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Credo In Deum is an RPG Forum based on the CW TV series 'Supernatural' we do not claim to own any of the show's characters or images used here and we make no profit in doing so.

We are currently looking for most major cannons. Please check the Available Canon's list for more information.

We accept original characters, and member driven story lines are encouraged. Setting information can be found below. For information on how to apply, blank applications, and face claims, please check the 'Welcome Desk.'

Thank you for stopping by!

Saving people.
Hunting things.
The family buisness.

Since Lilith's death broke the final seal, Lucifer has been freed from his prison in Hell. Planning to destory the human race, he works to find his true vessel, Sam Winchester.

Sam and Dean, with the aid of Castiel, Bobby, and any others they can recruit, are searching for a way to destroy the devil before he can take Sam's body. All the while trying to dodge Michael's God Squad and killing any evil sons of bitches they find along the way.

Monsters are wreaking havoc unchecked. Demonic omens, lightning storms, unusual freezes, fires, and earthquakes abound all across the US- and even greater threats are looming on the horizon.

Will the brothers win? Or will they give in to their so called destiny, and let Michael and Lucifer have the final battle to decide the world's fate?

December 2009,

Hard freezes and blizzards put the eastern half of the United States at a stand still. Wild fires run rampant in the west due to the dry conditions and the harsh winds. Earthquakes shake California, with after shocks felt as far away as Texas.

Cases of diseases once unheard of are now cropping up across the globe. Avian Flu, West Nile, and in some small cities, a still unnamed virus is taking over, turning the citizen's into homicidal monsters.


 Step Two, The Application
Dean Winchester
Posted: Jul 15 2011, 05:10 PM


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-A. FILL OUT AN APPLICATION! All characters must have an application filled out, and must wait for an administrator or moderator to accept the character before the character can be played. Failure to do so will be an automatic deletion from the board. There are a few things that we ask.

--1. Copy and Paste the blank application to Microsoft Word, or whatever word processor you use.
Blank Applications can be found here:

--2. Fill out everything in the application.
--3. Place a picture of your character. Be sure to use the propper format.
--4. The history of your character on their application MUST BE AT LEAST THREE PARAGRAPHS LONG!

And example application can be found here:

--5. Post your COMPLETE application here, by clicking the 'New Topic' button.
Be sure to list your character's full name as the Topic Title.

WAIT! You have to wait for an administrator or moderator to accept your application so that you can play your character. Failure to wait will be an automatic deletion.

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