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 Ahati, Female | Lion | Adult
Posted: Mar 19 2012, 03:45 PM

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general information
    NAME: Ahati.
    NICKNAME: Ati.
    GENDER: Female.
    SPECIES: Lion.
    RANKING: None
    AGE: Adult
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The lioness in question doesn't really differ from the other lionesses much. Ahati is just a tad smaller than most of her peers. The only thing unique about her appearance are her extraordinary, silver eyes... and the scars, which has harmed her sight greatly. Despite that, all the memories of wounds her fur bears speak for themselves louder than Ahati ever could. She was once truly beautiful and attractive in the term of looks, but her appearance has been scarred and disfigured ever since she sacrificed herself to defend her beloved sister.

    user posted image

    As months passed, the scars on her body were slowly starting to heal, with the exception of those on her head. Unfortunately, though she has grown used to it over time, her left eye is still sick and half closed. She can only distinguish some shapes, and only if they are close to her.
    After giving birth to her single cub (which is yet to be created and roleplayed by Bunko), Ahati has returned to her former weight and trim.

    user posted image
    (Picture above was drawn by Quail. Thank you!)

    Additional pictures:
    My sketch
in the circle, the circle of life
personal information
    PERSONALITY: After falling victim to lion's lust and giving birth to her only cub a few months later, adult Ahati has grown even more wary than before. Now that she has got more to protect and feed than her and Nuata, female returned to her toughness, becoming very protective. Cautious as ever, she has developed some sort of a quiet hostility towards other cats, who get too close - cheetahs, leopards, but especially other lions, since she knows they pose a great threat to her child. She would snarl, hiss, growl and roar at them, sometimes even driving them away, exploiting the fact not a single one of them would risk an injury by facing her in battle.

    However, when Ahati's around those she trusts, she becomes a completely different animal. She transforms from a ruthless defender into a loving and caring mother, sister and companion. The golden lioness always finds peace and patience for her family with ease - especially when she has realised once, that Nuata was right. Despite all the pain and nightmares she was haunted by, she culls happiness from her life. Though she is still pretty straightforward, she does what she can to teach her cub everything she has learnt from life, though she is unbending.
    Sister - Nuata
    Uncle - Babajide
    Cousins - Daimu and Siri
    Son/Daughter - ??? (yet to be created by Bunko)

    HISTORY: Both Ahati and Nuata have lived in a pride far away from the lands of Tawi, Pridelanders, Outcasts and Nekurans - months away, in fact. They were both born to a loving family, and everything would be plainly normal, if it weren't for just a single day, when their whole world ended up in ruins. Their father was killed by another male, seeking to overthrow him.
    He was trying hard to have them all in his hands, but the youngest of lionesses - Ahati and Nuata - were really troublesome. They were both perfect mates: beautiful, and Ahati was the lead huntress, too. And the time has come, when Nuata has ended up being in heat. Both sisters then decided to escape, frightened of what would happen next. The male, however, saw through their plans and ran after them.

    Ahati could easily outrun him, but Nuata was not as fast as she was. That's why she's sacrificed herself to buy her time and challenge the male in an open battle. A battle she was never to win. She was fast, she was strong, she was clever - but he was always faster, stronger and cleverer than her in battle. He crippled her badly and numerous times, before she was able to respond by slashing his eye in return for her eye. The male, overwhelmed by unsuspected counterattack gave her enough time to run for her life. And this time, despite her wounds, she has made it.

    After she's met up with her sister, badly hurt and limping, they have moved on to avoid male's return - but he was nowhere to be seen. They were safe.
    A lot of time had to pass for Ahati's wounds to cure. But, after that, they have both decided to leave that sad place once and for all, seeking peace and opportunity. And that has lead them exactly here...

    Where Ahati has found even more pain, but eventually she has found peace and happiness as well, though it came with a lot of doubts and worries.
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Posted: Mar 19 2012, 04:08 PM

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Welcome to Ulaya! Your application meets our qualifications, and we have
approved your character. Please be sure to create a thread in Meeting At The
Watering Hole
to start plotting and get involved in the RPG! If you have any
questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :) Thank you, and enjoy yourself!

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