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With the return of Lord Voldemort, dark clouds gather on the horizon. There is a war coming and no one wants to believe it; except those who are witnessing it first hand. The death toll of Muggles is rising and the Minister of Magic can't look the other way anymore. It is time to unite the Muggle world and the Wizarding world. But even this brings about problems. There are people for Unification, people against Unification, people who believe You-Know-Who is back, people who don't. In all of this, students from Hogwarts are preparing for the war of their lives - as they are at the forefront of the battle.
Where do you fall?
Biding time with school books?
Or preparing for battle?

Colloportus Totalus is an intermediate to advanced alternate universe Potter era Harry Potter RPG. We have no word count, though we ask that you match whatever your posting partner is giving you. We welcome everyone who loves Harry Potter and encourage emphasis on writing as opposed to graphics and post templates. We are rated R for violence, cursing, and sexual themes.


of the months!

Everything about HP goes to JKR, of course. Without her wonderful vision, there would be nothing to role play. The graphics go to their makers. The writings go to their authors. The banner up top goes to a dear friend of mine. Everything belongs to their rightful owners.

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It is currently Start of Term 1996 at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The sun is still warming the grounds and you can generally get by with a t shirt and jeans - but shorts and tank tops are too little now. The castle has windows wide open to let in cool breezes and has been in preparations for the arrival of students for weeks.

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  • Accio - summoning charm
  • Aquamenti - conjures a fountain/jet stream of water from caster's wand.
  • Alohomora - unlocks doors
  • Anapneo - clears target's airway if blocked.
  • Anti-apparition - prevents a person from apparating.
  • Anti-gravity mist - conjures a light miss that hovers above the ground that when stepped into reverse up and down.
  • Aparecium - makes invisible ink visible.
  • Apparition - nonverbal spell used to apparate and disapparate.
  • Avada Kedavra - the killing curse; one of the unforgivables.
  • Avis - conjures a flock of small twittering birds.
  • Babbling Curse - causes victim to babble.
  • Cave Inimicum - defensive spell to keep enemies away from area.
  • Cheering Charm - cheers person up.
  • Confringo - blasting curse.
  • Confundo - confundus charm.
  • Crucio - cruciatus curse; causes extreme torture, one of the unforgivables.
  • Defodio - digs through or hollows out a target.
  • Deletrius - erases the traces of the ghost image of spells revealed by Priori Incantato.
  • Densaugeo - causes the victim's teeth to enlarge quickly.
  • Deprimo - blasts a hole through the target object.
  • Depulso - banishing charm.
  • Descendo - lowers an object.
  • Diffindo - severing charm.
  • Duro - turns the object to stone.
  • Engorgio - enlargement charm.
  • Episkey - heals/repairs damage inflicted upon the target.
  • Erecto - straightens up an object.
  • Evanesco - vanishing spell.
  • Expecto Patronum - casts a patronus to repel dementors.
  • Expelliarmus - disarming spell.
  • Expulso - to drive out/expel.
  • Ferula - conjures a wooden rod.
  • Fidelius charm - conceals a magical secret inside a single, living soul; extremely complex.
  • Finite - stops a currently operating spell effect.
  • Finite Incantatem - stops currently operating spell effects.
  • Flagrate - creates a burning fiery line in the air.
  • Four-Point Spell - acts as a compass and ports the caster north.
  • Geminio - duplicates the target object.
  • Glisseo - converts the target object into a smooth slide.
  • Homenum Revelio - reveals human presence in the area.
  • Hover Charm - causes an object to hover.
  • Impedimenta - stops or slows down an object.
  • Imperio - causes victim to be completely under command of the caster; one of the Unforgivables.
  • Imperturbable Charm - creates a magical barrier on a target object to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Impervius - waterproofs an object.
  • Incarcerous - sends thick ropes out of thin air to tie someone up.
  • Incendio - starts a fire.
  • Legilimens - spell cast to use Legilimency.
  • Levicorpus - dangles the target upside down by their ankle.
  • Lumos - light spell.
  • Meteolojinx Recanto - stops a spell that is causing it to rain.
  • Mobiliarbus - moves a tree.
  • Mobilicorpus - moves a body.
  • Morsmordre - summons the dark mark.
  • Muffliato - fills the ears of a person within distance with a buzzing.
  • Nox - distinguishes light on wand.
  • Obliteration Charm - erases traces or tracks left by someone.
  • Obscuro - blocks someone's vision.
  • Obliviate - memory modifying charm.
  • Oppugno - causes conjured creatures to attack a target.
  • Orchideus - produces flowers out of the tip of the wand.
  • Petrificus Totalus - body binding curse.
  • Portus - creates a port key.
  • Prior Incantanto - reveals a ghost image of the previous spell of another person's wand.
  • Protego - shield charm.
  • Quietus - quiets voice after using sonorus.
  • Reducio - reverses engorgio.
  • Reducto - blasts objects out of way.
  • Relashio - releases a jet of sparks from tip of wand.
  • Rennervate - revives someone who has been stunned.
  • Reparo - repairs a damaged object.
  • Repello - keeps something away from the caster or targeted person.
  • Repello Muggltum - keeps muggles away from a certain area.
  • Rictusempra - tickling jinx
  • Riddikulus - bogart banishing spell..
  • Scourgify - cleans things.
  • Sectumspra - cuts the target.
  • Serpensortia - causes a large snake to come from tip of wand.
  • Silencio - silencing charm.
  • Sonorus - makes the caster's voice carry long distances.
  • Stupefy - stunning spell.
  • Tarantallegra - causes the victim's legs to do a crazy dance.
  • Tergeo - cleans up an object or person.
  • Waddiwasi - shoots a wad of gum out of a keyhole.
  • Wingardium Leviosa - causes an object to levitate.
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