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 [Raziel] Bait & Switch, 5 Years Ago
Asmodeus White
Posted: Mar 27 2012, 07:59 PM

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• bait & switch •
When the wind picked up the fire spread And the grapevines seemed left for dead. And the northern sky, like the end of day, The end of days.

→ A wake up call to a rented room Sounded like an alarm of impending doom. To warn us it's only a matter of time.Before we all burn. We bought some wine and some paper cups, Near your daughter's school when we picked her up And drove to a cemetery on a hill, On a hill. And we watched the plumes paint the sky gray And she laughed and danced through the field of graves There I knew it would be alright, That everything would be alright, Would be alright, Would be alright, Would be alright, Would be alright.

St. Patrick's Cathedral. How quaint. Folding one arm across his chest, Asmodeus rested the second arm atop it, finger tapping his lip thoughtfully. How foolish these angels were, selecting such an obvious refuge. Any religiously blinded impious imbecile could arrive at the conclusion that angels would be in churches, if they were real. Churches, graveyards, and perhaps hospitals. Worthless creatures, angels... The sanctuary was not completely deserted to the demons distaste. Oh no, in fact there were several stray worshippers that failed to notice that it was not yet their Sabbath called Sunday. Disregarding them, Asmodeus rocked back and forth on his heels, waiting. He wasn't alone, he traveled with the Sons of Darkness, and the fact that they had arrived here could only mean one thing: They hadn't come alone. Belial and Lamia had gone on ahead, leaving Asmodeus with his usual company, Legion. Legion who had decided that the Sons of Darkness should have mortal aliases to hide under, a suggestion which actually seemed wise.
  Legion was about to rush past him, before Asmodeus cut into his path with a hand, halting him. Oh what was his human name? Oh, that was right... “A moment, Erik.” Asmodeus stated darkly, carefully putting to use his intonation that Legion was certainly used to. The tones that hinted at an 'I know something you don't know'. “Take this moment to look around where we have wound up. I dare say if the angels were here there would be quite a scene, don't you agree?” His voice was low, and cautious to not draw attention from the mortal company in the church. “What doesn't fit? Something is not making sense.”
  The candles illuminated the first few steps of the aisle, their soft glow tainting the isles in an atrocious red light. Beckoning 'Erik' to follow him, Asmodeus walked beneath the high arched ceilings, in the direction of the altar. Their arrival seemed to have gone completely unnoticed by the mortals, which was ideal. Something was not right. Closing his eyes, mimicking a prayer before the altar, Asmodeus knelt, using the front of the sanctuary to gain a better vantage point and map of where they were. Through a series of silent grumbles Erik followed his lead, placing a knee down on the altar ramp, where communion was usually served. “Erik, what is going on?” He wondered. Erik shrugged nonchalant pointing at the cross, then the floor, silently conveying his message. “Ah, right. Hallowed ground.” A small crack, one that was recognizable by Asmodeus, one so amplified drew his attention to the back of the room, halting time for the mortals with a wave of his hand. Erik could not operate on hallowed ground, because his ability was summoning banished demons to the earthly plane, but time abilities were fortunately not interfered with. For the Dominion of Light would have been an archangel shorter if it had. It was that insignificant little aphid the Torches of Truth kept around. Raziel, judging from his appearance. “Warn the others we have company.” Asmodeus ordered Legion, cocking his head back in the direction of the new arrival. Erik was the sort of demon that did not need to be given the same order twice when its issuer was Asmodeus, nodding Erik silently walked past the angel, glaring as he departed from the sanctuary.
  Eyes shamelessly wandering over the angels now mortal features, Asmodeus chuckled. “Ah, Razzy-Razzy-Razzy... Why have you come here? You look riddiculous.” He stated sarcastically. While his appearance had remained, his safety net had. “You look yourself, yet entirely vulnerable. How does it feel to be out of your element, Raziel?” Raising a brow, Asmodeus walked a slow circle around the now fallen angel, taking no notice of the currently frozen surroundings. He knew it would not take long for the other demons to arrive, and Raziel was no fool, surely he had brought about reinforcements. “I could snap you here and now, before your little friends are able to emerge... But that would be no fun now, would it? You see... I've devised a little game for us here among our human pets... And you, my puppet... You, could be particularly useful to my cause. So. I will spare your life, and in time you will spare mine. Remember this...”
Ushering Raziel t o kneel beside him where Erik once was, he allowed time to pass again. “You must feel right at home, here before these stone statues and false remnants of your dieties...” He noted in passing, pretending to pray again. “Don't you ever get tired of hunting and hating us?” Giving a sideways smile to the angel, his plan all ready in the works, Asmodeus blinked hard to give himself a more friendly appearance. “This world could be our paradise. No good. No bad. No war... Something to consider.” Asmodeus knew he was not fooling anyone, but it occured to him that the mortal veil would soon take hold, making Raziel forget he was an angel. The Sons had planned for this, and have all written journals upon journals documenting their memories, and their plans for Earth. No, it would not be the final resting place of the Great Apocalypse. The fall. Instead it would be a world run by industry, industry that the demons would back for profit. Why end the world, when you can conquer it? The true thoughts of any demon, profit and riches over a path of honor. Life is 'eternal', but this world could return the arch demons to their former glory, and neglect Hells gates all together. There was no point in judgement day, if there was no one to judge, was there?
It was that method of thinking that had gotten the Sons of Darkness so far in their plans to reclaim Earth as the New World in the first place. Following orders ironically enough was not something that demons enjoyed doing. Especially Asmodeus who had discovered the true nature beneath the symbols that each of the arch demons wore. He had even discovered an 8th symbol, one of grandstanding, and how fitting that would be to add to his collection, once he was able to locate it. Of course, angels were not so logical in their thinking methods. Instead they chose to waste their time in folly and in faith, condemning others for the greater good, but condemnation is hardly a good thing. “Lets end this, Raziel. What do you say? I'll watch your back, you watch mine, the whole world is richer for it?”

