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The Lion King. It is a tale of family, love, responsibility, betrayal, friendship, faith, hope, and coming of age; the very elements that we all must face in our own life adventures. But the story of the Pridelands did not end with Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Kiara, and Kovu. Africa's chronicle has continued on long after, with these great leaders looking on from the glittering evening stars. Africa's stories, the histories of these majestic lion prides, are still being written: here on Ulaya, the Lion King RPG.
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GRAPHICS by Kat. the lion king belongs to DISNEY. but the characters here belong to the MEMBERS. special thanks to the members of ULAYA, who have kept this pride alive since 2003.

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 Krisseh [ WIP ]
Posted: Apr 5 2012, 02:19 PM

newbie - "lie down before you hurt yourself."
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I just can't wait to be king
general information
    NAME: Krisseh [[ Christ - See ]]
    GENDER: Female/Lioness
    SPECIES: Erm, an African Lion? lD I haven't really done any searching for lion species that have dark brown fur color, so I'm going with that until I find one.
    RANKING: Member
    AGE: Around adolescent and old-adolescent

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: (Using complete sentences and as few fragments as possible, include build, markings/scars, and etc associated with the character's physical appearance. Eye color and marking designs are entirely up to you. All that we ask is that you keep fur, marking colors, and accessories natural.)
In the circle, the circle of life
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    PERSONALITY: (Include likes, dislikes, flaws, fears, strengths and weaknesses!)

    RELATIVES: (Close relationships and family ties are required in this section. If they exist, but their characters have no players yet, just put how they are related. Example: Her mother [check bulletin, WIP, or etc]. You can always come back and edit this later when things change.)

    HISTORY: You can't really get out on what
Hakuna Matata
everything else
    NAME/ALIAS: ...? o.o"
    ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: For well over 2-3 years.
    HOW YOU FOUND US:] This picture:
    OTHER CHARRIES: Thinking of making another male lion. Once I get the hang of roleplaying lions of course. Cx
    OTHER: Randomness? Um... Noodles and Butter.~

The bright orb danced in the sky as it showered down heat waves that invaded the land. The tall clumps of grass had little to no movement at all from the wind-less air. Thumps and large paw-steps came from everywhere as they ran. A large group of gray beast ran through the clearing, sprinting across the land as it pushed dust from it's hooves as it ran. A dark-crimson brown figure ran her way through the tall savanna grass that choked for air as it suffocated from the dusty sand that was scattered everywhere as the lioness kicked her back legs up as she ran. She was getting tired, she didn't want to run anymore, but she had to. Her long tail bounced up and down as she ran across the dry savanna. It was buzzing with life as she scanned the clearing for that Wildebeest she had lost. Her hunt was over-unless, of course, she can find any more prey. Dark amber orbs scan the surroundings in search of food. After a moment's pause, the lioness gave a sighed. How was she going to help feed the pride now? 'Oh, I hope the others have at least caught something. Her ears flickered with anticipation. How was she going to tell them when she returned empty handed? She turn he head down, disappointed at this unsuccessful hunt she had. Suddenly, a flicker of movement caught the lioness' eyes. There was something small there.. just behind those tall grasses, It's light coat was hard to tell the.. 'thing' apart from the tall grass that poked through the rich soil. As the lioness paused her every move, she waited. Was that a lost cub? A hyena? A- <i>' Rabbit! '</i>. It's head poked through the clumps, it's attention drew toward the dark lioness' as she flickered her tail. ' Oh no.. ' she muttered as the rabbit sprinted away to. With a mighty leap, the lioness darted across the clearing. Her mouth full of teeth opened as she reached closer toward the rabbit. It's ears swayed along the breeze as it ran. It turned around-there was her chance! She clamped her jaws shut tight at the rabbit's rear, finally caught it as she stop dead in her tracks to kill it with a bite on it's neck. Even though it was small, at least she had caught something. Crimson-hued liquid streaked down the rabbit's throat.

RULES PASSWORD: 'everything the light touches'
WIP, finishing it now...!

[center]. : My dA : . [/center]
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