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Posted: Sep 24 2012, 02:24 AM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 23-September 12

the canon list

The canon list includes major film canons. If there is a canon from the film that you would like to play, simply PM The Engineer. Reservations will last for five days. When reserving a canon, please POST IN CODE, or your reservation will not be registered.

BLACK AND WHITE picture means that the canon is taken. COLOR picture means that the canon is available.

[b]your alias[/b] wants to reserve [b]first last[/b] until [b]five days from now[/b].


canon list by andi, i'm home ! at atf.
Posted: Sep 24 2012, 02:50 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 105
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 12

elizabeth shaw• thirty-two • archaeologist • noomi rapace

Elizabeth Shaw is a believer. With four doctorates under her belt, she set out on Prometheus to understand our origin. Now that contact has been made, she is more conflicted than ever. Why would they create us only to destroy us later? She is determined to discover the meaning of life, even if it kills her.
charlie holloway • thirty-five • archaeologist • logan marshall-green

Charlie Holloway isn't a cynic. He's a healthy skeptic. Of course, after becoming infected by something he can't begin to fathom, he's dealing with a healthy dose of reality and resentment. His main goal is to find out how he became infected and why, and it's beginning to affect his relationship with Elizabeth.
david 8 • eight • android for weyland • michael fassbender

David 8 was created by Weyland Industries. He is their most progressed design, made to resemble humans in absolutely everything. Although he is not capable of experiencing emotions, he displays them, and is able to determine when is appropriate. David is capable of carrying out acts that others may deem immoral, and he does so with calculation and an utter lack of empathy. He simply can't experience it.
meredith vickers • thirty-three• mission supervisor • charlize theron

The daughter of Peter Weyland, Meredith Vickers never really had a chance. She was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, but it was never really enough to impress her impossible-to-please father. When Peter created David, it was the final straw. She struggles to maintain a lack of empathy, like the android, and often succeeds. But she is only human, and she is feeling her resolve cracking now that contact with the Engineers has been made.
----- janek• age in letters• captain of prometheus • idris elba

All Janek ever wanted was to fly. He became a pilot as soon as he could, and proved to be one of the best. He was hired by Peter Weyland for their mission to the moon LV-223, and remained one of the few men with a cool head, perhaps due (in part) to his time spent in the military. Janek had an affair with Meredith Vickers, and it drew him closer to her. His main priority is making sure his crew is safe, whatever the cost.
----- chance • age in letters • 1st assistant pilot • emun elliott

Far from home, this Scotland-born transplant took to the sky and never turned back. He's at home on a ship, galaxies away. This isn't his first intergalactic mission and, as far as he was concerned, it won't be his last. Now, he's not so sure. Still, he's hard pressed to lose his cool and will often be the first to crack a joke even in the face of death.
----- ravel• age in letters • 2nd assistant pilot • benedict wong

If there's one thing that can be said about Ravel, it's that he's loyal to the bone. Loyal to his ship, loyal to his mission, but most importantly, loyal to his crew. He's a team player and though he won't go down without a fight, he will stick by his Captain to the bitter end if it comes to that
blake fifield • thirty-three • geologist • sean harris

A little unstable to begin with, Fifield only became worse after being abandoned by Prometheus. The things he and Milburn experienced in the caves were too much to handle, and he sure as hell didn't sign on for them. Fifield is quick to anger, and a bit of a loose cannon, though he is certainly one of the most brilliant geologists earth possessed. He is in this for himself and himself only, and is willing to sacrifice other members of the crew if necessary.
----- ford• age in letters • crew medic • kate dickie

Ford was always good at taking care of people. She displayed herself as one of the best medics Weyland had to offer. She worked for Peter Weyland himself for years, and it was only natural that she be recruited for the mission to LV-223. She feels out of her league now, however, as the interaction with the Engineers has unnerved her beyond measure. She is reconsidering her own mortality now, and that of everyone she has saved.
----- milburn • thirty • biologist • rafe spall

Milburn loves earth. But the opportunity to explore the universe was a little too attractive not to do. Generally an easy guy to be around, Milburn is utterly shaken over recent events. He wants to understand how we could be descended from these Engineers, and the biology behind it, but he's honestly terrified to go much further. Now, he just wants to go home, and tends to keep to himself.
peter weyland• ninety-nine • ceo weyland industries • guy pearce

Selfish. Greedy. Opportunistic. All words have described Peter Weyland, and then some. However, Weyland's accomplishments have single-handedly changed the course of the universe. He funded the mission to LV-223, and though he claimed it to be in the name of science, it proved to be something very different. Weyland, sickly and near death, wanted to know how to live forever... and was certain the Engineers could tell him how. Though presumed dead until now, Weyland has made his presence known, and it is only to his detriment. He will stop at nothing to learn the secrets to eternal life. Nothing.
first & last name • age in letters • medic • open pb

open character history.
first & last name • age in letters • mercenary 1 • open pb

open character history.
first & last name • age in letters • mercenary 2 • open pb

open character history.
first & last name • age in letters • mercenary 3 • open pb

open character history.
first & last name • age in letters • mechanic 1 • open pb

open character history.
first & last name • age in letters • mechanic 2 • open pb

open character history.
Posted: Dec 3 2012, 08:18 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 105
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 12

While these characters aren't part of the Prometheus fandom, they've been created to add a little variety to the board. Think of these canons more like "starting points" for potential characters. Anyone who takes one of these canons can feel free to change the face, name, or details of the character. Anything other than the short character descriptions is completely up to the writer. Have fun! And yes, there is a little Bladerunner crossover in there, for all you nerdy Ridley Scott fans. Go crazy with it!

