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 Mia Thermopolis
Mia Thermopolis
Posted: Mar 12 2012, 05:07 AM

American {R O Y A L T Y}
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General Information
    Name: Amelia “Mia” Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi
    Gender: female
    Species: human
    Homeworld: San Francisco, USA / Pyrus, Genovia
    Film: The Princess Diaries, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
Physical Characteristics
    Height: 5’8”
    Eyes: brown
    Hair/Fur: brown
    Age: 21


    Mia used to look like the archetypal nerdy girl: frizzy, unkempt hair, bushy eyebrows, thick glasses, inelegant slouch, et cetera. Thanks to the renowned Italian stylist Paolo, however, she now looks the way one would expect a princess to look. Her hair is straight and silky, her eyebrows are finely shaped and plucked and her glasses have been replaced by contact lenses.

    As for her wardrobe, Mia prefers casual, comfortable clothes—on her days off, she invariably sports jeans and a T-shirt or a button-down. But when the need arises, she dresses like royalty. Whenever she goes out in public, she wears either chic skirt suits or understatedly elegant dresses, depending on her mood. And at formal gatherings, she’s the belle of the ball in classic, stylish gowns.
Personal Characteristics
  • Lord Nicholas Devereaux
  • children
  • animals (especially her cat, Fat Louie)
  • mattress surfing
  • rock climbing
  • horseback riding (except when she has to ride sidesaddle)
  • a good book
  • exploring new places (especially the many secret passages in the palace)
  • her 1966 Mustang
  • having fun
  • freedom
  • taking long walks
  • dressing up (sometimes)
  • painting (sometimes)
  • I Love Lucy reruns

  • snobs
  • bullies
  • liars
  • backstabbers
  • gold diggers
  • the paparazzi
  • letting people down
  • her clumsiness
  • arranged marriages
  • speaking in public
  • being dismissed because of her gender and/or her youth
  • being treated differently because of her status
  • being told what to do
  • anything involving hand-eye coordination
  • Viscount Mabrey

  • speaking in public
  • letting people down
  • humiliation
  • not being a good ruler
  • never finding true love
  • losing her loved ones
  • jellyfish

  • clumsy
  • has too little faith in herself
  • has difficulty hiding her feelings
  • too trusting
  • impulsive

  • King Rupert Renaldi (grandfather, deceased)
  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi (grandmother)
  • Joe (step-grandfather)
  • Crown Prince Phillipe Renaldi (father, deceased)
  • Helen Thermopolis (mother)
  • Patrick O’Connell (stepfather)
  • Trevor (half-brother)

    Friends: Lilly Moscovitz, Michael Moscovitz, Joe, Princess Asana
    Enemies: Lana Thomas and co., Viscount Mabrey
    Significant Other: Michael Moscovitz (former boyfriend), Andrew Jacoby, Duke of Kenilworth (former fiancé), Lord Nicholas Devereaux (current boyfriend)


    Mia starts out as a shy, awkward teenager who wants nothing more than to be invisible. Since accepting her role as princess (and later) queen of Genovia, however, she has blossomed into a fine, capable young woman, one that her family, friends and subjects are all proud of.

    As far as monarchs go, Mia is fairly well-suited for the job. Sensitive and caring, she’s genuinely interested in the people around her—their opinions, their problems, their feelings, et cetera—and willing to do whatever she can to help someone in need. She also has a strong sense of justice: she hates seeing someone mistreated, as it reminds her of the times when she was at the mercy of school bullies and snobby, popular kids—a fate she wouldn’t wish on anyone.

    Mia’s more than just kindhearted, though. She’s also intelligent, outspoken and driven—traits that have served her well when dealing with arrogant Parliament members. When she has something on her mind, she comes right out and says it; when she believes in something, she stands by it, no matter what.

    However, even royals have their faults. Mia's trusting nature has allowed some of her more spiteful rivals to trick her on more than one occasion (the beach incident, for starters). Also, she has trouble controlling her emotions, which usually leads to her speaking and/or acting impulsively.


    Mia Thermopolis was the only child of Phillipe Renaldi and Helen Thermopolis. When she was just under three years old, her parents got divorced: Phillipe left for Europe, leaving Mia and Helen behind in San Francisco. Mia never saw her father again, and the only contact she had with him consisted of birthday cards and gifts, as well as paychecks for her school tuition.

    Growing up, Mia was a shy girl. Despite being bright, she had very little self-confidence and rarely voiced her ideas and opinions. This, coupled with her looks—even back then, she had frizzy hair and thick glasses—made her quite unpopular at school: her peers either ignored her or bullied her. At some point, Mia met Lilly and Michael Moscovitz, and they quickly became her closest (read:
    only) friends.

