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 Hakema (WIP), Male||Lion||Teen
Posted: Mar 20 2012, 06:09 PM

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general information
    NAME: Hakema (Ha-key-ma)

    NICKNAME: Hake

    GENDER: Male

    SPECIES: Lion

    RANKING: None

    AGE: Older adolescent

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: He is quite large for his age, already standing taller that a lioness. He has a sturdy, wiry physique and is quite imposing when he wants to be. Hakema is a male just beginning to grow into his mane, with locks of dark brown sprouting from his chest, head and nape of his neck. Additional tufts grow on his elbows and cheeks, though due to his Tsavo lineage, this is as far as his mane will grow. His pelt is a rich golden colour, common of the desert lions, with paler coloured paws, muzzle and underbelly. His green eyes are surrounded by dark brown eyeshades.
in the circle, the circle of life
personal information
    Life as both an assassin and rogue has changed Hakema. Once funny-loving cub, his attitude towards life changed when the intense training put forward by his adopted mother. He slowly becomes more stern and serious, maintaining his composure even in the most difficult of situations. He hated disorder, scorning his allies if they failed to complete the job right or did not follow orders.

    However when Hakema loses his brother to rogue lions during a border patrol, this has a huge impact on Hakema's personality. He is now more cheerful and shows greater concern for his packmates, placing their safety over the successful completion of a mission, but still maintains a stern outlook on life. As the pack slowly wages civil war on itself, Hakema slinks back into the shadows and soon wanders off, beginning a life as a rogue. He becomes lazy, wanting nothing to with responsibility and lives a rather carefree life for a while. He begins to have dreams, of fire and loud noises that shake him awake every night. In true Hakema is in a continuous battle with himself. He has amnesia, caused by a terrible incident as a cub that his adopted mother refuses to tell him about. When he tries to remember, he gets painful headaches and his stomach begins to hurt.

    He is a strong fighter, notorious for his quick and deadly movements. But his size makes it difficult to bring down larger animals, often resulting in an injury or two. He loves cute things, mainly cubs and pups, showing a rather mushy side of himself.

    RELATIVES: Family; Unknown

    HISTORY:No one knew who Hakema’s real parents were, only the that his pride was wiped out when the water became contaminated by run-off from the nearby farms. He was found among the dead, still clutched in his mother’s arms. The hyena scouts who had found him brought him before the matriarch, Giwa, for none wanted to kill the newborn cub. Giwa, a mother of many litters, saw many advantages of raising him among her pack and so raised the cub with her own two children, Fili and Tosi. He spent the early days of his life with these two and in the future, both would become his only emotional support.

    Giwa wasted no time in training her children. While Tosi and Fili’s training was hard, Hakema’s was far worse, harsher and grueling as the months passed. In time, he closed himself off, becoming a killer his mother always wanted him to be. On his first raid of a local pack, he showed no remorse, killing without a second thought. But all of this was a mere act, an act to prove he was as much a hyena as his family. In truth, his first raid scared him half to death. Fili was there when he woke from a nightmare, crying in fear and shock. But her role was cut short as her mother began teaching her how to be an alpha. Tosi and Hakema were pushed into the shadows as all males were, forgotten most of the time by there mother and soon, their sister.

    Over the next year, the pair saw little of their sister, and if the did, were ignored. They trained and continued to do raids, but neither forgave their mother and sister for abandoning them. On one raid though, Fili was assigned as leader of the party but still pretended like her sibling was not there. They were met with heavy resistance. Two rogue lions also joined the fray, hoping to get a meal out the battle. Fili, in her arrogant, thought she could take them on, only to be cut down like the rest. In a fit of rage, Hakema, added by his packmates, hilled one of the rogues and injured the other, who quickly fled.

    They returned home in a quiet march, saddened by the death of a usually large number. When she heard of her daughter’s death, Giwa stayed in her cave in mourning, not bothering to deal with the injured. Hakema himself was also injured during the battle but was not allowed near the shamans as he was seen as a danger to the pack by many. But trouble awaited the pack over the coming weeks. With no heir, Giwa was asked to step down, but the old female refused to do so. What followed was a civil war in the ever growing pack. Tosi and Hakema refused to take part though, and disappeared back into the shadows.

    After splitting with his brother, Hakema now makes his way to the pridelands, a place he only heard of in rumours.
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