---------- Fox • 37
Miner • Angkor
Michael Trucco • open

A man from humble upbringings, Fox saw an opportunity to make a decent living on Angkor Colony when the mining program first began. For a while, things were good. He had a home, a job, and he fell in love with NGUYEN. That was, however, before Nguyen became infected once they couldn't afford to leave Angkor. Fox has since become the face of dissent, determined to find justice...and a cure.
---------- Nguyen • 33
Attendant • Angkor
Zhang Ziyi • open

As someone who worked air traffic control at Angkor's landing deck, Nguyen thought she had seen it all. She dealt with the regular flow of unwashed humans that flowed passed the "Welcome to Angkor Colony!" sign. So maybe it wasn't a dream job and maybe she didn't make a lot of money, but she was happy and in love with FOX. Until her sickness. Now she's battling infection, unemployment and praying someone finds a cure. Fast.
---------- Four • 1
Android • Earth
Melanie Laurent • Open

The ---- model has always been a popular one among tech-lovers. They're reliable, durable, and...well. Gentle on the eyes. For these reasons, their latest version of the android has been updated with the most recent technology. She has implants, "memories," of a human life. A life that doesn't really exist. While the design is far from perfect, she could be the start of something truly progressive.
----- Voight-Kampff • 45
Psychiatrist • Earth
Mark Ruffalo • Open

Voight-Kampff has always been interested in working for the greater good. Empathy. It's kind of his thing. Anyone can heal the sick, but healing the mentally deranged? That's a job for Voight-Kampff. He's so passionate about his clients that he has little time for personal affairs--especially ever since he was employed by Weyland to run regular psych evaluations on employees.
---------- Dover • 26
Smuggler • Nightingale
Olivia Thirlby • Open

Take from the rich, give to the poor. Dover could be a regular Robin Hood, if she didn't take a cut of the profits for herself. Child of wealthy parents, naturally, they moved her to Nightingale Colony when things got bad in Angkor. Only problem is, she can't stand the rich. And so she throws them the middle finger by scavenging around for expensive items in the junkyard and smuggling them into Angkor, where she sells them to the people who can't afford such luxuries.
Calix Langley • 22
Police Officer • Nightingale
Liam Hemsworth • Taken

If anything can be said about Langley, it's that he's dedicated to justice. Getting the job done. Dedicated to doing "the right thing," even if it means cutting a few corner to get there. Still, despite his sometimes unorthodox measures, he never though he would find himself getting personally entangled in one of his cases. He's been chasing DOVER's tail for months...and he's starting to root for her.
---------- Diggs • 36
Riot Control • May Outpost
Jon Bernthal • Open

Unstable. Volatile. Explosive. All the reasons why Diggs makes a terrible citizen, but a great riot control enforcer. He couldn't pass a psychological examination to save his life, but the good thing about riot control is that he doesn't really have to. They give him a shield and a baton and let him go to town. Which is how he's ended up doing a tour on Angkor, determined to quell the growing rebellion single-handedly.
---------- Rivera • 34
Soldier • May Outpost
Naomie Harris • Open

Rivera was the ultimate soldier-in-training...until her wayward bullet hit a friendly target. Now, she's been demoted to Angkor Colony, stuck babysitting DIGGS and making sure he doesn't go on a rampage. Her reputation is on the line, and she's determined to do what she has to to keep Diggs under control...even if that means physically tying him down until the riots subside.
---------- Hyde • 49
Scientist • Hera
Robert Carlyle • Open

Call him a mad scientist. Call him what you will. But no one can refute the fact that Hyde is, if nothing else, a genius. Which is why he spends most of his time locked away in a laboratory on Hera. That, and the fact that Weyland is pouring plenty of big bucks into one of Hyde's own personal holy grails--the scientific equation to immortality. And he's getting close. He can feel it. He intends to unlock the secret before his 50th birthday, and time is ticking.
---------- Benton • 27
Intern • Hera
Summer Glau • Open

If HYDE is the ticking brain of the Hera laboratories, Benton is its bleeding heart. Despite her chosen profession as a scientist, she abhors certain laboratory "requirements." She takes care of the lab mice like they're her children and refuses to perform any inhuman tests on them. Still, she's fascinated by nature and curious to learn as much as she can about its strange ways. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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