    Then, shortly before her sixteenth birthday, Mia’s life changed forever. Her father died in a car accident, and her paternal grandmother, Clarisse Renaldi—a woman Mia had never even seen before—suddenly flew in from Europe and invited her to tea. Mia was in no mood to agree (“Why should I go see this snobby lady who ignores us?” were her exact words) but changed her mind after a little persuasion from her mother.

    The next day, Mia and Clarisse finally met, and Mia learned the truth about herself and her family: her grandmother was queen of Genovia, her late father was the crown prince—and because of all that, she herself was a princess… not to mention the sole heir to the Genovian throne. In shock, Mia ran home, desperately trying to convince herself that it was all a horrible joke.

    The morning after, Clarisse visited Mia and Helen, and grandmother and granddaughter came to a reluctant agreement: Clarisse would give Mia “princess lessons” until the Genovian Independence Day ball, at which time Mia would decide whether to accept or renounce her title.

    Over the next few weeks, Clarisse taught Mia everything there was to know about being a princess: etiquette, dance, literature, history, politics, languages, et cetera. The former even hired a famous Italian stylist, Paolo, to give Mia an extreme makeover and make her look more like royalty. But when Mia attended a state dinner at the Genovian consulate… well, let’s just say that she caused quite a stir (and not the good kind, either). She felt extremely guilty about it and disappointed in herself, so to cheer her up, Clarisse suggested a girls’ day out. They went to an arcade by the bay, and Clarisse told Mia more about her parents: Phillipe and Helen had been deeply in love, but, as Clarisse put it, “he realized that the love he could have for one person, or even two, could not make him forget the love he felt for his country and its people… it was the hardest thing he ever had to do.”

    Because of the princess lessons, Mia spent less and less time with Lilly and Michael—and it only got worse when the other students found out she was royal. For example, Mia immediately agreed to go to the Baker Beach Party with Josh Bryant, a popular boy she’d had a crush on for quite some time, despite having already agreed to spend that evening with Michael and appear on Lilly’s TV show. Mia had ample reason to regret it, however—Josh tipped off the paparazzi and used her to get his fifteen minutes of fame, while a trio of jealous cheerleaders set her up so the press could take pictures of her in nothing but a towel.

    To make amends for her behavior, Mia invited Lilly and Michael to the Genovian Independence Day ball. But as it drew nearer, she did some serious soul-searching. She had already let her grandmother down twice—what if she accepted her title and it happened again? Or worse, what if she disappointed the people of Genovia? What if she had to choose between her country and her personal feelings, like her father did? Mia’s train of thought continued in this manner for several days, and when the big day finally arrived, she made her choice: she would renounce her title. But when Clarisse told her she had to do it formally—i.e. in front of the press—Mia’s fear of public speaking took over, and she promptly decided to run away instead.

    She was packing her things to go when she came across a letter written by her father before he died—it had been inserted between the pages of a diary he had meant to give her for her sixteenth birthday. Amelia, it read, courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. Upon reading those lines, Mia changed her mind once more and headed to the ball, just barely making it in time to deliver a heartfelt impromptu speech announcing her final decision: to accept her title and become Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia.

    Five years later, Mia graduated from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School and returned to Genovia. She was a few days shy of her twenty-first birthday, at which time she would be eligible to assume the throne. But since Mia wasn’t quite ready to rule yet, she was to continue her princess—or rather, queen—lessons until Clarisse deemed her ready.

    Meanwhile, an ambitious Parliament member named Viscount Mabrey came forward and declared that his nephew, Lord Devereaux, was also eligible to assume the throne, as he too was twenty-one years old, of royal blood and a native Genovian. And because of a law stating that a princess had to marry before assuming the throne, Mia was now technically second in line. The Parliament members did give her a way out, though: if Mia could find a suitable husband within thirty days, she would be crowned queen… but if not, Lord Devereaux would take the throne instead.

    When Mia found out about it, she was incensed. The only way to fulfill the Parliament members’ terms was an arranged marriage—something she had always hoped to avoid. And on top of that, she learned that this Lord Devereaux was actually Nicholas, a handsome young man she had flirted with at her twenty-first birthday ball. Despite all this, Mia still decided to go through with the arranged marriage, deeming the chance to make a difference as a ruler more important than her personal feelings.

    So Mia looked through a list of potential husbands and selected Andrew Jacoby, Duke of Kenilworth. Although he was handsome and well-mannered, he wasn’t exactly the man of Mia’s dreams—she wanted love, not fondness or friendship. But she held it in as best she could and made public appearances and went to queen lessons as though nothing had changed… well, except for the fact that Nicholas and his uncle often attempted to sabotage her.

