gone one night, causing the governess to follow after the girls and soon she found out about Sebastian's club. The woman immediately went to King Triton in an effort to expose Sebastian and take his job, and the king sent his guards to the club as soon as possible. The club was shut down and all but the princesses were thrown in jail.

    Her sisters resented her for getting them into trouble, Triton was hurt that Ariel was angry with him and Ariel felt horrible that her sisters hated her and that her friends had been thrown in jail. As a result, Ariel left a flower on her pillow, bid her sleeping sisters goodbye, and broke the others out of jail. All of them fled the kingdom, avoiding the king's guards by going far out into the ocean. While she was out there, Ariel came upon the music box... That lovely music box that her father had given her mother all those years ago after she gave him her suggestion on what to get Athena for their anniversary. She clutched the music box tight as Sebastian explained the depth of the king's heartache. Her mother wasn't just her mother and Triton's wife, she was his best friend as well as his lover. He had lost the person he loved more than life itself, and his heart had a hole in it.

    Ariel then decided that they should go back, which was what Sebastian was hoping for as he also revealed that this was his plan all along. Everyone turned back, hoping the music box would change the king's mind, but as they made their way back to the castle they were attacked by Marina Del Ray's eels. Ariel and the others fought the eels off until Marina decided to try and attack Sebastian directly. Ariel pushes the evil woman off-course, getting hit by her in the process, and falling down into a nearby gorge. Triton arrived in time to see his daughter get hit and fall to the ocean floor, gathering her in his arms as the music box lands beside them and opens to reveal the song once again.

    Ariel vaguely heard her mother's voice, singing that lullaby to her like she did so many years ago. Her world was dark, cold, but the sound of her mother's voice was what kept her warm. After a little bit, she heard her father join in, but his voice sounded a lot closer than her mother's did. She was vaguely aware of a pair of arms pulling her tight, the warmth of the arms bringing her back to the world as she blinked and looked up to see her father cradling her in his arms. "Daddy?" she whispered, feeling Triton pull her tight into a hug and apologize to her. She told him that they should go home, and he agreed.

    Music was brought back to the kingdom in full swing, and Sebastian was made court composer. The girls thanked Ariel for her efforts and the kingdom celebrated the return of music. Ariel and her sisters lived peacefully under the watch of their father for another year until Ariel noticed something else that brought her father turmoil in his life--his hatred of humans. Ever since music was restored to the kingdom, Ariel had taken to exploring old shipwrecks with Flounder and she started a collection of trinkets she found in a grotto nearby. She went to the surface once a long time ago, to watch the sun rise, and met a bird named Scuttle, who claimed to be an expert with human objects. He offered to give her explanations and names of the items if she came back to visit, and that was something the princess did quite often.

    One day, Ariel was caught wearing a human trinket, forcing her to reveal that she went to the surface and talked to Scuttle when someone asked what it was and she gave them the answer Scuttle gave her. Triton was furious, going on about barbaric fish eaters and how all humans were the same. Ariel realized that Triton was talking about her mother's death, but Ariel soon rebelled against her father and went back to see Scuttle anyway. After all, the men who killed her mother were long dead and gone. Not all humans were alike, just as merpeople are not all alike.

    One day after she missed her father's concert because she went to see Scuttle and Triton had yelled at his youngest once again, Sebastian followed Ariel and Flounder to her grotto and learned that Ariel just did not understand. "I just don't see things the way he does... I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad..." and goes on to explain she'd like to be a part of the human world, which scared Sebastian to pieces. Ariel found Sebastian after he made a ruckus and fell out into the open area of her grotto. She swore him to secrecy just as a ship floated above them.

    Curious, Ariel swam to the surface and came upon a ship that was sending bright, colorful lights into the sky in celebration. As she pulled herself up onto the side of the vessel, the girl caught sight of the most beautiful human she'd ever laid eyes on. She learned his name was Eric, a prince! And it was his birthday. As she fawned over the prince, a storm brewed and Ariel was blown off the ship. Unfortunately for the girl's crush, Eric was blown off the ship as it exploded and almost drowned-only to be saved by Ariel as she dragged him to the surface. She kept him from submerging again, dragging him to shore and hoping he wasn't dead. If he was dead, she didn't know what she would do! It was love at first sight, after all.