Charles Raziel
Posted: Mar 29 2012, 08:32 PM

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Eyes closed, Raziel was able to comprehend the degree of his treason. His brothers and sisters who composed the Torches of Light had strongly opposed Raziel's decision to enter the mortal plane, in fact, they did not even know that he had gone ahead of them. He knew it had to be done. The demons had to be stopped, or life itself would suffer. The humans were all ready pursuing the wrong path, and Raziel wept for them within his soul, wishing them only to find peace. Peace which would be impossible to accomplish should the demons be permitted to wander the earth freely and without consequence. His consciousness shifted, no longer was his mind light and pure, it was hazed. As if a thick fog was about to settle. The veil. He knew the cost before he came, a price that he was willing to pay for a chance to help the mortals. His breathing was rapid, as if his body had been running, over-exerted. What was it running from? Opening his eyes, the soft glows pulsed around him, was this a dream? Squinting, Raziel's eyes focused on a pair of men in the front of this vision, one whom was watching him. Swallowing nervously, the tall man lifted his hands and examined them curiously, his fingers opening and closing, his wrist decorated by a silver watch. Turning his head sideways, Raziel caught the first glimpse of his face in the mirror behind a candle on the wall. Well, this couldn't be right. He hadn't changed at all. If this wasn't the mortal plane, where had he ended up?

Lost, Raziel's eyes met the familiar pale eyes that were concentrating on him. Eyes that too soon became familiar. Asmodeus. Taking in his surroundings as the second demon passed him, Raziel realized it was a house of worship. A sanctuary. As long as he was on hallowed ground, they could not touch him. Crinkling his forehead and pursing his lips, as the demon known as 'Legion' passed him, Raziel was overcome with the sensation of revenge. It was the first time that he had ever experienced such a dark, and raw emotion. The last time that he had laid eyes on Legion had been during the fall of Lucifer, which had occurred during the demons trespass in the dominion of light. Time had been stopped, further annoying the former-angel beyond words. Never before had his ability to gather information led him to the point of no return, as it had now. Surely, the demon would kill him, dismissing his soul into the unknown. He would not go down without a fight. Hands feeling down his new attire, he quickly located his most dangerous possession on his body, a gun. Drawing it from its holster, his hands shook as he pointed it at the archdemon who had held him hostage not long ago. ”Asmodeus.” He acknowledged.

The demons eyes knew no limits, as they examined every piece of him, literally every piece. Raziel, disconcerted, progressed down the aisle in the direction of the foreboding presence. The demon seemed to enjoy exasperating his nerves. ”I bet I will look considerably less riddiculous once I've pulled this trigger.” Raziel retaliated, finger positioned over the switch. The demon seemed to pay his threat no attention, as he circled him like a vulture hovering over a corpse. Swallowing hard again, Raziel remained silent as the demon launched into another round of petty confrontation. ”I am in my element, thank you very much.” He snapped, following Asmodeus' circle, so he was always facing him. ”It is not as though I have come by mistake, fiend. I came to stop you, and His will will be done, mark my words.” Asmodeus appeared to anticipate this sort of response, for his tone became forceful as he was, as the threat was stated: he could cut Raziel down. The malignant devil then attempted to make a deal. ”No can do, devil man.” He denied flatly. ”Let's get one thing straight... I have no intention of serving you, your Sons of Darkness, or your fan club of hellhounds. I am not your puppet, and I will not spare your life... You know what your mistake is? You assume just because I am an angel, I'm going to show mercy... That. Is where you lack judgement.”

Raziel found himself instantly angered when the demon ushered him to kneel beside him. To actually kneel before a stone cutout of what people believed their maker looked like. ”Fool! I am not going to bow to a false idol.” He spat. ”And I'm certainly not going to pray to it! What do you take me for? I'm not one of your pious lackeys.” The gun was now shaking in his hand out of anger. The demon now playing his mind-tricks, as to be expected. ”No, I for one do not tire of hunting you. The sooner you're gone, the better. Life was never meant to be eternal here on Earth, Asmodeus. Even you know that. As for judgement day... That's not really up for debate. I hope yours goes well...” How about we end this? What, was he insane? ”End this, yes. Watch your back, no.”

Pulling the trigger while aiming at a live mark proved far too simple. The bang sounded, and the bullet began to make its way to the demon. There was no way the bullet could miss. No way his shot could fail. Was killing the ruler of the underworld made to be so simple? Had the Torches of Truth been wasting their time trying to capture this imbecile for centuries, when he was merely a pushover? Raziel, in a matter of seconds, felt accomplished. Victorious. Certain that his brothers and sisters in the divine realm would never doubt him again, a dark smile crossed his face. Murder was a sin, sure, but Asmodeus was all ready dead. There was no harm in killing a wicked spirit, had there been, the ruler of light would not have sent him on so many missions to exorcize the world of darkness. To free those that spirits like Asmodeus had possessed and enslaved. To liberate those whom had lost their most beloved gift: Free Will.


tag: nicolae. this is 1042 words. this thread takes place 5 years before the current setting. charles is wearing black slacks, a white button up, suspenders, and a black cap. he is also a police and perfectly capable of pulling that trigger *Winks*.
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