    Finally, two days before Mia and Andrew’s wedding, Nicholas gave up and told her he was going to bow out gracefully—but could he see her one last time before he left? Mia’s head told her to say no, but her heart… well, that was a different story. Like it or not, she had fallen in love with him—so she said yes and snuck out of the palace with him that night. They went on a moonlit horseback ride to the lake, told each other secrets, danced together and ended up falling asleep in one another’s arms.

    But the next morning, Mia saw a cameraman hiding in a boat on the lake. Thinking that Nicholas had set her up, she rode back to the palace, feeling betrayed and humiliated. She quickly went to Andrew, intending to explain herself and apologize, but the confrontation only served to prove what both of them had known all along: though they were quite fond of each other, they weren’t in love. Nevertheless, Mia and Andrew agreed to get married anyway—they had already made a promise, after all.

    However, when the day of the wedding came, Mia found herself unable to walk down the aisle. She turned around and left the church, trying to compose herself. Clarisse came out and comforted her granddaughter, encouraging her not to make the same mistake she did—that is, choosing duty over love (“Make your own mistakes; there’ll be plenty of them, believe me.”) Touched by this, Mia reentered the church and released Andrew from his promise to marry her (a gesture which he received gratefully). In a rousing speech, she declared that she was ready to take her place as queen, even without a husband. Then Nicholas appeared and publicly refused to take the throne, much to his uncle’s displeasure. Finally, Mia made a motion to abolish the marriage law, which was approved by all the Parliament members in attendance.

    A few days later, Mia finally got her fairytale ending: Nicholas confessed his love for her, and she was crowned Queen of Genovia.
Everything Else
    Name/Alias: Ella
    Account Custom Title: American {R O Y A L T Y}
    Roleplay Experience: little to none—this is my first official RPG…
    How Did You Find Us: I came across Fant v4.0 while surfing the Internet.
    Have You Apped With Us Before?: Yep.
    Other Characters: none
    Other: I know I’m a newbie at this, but I hope you guys will give me a chance. :)

    Example Roleplay Post: (in character, please!)

“Nicholas?” Mia hissed, her voice echoing in the silent, narrow hallway. “Nicholas, where are you?”

No answer came.

“Nicholas, if this is a joke, it’s not funny.” Mia took a few steps forward and peered around the corner she had just turned. Nicholas was nowhere in sight.

The brunette gulped quietly, feeling the first icy tendrils of fear coil in her stomach. Okay, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all… She had finished her queenly duties early that day—a miracle in and of itself. Feeling a case of restless leg syndrome coming on, she had asked Nicholas to explore the castle’s many secret passages with her. He had gamely agreed, and they had ventured into the passageways hand in hand (and armed with flashlights, of course).

So how in the world had they gotten separated from each other?

Mia began to retrace her steps, shining her flashlight around and whisper-shouting Nicholas’s name. She did her best to ignore her steadily rising panic when she saw no sign of him. Calm down, Mia… he’s got to be around here somewhere.

And then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, her flashlight conked out.

“Oh, come on!” With a muted cry of frustration, Mia smacked the flashlight against her hand a few times. When it refused to turn back on, she stretched out her arm. Her fingers instantly found the cool stone of the wall, and she continued walking, keeping one hand against the wall for support. “Nicholas!”

Then, as was almost inevitable in such a small, dark space, Mia tripped.

But instead of hitting the floor, she continued to fall… and fall… and fall. She screamed as the wind whistled in her ears and rushed past her face, and a small part of her brain wondered, Why is there a bottomless pit in the middle of the floor, anyway?!

Suddenly, as if emerging from a tunnel, she saw daylight—as well as an upside-down glimpse of weathered, sun-baked buildings, pantaloon-, tunic- and turban-clad people… and the ground rushing up to meet her. Mia frantically looked around for something, anything she could grab onto—and then gulped and closed her eyes, sure that she was about to become a royal pancake. Grandma, Nicholas, Lilly, Joe, Fat Louie, I love you all…

Her thoughts were interrupted when she landed on something that was definitely not the ground (it was soft and rather scratchy). She bounced up into the air again before coming back down to rest on… whatever it was that had broken her fall. Mia’s eyes flew open, and she looked around again. She had landed on a large carpet, which was being stretched out like a safety net by a group of wide-eyed, turbaned men.

Finally, one of them asked hesitantly, “Are you all right, madam?”

At this, her training kicked in: Mia smiled politely and nodded. “Yes, thank you.” She looked around at the other men. “Thank you all for… well, for saving my life.” She got to her feet and continued, “My name is Mia, and I’m a bit lost. Could you please tell me where we are?”

Rules Password: CORRECT!

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