    Once she got Eric to the shore and beached herself beside him, the girl stroked his face and hoped that he would wake up soon. Scuttle placed his head to the prince's foot, not hearing a heartbeat, but soon Eric started breathing once again. He was quite beautiful despite the fact he just survived a shipwreck. She sang to him, a song about how she wished to be a part of his world, now fueled by her desire to be with him. Eric awoke as she sang, smiling at her, and Ariel was about to continue when she heard the fluffy thing she encountered on the ship make noises at her and approach. The girl flopped back into the ocean, avoiding the fluffy thing by mere seconds, and kept herself out of sight on a large rock.

    As Eric's adviser came and collected him, the princess declared that she would find some way to be a part of his world. Watch, and you'll see.

    Ariel spent the next couple of days twitterpated. She would go around the castle humming, primping herself, and just being too happy for words. She was in love. Her sisters had seen it too, commenting to her father when he asked about his youngest that she was in love. Triton asked Sebastian about it later, assuming the boy Ariel pined for was a merman, but was shocked to find out it was a human his daughter had fallen for.

    Ariel was led to her grotto by Flounder, who insisted he had a surprise for her, and she was shocked to find the statue of Prince Eric in her grotto. It was Eric! Her Eric! She was so happy! She started flirting with the statue, having way too much fun twirling around it and soon she caught sight of her father watching her. The two of them argued, Triton was furious and Ariel was defensive.

    "Daddy I love him!"
    "No! Have you lost your senses COMPLETELY?! He's a human, you're a mermaid!"
    "I don't care!"
    "So help me, Ariel, I am going to get through to you; and if this is the only way, so be it!"

    Triton's eyes glowed an angry gold as his trident lit up. The king proceeded to lay waste to his daughter's precious grotto, destroying every bit of her collection, and soon he turned to the statue of Eric. Ariel froze, her eyes widening more than they already had as she screamed for her father to stop, but once he eyed her most prized possession Ariel flew at her father. Clutching her father's arm, Ariel screamed for him to stop! If he left her that one thing, Ariel would be fine, but she was too late. Triton aimed his trident and an angry burst of energy flew at the statue, obliterating it. Ariel fell to the ground, sobbing, and soon heard her father leave as she sat with her destroyed collection.

    Her heart was broken. She thought she had found something like her parents had. She thought she found true love, and her father destroyed it. He had destroyed her trinkets, her lovely collection she had spent so long to build. She heard her mother used to collect things, and with her own collection it felt as if she was closer to her mother. Now... Now it was gone... Just like her...

    Ariel sobbed into her arms, her tail curling up closer to her as she cried and Sebastian tried to apologize but she would not hear it. "Just go away," she cried, her voice choked in agony and despair as she curled up tighter and let Flounder and Sebastian leave. Soon she heard voices calling out to her, beckoning her to follow them, and Ariel looked up to find two eels watching her. They told her about going to see Ursula, the sea witch, who could help her in her predicament.

    Sending them away, the little mermaid started to cry once again as the eels left, pushing the last piece of her precious statue towards her and the princess picked it up. Soon, she called out for them to wait and followed after them. Sebastian and Flounder followed after them, Sebastian trying to talk some sense into Ariel, who shot back that he should tell her father if he was so worried. "You're good at that." she told him coldly, swimming off with the eels as Flounder followed.

    There, she met Ursula. The sea witch declared she would give Ariel legs so that she could be with Eric, but there were some restrictions. One, she had to give up her voice to Ursula. Two: she had three days to make Eric fall in love with her before she turned back into a mermaid. Three: before the sun sets on the third day, she had to get Eric to kiss her with the kiss of true love. Four: if she failed at getting the prince to kiss her, she belonged to Ursula forever.

    Ariel, feeling her anger at her father boil over inside of her, signed the contract and her voice was extracted from her. She felt her fin split into two legs and water start to fill her lungs. She couldn't breathe! Thankfully, Flounder and Sebastian swam to her rescue and got her to the surface just in time. From there, they took her to the shoreline, where Ariel got Sebastian to agree not to tell the king about her current predicament. Scuttle joined them and gave Ariel an old sail to dress herself in since she was half naked after her transformation.

