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 [UNDER] THE ROSE ----<@, Tagged: BELLE
Posted: Mar 20 2012, 04:25 PM

often imitated but never duplicated
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"Once upon a time in a land far, far away - which is not to be confused with the Kingdom of Far Far Away, or a galaxy far, far away - there was an enormous castle. And in that enormous castle there was a long winding stair, and at the top of that long winding stair there was an old wooden door and beyond that old wooden door there was -" Genie broke off and rubbed his jaw thoughtfully, blue fingers winding briefly through his curlicue beard. His eyes met those of a second Genie who was watching him closely, identical except for a pair of silver pince-nez which were perched atop his nose. Genie waggled the small book he was holding up and down, "Well? Whaddya think of it so far?"

The second Genie gave him a non-committal shrug and raising one hand, rocked it palm down from side to side in a 'so so' gesture.

Genie was shocked. "Really? I didn't think it was that bad! Sheesh, everyone's a critic!" Hopefully he tried again, jinking his left eyebrow encouragingly at his other half in an effort to egg him on, "Okay, so whaddya think is gonna be behind the old wooden door then, huh? Huh? Me, I'm bettin' it's the penthouse suite of the Trump Soho in New York, or failing that a tunnel that comes right out in the Shrieking Shack! Well? What about you?"

The second Genie favoured him with a look not dissimilar to the one Rasoul usually had on his face when it was discovered that Rajah had once again disgraced himself in the royal flowerbeds, and realising that he was rapidly losing the audience, Genie decided to quit while he was ahead. "Spoilsport. Okay, I'll tell ya -" His eyes slid back to the book again, "Where was I? Oh hang on, nope ... ah, got it! And beyond that old wooden door there was -" His voice rose in a triumphant shout, "An attic exactly like this one! Exactly like it! Right down to the little wooden rocking horsey over there, the moth-eaten stuffed owl in the cracked glass case up there, aaaaaand also the many immense and dusty towering heaps of in-all-probability-fairly-fatal-if-they-fell-on-top-of- you stacks of junk and lost family heirlooms that are piled everywhere else in here!" Pleased with himself he waved his arms to and fro and then plucked something up from the closest junk pile, holding out to his audience with a cheesy grin, "Ohhh! And you're gonna love this! Along with all this other bric-a-brac is this a genuine bona fide genie lamp exactly like mine and d'ya know why that is? Huh? Huh? Because it is my mine!" Throwing his arms wide in a 'tah-dah- grand finale-like stance he waited hopefully for a reaction. Any reaction.

Finally the second genie reached out and looking over the pince-nez took the open book from his hands. "Who writes this junk?"

Offended, Genie snatched back the book and closed it with a snap, "You know who writes it! Oy, and to think I thought you might be flattered to get a glimpse of my secret holiday diary! Ingrate! G'wan, get outta here!"

As his doppelganger vanished in a plume of smoke, Genie looked about him and yawned, "Ahh, I'm bushed, guess I'll start exploring that small provincial town I glimpsed on the way in, in the morning. Time for some shut eye I think..." Shrinking in size he began to slowly melt down into the lamp,"Ahhh talk about a real home from home; okay so it's not exactly the Ritz, but then you'd have to be crackers to stay there, right?"

His voice faded as he finally vanished into the golden lamp and heavy silence fell once again fell upon the dusty, forgotten attic.


[OOC: Kara, hope this works okay for Belle, if it needs editing anywhere, just give me a nudge.
As always for my opening posts it's way loger than I meant it to be, Genie's following posts will be briefer. <3 ]

GENIE is played by RUNE
Posted: Apr 2 2012, 08:02 PM

{Beauty} loves a +Beast+

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(OoC-It was perfect! I loved it :) )

Belle had long gotten used to simply wandering the castle of her own accord, when there was nothing truly for her to do. She had helped wash the tea cups with Mrs.Pots, had tea time with Chip, listened to Lumiere try and coax Babette for a evening in the romantic candle light...provided by himself of course. Of there was listening to Cogsworth give her a very detailed description of where their expensive china dining utensils had come from. Overall, it had been a very typical day for her, but it was the absence of the Beast, which always bothered her; he never seemed to want to be around her, and when they were together, a fight or argument always broke out between them...he was very hard to get to know, when he would brood or hide away in his West Wing.

Still, she had high hopes that everything would be alright in the end, and upon turning into one of the uncovered staircases in her many wanderings, Belle decided to see where it led. Counting each step as she walked, Belle soon lost count at six hundred and eighty two, when she finally saw a wooden door ahead of her. Thankfully it was unlocked, as she stepped inside, and nearly coughed from the amount of dust which had risen up, just from the door sliding across the floor!

Coughing, and waving the dust away from her nose, Belle was surprised to see just how dusty and unkempt it was...actually, no it did not. The Beast really did not seem to care about the upkeep of his castle. Wandering around, her footprints leaving marks in the dust, she thought she could hear talking, but from where, Belle could not exactly pinpoint. "Hello? Is anyone here?" Belle called, wondering if it was another enchanted object.

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Posted: Apr 18 2012, 03:04 PM

often imitated but never duplicated
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"Okay lessee ... towels, soap, loofah, floss, toothpaste, and finally the pièce de résistance my brand new - Noooooooo! Don't say I forgot to bring the Tigger jammies! They've gotta be in here somewhere!" Shirts, socks, shoes, swimsuits, sun-hats, and all manner of other curious objects (including a stamp album, an aqualung, three packets of gummy worms, a potted cactus, and a one-eyed oran utan in a hula skirt, went flying as Genie, searched in vain for his forgotten nightwear. "Ohhh! If I find they've been stolen by Cassim there's gonna be trouble. Besides, he has his own Eeyore ones I got him for his birthday and -" Hearing something (or rather someone) outside, he paused stock still in the middle of his sentence.

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

The blue spirit grinned, hands on hips, "Well wouldn't y'know it? A visitor, and I haven't so much as baked a cake, polished up the silverware or even done my hair." Zapping up a small looking glass, Genie struck a pose and gave himself a critical once over, twining one finger in his beard and tugging to re-curl it. He bounced his eyebrows at his reflection. "Ooh, I like! Baby, you scrub up better than Prince Charming at the jet wash!"

Split seconds later, a stream of sinuous blue smoke curled out of the lamp and reassembled itself as Genie, who seeing that his 'guest' was a girl, immediately went into overdrive, running a finger across a nearby table and shaking his head critically. "Have you seen how dusty this place is? I'm telling you, we just can't get the staff these days! Oh, I try my best but you know I do but we both know this stuff breeds like dustbunnies, right?" Throwing the girl a conspiratorial wink he suddenly trailed off and his expression softened, "Hey, are you okay kid? I hope I didn't frighten you?" Smiling, he curled himself into a deep salaam, "Enchanté mademoiselle. The name's Genie - and before you ask, yes, I am a genie, and what's more I'm a genie who's very pleased to meet you -" He stopped dead and hs eyes widened, "Ohh backtracking a smidge, that's enchanted not enchanted by the way, we don't wanna mix those two up."

Sensing his young guest's continuing tension, the blue djinni threw her another reassuring smile, "Y'know, you look kind of pale to be wandering around in a big spooky old attic on your own, is something wrong? Are you in some kind of trouble? Is there anything I can do to help?"

GENIE is played by RUNE
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