    After a few minutes, the noisy fluffy thing reappeared and was heading straight for her! Ariel panicked, running to a nearby rock and climbing on top of it in an attempt to get away from the thing that was chasing her. Soon she heard a familiar voice calling out a name-Max- to which the animal made a noise and ran to the owner of the voice--Eric! Ariel flushed, suddenly shocked at how her prince had appeared and found her so quickly! She quickly fixed her hair and attempted to look pretty as Eric approached, getting a good look at her and putting the pieces together! He knew right away she was the girl who saved him! Unfortunately, when he asked for name, she was not able to tell him.

    Eric then declared she could not be who he was looking for, since she was mute, and Ariel sighed in frustration. The redhead was led to the castle by her prince, very excited indeed that he decided to take care of her, and Sebastian followed as he put himself into her pocket.

    Ariel stayed with Prince Eric for the next couple of days, almost kissing him in the lagoon nearby until the boat was tipped over, only for the sun to rise on the third day and Scuttle declared that Eric was to marry later that day. It had to mean her, right?! Regardless, Ariel rushed down the stairs to find her beloved prince in the arms of another woman.

    Heartbroken and upset, Ariel watched the boat pull away from the dock and she fell into a sitting position, burying her face into her arms and sobbing lightly in her despair. Scuttle soon flew back onto the dock, explaining that the woman Eric was marrying was really Ursula! The sea witch was using Ariel's voice to manipulate Eric!

    Jumping into the water, Ariel was pulled to the ship by Flounder as Scuttle and his friends delayed the wedding for as long as they could. Pulling herself up on the ship, Ariel appeared in time to see Scuttle rip the necklace from Ursula's neck and have the pendant shatter, releasing Ariel's voice and allowing her to speak once again as the spell on Eric was lifted. Eric ran to her, declaring his love for her and almost kissing her when Ariel felt her legs start to shift and soon she had her tail once again. The sun had set! They were too late!

    Ursula returned to her original form, grabbing Ariel and dragging her back under the sea as Triton appeared, after being alerted by Sebastian of the situation. Ariel apologized to her father, hoping he wasn't angry with her, only to see that the person he was REALLY angry at was Ursula. Ursula made a deal with Triton as she started to turn Ariel into one of those creepy things she kept in her lair. If Triton took her place, Ariel could stay a mermaid and would be free of her contract. Triton did so without a second thought. Soon the great sea king was reduced to a seaweed-looking creature and his trident was taken by Ursula.

    Ariel attacked the sea witch in a blind rage, only to be thrown to the ocean floor and almost obliterated when a harpoon hit the woman in the arm, injuring her. Ariel looked up to see Eric, telling him to swim away, only to have her beloved caught by the eels. Flounder and Sebastian tried to free the prince, but Ariel was the one to really save him when Ursula took aim and fired, but the redhead pulled the woman's hair to make the blast go off course. The eels were destroyed and Ariel made her way to the surface with Eric, only to have the two lovers once again separated by a giant sea witch.

    Ursula was using the powers of the sea itself to try and destroy them, but it worked against her. Eric used a shipwreck that emerged from the whirlpool Ursula created to turn her into a rather large shish kabob. Ursula was destroyed and Triton reclaimed his trident as Eric washed up on shore once again.

    Ariel sat on a rock in the surf, watching Eric on the shore as she sniffled. Now that she was a mermaid again, she would be forced back home. She knew it. She was destined to be unhappy forever and she was going to be miserable. She heard her father and Sebastian talking in the distance, but she could not hear what they were saying. She did not care at this point. Her life was over.

    It wasn't until she saw something shining in the corner of her eye that Ariel turned to see her tail glowing a glorious gold and she beamed at her father. She knew what this means! Jumping back into the water, Ariel made her way to the shore and soon she emerged with two legs and a glorious, shining blue dress. Eric awoke and saw his beloved mermaid approaching him, running to her and collecting her in his arms. The two kissed and soon they were married on a ship so that Ariel's family could attend the event as well.

    Triton gave them his blessing, and Ariel blew him a kiss as she and her husband waved to everyone in the sea when the boat started floating away. A short time later, Ariel was expecting her first child with Eric. She was ecstatic! Though, being pregnant was definitely new to her and she was scared out of her mind since she never had a mother to talk to about this sort of thing. Regardless, Ariel was brave and she did the best she could. Soon enough, she was blessed with a bouncing baby girl with Eric's hair and her eyes. She named her Melody.

    Soon after Melody's birth, once Ariel recovered from it, the royal family immediately boarded a ship and started off towards the ocean after sending word that Ariel had given birth. She kept in contact with her family throughout her pregnancy, but unfortunately none of them were able to be with her when she went into labor. Ariel presented her daughter to her family and her subjects from under the sea as they gathered before the ship, and soon her father appeared.

    Ariel's smile widened at the sight of her father, positively glowing in excitement as the king of the sea laid eyes on her daughter for the first time and he smiled, sending a rainbow into the sky as his blessing. Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived once again as Triton attempted to give his precious granddaughter a locket with her name on it and a musical scene of Atlantica inside, only to have Morgana-Ursula's sister-appear and steal the baby from Ariel.

    She felt her stomach drop. This madwoman had her baby! HER baby! Morgana stole her Melody! Ariel, in her anger, grabbed her husband's sword and cut the rope to the mast, causing it to fly into the sea witch and make her let go of Melody. Eric swung and grabbed the baby, placing her back in her mother's arms, as Ariel clung to her husband and child for dear life. Triton sent out a search party, demanding that someone find that crazy woman for the sake of his grandchild, but Ariel was still terribly shaken from the ordeal.

    Triton arrived at his daughter's castle later that night after the royal family fled back to land, where Morgana could not touch them. He explained he had every able-bodied merman searching for the sea witch, but Ariel would not hear it. It would not be enough to keep her baby safe. Flashes of her mother's death passed through her mind and Ariel sighed, picking up her daughter and cuddling her close as she told her father what she had decided. Melody was to stay on land, and have no interaction with the sea. At all. She was not to know about merpeople--or even her grandfather.

    Ariel knew that in the long run, she would be accused of acting like her father did when she was younger, but she just wanted to keep Melody safe. Ariel clung to Eric as she heard her father leave, her heart breaking in the process. The last thing she wanted was to lose her father, but she felt that it may be the only way to keep Melody safe. Especially if Melody was anything like she was merely a year or so earlier.

    Melody grew into a beautiful young girl, resembling both her parents in many ways, but her rebellious (and often late) behavior mirrored her mother's so much that it both amused and terrified Ariel when she thought about it. Before she knew it, Melody was twelve years old and Ariel was thrilled. All these years and not one problem with Morgana. Though, she figured that was probably due to the huge wall she put up that surrounded the castle and kept most of the water out of the courtyard. That way, Morgana could not sneak attack the castle and Melody would not be able to go out into the ocean. What Ariel didn't know was that her daughter found a way around her wall and had been going out to the sea without her permission or her knowledge.

    The night of Melody's twelfth birthday, Ariel and Eric had planned a huge party for her to celebrate. It was a night of dancing and fun and even Melody danced with a young prince from a neighboring kingdom. Everything was going fine until Sebastian appeared and Chef Louie proceeded to flip out and try to kill him. Melody was embarrassed and distraught, and there was nothing for Ariel to do except follow after her as she ran away.

    Ariel came into her daughter's room, feeling her heart break as Melody cried. Plopping herself down onto the bed beside her daughter, Ariel did her best to comfort Melody, only to see her daughter open that necklace she thought her father had gotten rid of, revealing the scene of Atlantica and the various merpeople swimming around inside. Ariel snatched the necklace back, demanding where Melody got it, only to find out her daughter had been going out into the sea without her knowing. Ariel was furious, both her mother's death and Melody's attempted kidnapping flashing before her eyes as she scolded her daughter. "You deliberately disobeyed me!"

    Melody snatched the necklace from her mother and ran out of the room just as Eric was coming in. Ariel sighed and sat down, her head in her hands as she felt Eric sit beside her. He suggested they give Melody some space and she'll come back in when she was ready. Unfortunately, that was not what was going through her daughter's mind. Ariel found out later that night that Melody had run away to the sea, and she called up a search party. Every able-bodied human was out looking for the princess, and Ariel boarded a ship with her husband to seek the help of her father.

    Triton came running when he heard his daughter needed him, appearing at the ship as he reported no one had seen Melody on his end. Eric took Ariel into his arms and explained that it might be good if she helped her father out. He could handle everything on land, but "you know the sea better than anyone I know." Ariel told her father that she needed him to change her back. She needed to be a mermaid again so that she could search the ocean for her daughter. Triton did as he was asked, changing his youngest back into her mermaid form and Ariel dove into the water to search for her baby.

    Along the way, Ariel ran into Flounder, who had grown up and had a bunch of kids. He volunteered to help his friend find her daughter and unfortunately they have no luck at finding her. Ariel goes to visit her father after she finished her search, hoping he'd found something, only to find his search came up empty too. Ariel catches sight of something shiny on the ground, only to find it was Melody's locket and she immediately went after her when she found out her father's trident had been stolen. Ariel and Flounder made it to Morgana's ice palace, only to find that Melody had been turned into a mermaid and had the trident in hand.

    There were times that she wondered what she looked like when she and her father had gotten into those intense fights long ago. All those times she looked at him and felt as if she hated him, all of those times came back with one look. Melody turned around and her eyes widened in shock at the sight of her mother--with a tail. Ariel felt her heart sink as Melody looked at her like she looked at her father all that time ago. She knew what she did was wrong. She had denied Melody this world. Just as Triton denied her of the human world when she was growing up. Melody was angry, but she seemed more hurt than anything else. In that moment, Ariel tried to make it up to her daughter. Her precious daughter hated her, because she kept this a secret. If she could turn back time, she would have done differently. Unfortunately, her attempts to explain fell upon deaf ears. Melody handed over the trident, and Morgana immediately snatched Ariel into her tentacles.

    Ariel looked on in horror as Morgana proceeded to reveal to Melody that the man she stole the trident from was her grandfather, and that she was-indeed-the bad guy, just as her mother said. Ariel attempted to break free, her attempts becoming more violent as Morgana sealed her daughter into an underwater cave so that she would drown when she three days were up.

    Morgana emerged, Ariel in hand, with the trident and started creating an icy city all around her. Ariel rolled her eyes as the woman went on and started talking about how she had finally surpassed Ursula and started yelling at the sky, declaring to her mother 'who's the favorite now?!'

    Eric appeared soon after, coming after his wife only to be thrown into the water. Ariel escaped from Morgana's clutches with the help of Scuttle and her friends and dove into the water to save her husband. Emerging from the water soon after, Morgana started using the trident to make all who had fins bow down to her. Ariel was one of the ones forced down into a bowing stance, but soon she heard Melody's voice cut through the night. Ariel looked up to see her daughter-trident in hand-tossing the object down to her grandfather.

    Triton wielded his trident, encasing Morgana in ice after she knocked Melody off the top of her ice structure. Melody landed on her seal friend's blubbery stomach and all of them got out of the way as the structure collapsed around them.

    Everyone made it out alive, thankfully, and Melody now had a choice to make. Either she could retain her fins and live in the sea with her grandfather or she could return to her home on land with her mother and father. With a grin and looking from her parents to her grandfather, Melody declared "I have a better idea!"

    Melody chose both-in a way-and used her grandfather's trident to destroy the wall her parents put up around the castle. "Now we can all be together!" Melody declared as her mother grinned. Everyone lived happily ever after. The end.
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    Other: I LOVE ARIEL. She's like. my favorite princess besides Rapunzel. I figured I'd give her a shot.

    Example Roleplay Post: This is in character, but it's Ariel on another site that's slightly AU but she's still our fiery princess we all know. Just figured I'd pop that in here if that was ok. If not I can try to whip something up for her :)
Days like these were quite lovely. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, everything was nice and quiet. The redhead emerged from a body of water near the village and wielded her trident much like a sword as she transformed her tail into a pair of legs. Waving the trident once again, the girl soon found herself in a blue dress and a purple flower neatly tucked into her fiery mane as she tapped the powerful object on the ground and it shrunk to it's necklace form. Putting the object around her neck, the redhead scurried away from the water after grabbing her bag from it's depths and making her way into the village.

Days like these were ones when Ariel went to go see Jim. She waited a little while between visits to make sure she grabbed a few more human things she found so that her visits lasted longer, but she got particularly sidetracked these past few weeks and she had not been back to see the boy in awhile. Jim was a good friend of hers, and Ariel always looked forward to seeing him. He was very smart, and he knew exactly what these human things were that she brought to him-so he was a valuable source of information. At least, he was a lot more reliable than the seagulls were. One of them misled her about the name and function of a fork... let's just say that when she showed Jim the first time he got a big kick out of her brushing her hair with it.

Wandering through the streets of the village, the former mermaid slung her bag over her shoulder and made her way towards where she usually found Jim. She never really paid attention to the buildings or anything, but she could tell where he was. Jim wasn't always a quiet person to be around. He could get rather verbal if people were giving him a hard time. Regardless, the girl meandered around until she caught sight of brown hair and she grinned, immediately following after Jim once she found him and slipping her arms around his waist from behind as she laid her head on his back. "JIM!" she grinned, probably aware that he most likely saw her. He wasn't one to be caught by surprise, but then again for all she knew she could have gotten him this time. It HAD been awhile since she'd seen him. Either way, she'd missed the boy. "How have you been?!"

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Posted: Apr 10 2012, 10:41 PM


*wipes sweat off of brow* phew! Done! If you'd like me to add TLM 2's storyline to her history I can do that (it'll take me awhile, but I can do that for you) but I figured since she's seventeen I'd just make her history end at the point in her life when she is seventeen. Hope she's okay! :3 Anything you need just let me know!

working on TLM2 storyline as we speak! Almost done!

and NOW I'm done! WHOOOO!

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Hello Christina! Before anything else, thank you for your patience, we apologise for having kept you waiting so long for a review, real life seems to have knocked members and staff alike sideways of late.

So on to the application then, and there are a few things we'd like to see edited / amended / changed up, and so without further ado...

  • Description: first off, we feel this section needs a wee bit of a tweak as well as adding in some more information as it feels a little lacklustre and parts of it don't seem to be describing Ariel as we know her and are almost contradictory. Be wary too of letting fanon color the overall picture, Ariel may be a redhead but we don't really ever see her being cast in the 'vixen' mold and neither is she 'nicely tanned'.

  • Fears / Flaws: both of these sections need additional information so dig deep and see what you can come up with. Beware of repetition, stubborn / doesn't listen to authority / does what she wants really all amount to the same thing. Ariel is a great little character, there is much more to her than that so don't forget you have all 3 movies plus the spin-off series to pull material for her from.

  • Personality: while you have covered a lot of the key factors of Ariel's psyche, we'd love to see a more cohesive & flowing style rather than a list of bullet points. With a character as dynamic and popular as Ariel, it's really important to get a good handle on what makes her tick, and as it stands we feel that this section rather lacks any of her real 'spark', that curiosity & overwhelming inner drive that sent her to the surface, along with the recklessness, desperation, & naivety that sent her to Ursula. Ariel has packed a lot into her life and her journey from childhood to motherhood has had many highs and lows and it is these circumstances that have forced her personality to change, grow, and evolve. By the 'end' of her story she has grown up not only physically but mentally / emotionally as well, so it's very important that this is reflected in this section. :)

  • RP Sample: while in essence there is no problem with the post itself, we do feel that it 'needs more Ariel.' Thus, we would like to ask you for an additional sample (or replacement one if you prefer.) Ideally, something canon that really shows Ariel simply being her wonderful chatty, bubbly self. Perhaps something back in her TLM days, a 'missing scene' or even just her chattering away to herself as she goes through her collection, something that really shows what a fun and dynamic character this little mermaid is!

  • And finally, although not exactly related to Ariel but relevant nonetheless, don't forget that we do need to see a few more posts for Boo ( a total of 10-12 is ideal) before we can consider a second character for you. If you are having problems here or need to discuss the issue then by all means drop us a PM.

    We apologise if any of this seems 'nitpicky' and also that it seems like an awful lot of extra work, especially after making you wait so long for review, but hope that you can appreciate our point here that since Ariel is one of the most popular Disney characters as well as being a highly coveted and sought-after role in any Disney RPG, we really want to 'do right by her' and make sure that she is played here on Fant as close to her original canon as possible.

    And that's it! Once you have made your edits, simply let us know and we'll review the app again. :)

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