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 T-Fun and Games, Open, Mira
Posted: Mar 17 2012, 01:17 AM

veteran - "he's at the top of the food chain!"
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"Come out come out... wherever you arrrrrreeeee." The voice could be heard before its owner could be seen, dark brown fur blending into the trees and light blond mane being camouflaged by leaves. "Come out come out, whereeeeeevvvveeeerrr you arrrrrreeee!" Louder, more anxious, the young baboon swung from one tree to the next, being sure to hide as best he could as he called out his enticing offer. To whom was he calling? He... wasn't sure. But whoever it was, they were playing with him. Definitely, definitely playing with him.

Again, he jumped, and again he caught a new branch. He stumbled towards the trunk of the large tree and pressed his whole back against it to be as close to it as possible. In one hand he held a branch of leaves, which he held up to his face as if he were trying to go unseen. Tunji slowly, silently, creeped around the trunk of the tree. Nose first, then eyes, peered around it, and on another branch he could see exactly who he was playing with.

A lizard.

Without any notice, his whole body whipped around the tree and he landed hands first on the lizard's branch, who quickly startled and scurried away. "H-hey!" Tunji called out as his back feet landed, allowing his hands to reach out and try to grab the lizard. He managed to get it by the tail and for a quick moment he was overtaken by the joy of knowing that he had finally captured a playmate until -


The lizard was gone, but the tail remained in his hand. Tunji's large eyes widened in surprise, his mouth lowered in horror, and his brows furrowed in confusion. The young monkey sat on the branch with his arm extended to where he'd grabbed the lizard, limp tail hanging between his fingers as if he were stuck in time from the shock of the situation. But as he saw the lizard slithering away quickly and then disappearing in the branches, he realized that the little guy was okay. It was only his tail that wasn't.

This made him relax a bit, and he was able to sit back up into a normal position. He looked at the floppy tail that had been left behind curiously, rolling it around in his palm and stretching it to see if any more of it would break. Interesting...

Posted: Mar 17 2012, 01:43 AM

Fire is Catching
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    A curious voice woke Mira. The little goshawk had had her head tucked beneath a useless wing, and the other folded into her body like a built-in blanket. She hopped to her feet easily, and flopped the other wing back to her side. Her head popped to the side as the voice continued. Just where was it coming from?

    She jumped from her little nest in the bush, eager to find this noisy thing. It didn't quite have the same voices she was used to hearing. This one didn't have that feline edge to it. Instead, it had a much more playful air.

    Eventually, the young bird latched onto a figure swinging from tree to tree. She wasn't quite sure what he WAS, though. Mira had never seen anything even close to a monkey before, and she watched the monkey curiously. A look of confusion still tainted her face, though, and only increased when he poked his arm into a hole in one of the trees. Then, after a little bit, Tunji pulled his hand out with a crestfallen look.

    The monkey slipped closer to the forest floor, and Mira hopped a bit closer to the trunk of the tree. She stuck her neck up, eager to get a better look at this weird animal. Still, she couldn't help but wonder about what was in his hands.

    "What's that?" she asked, letting her head tilt to one side.


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Posted: Mar 17 2012, 03:40 PM

veteran - "he's at the top of the food chain!"
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Tunji examined the limp tail as if it were a science experiment. He observed the texture, the length, the way it flopped around if he wiggled it between his thumb and forefinger. He got it really, really, really close to his face and peered at it through squinted eyes until it was so close and so squinty that he couldn't see it at all. And then, slowly, out came his tongue to taste it.

Before his taste buds reached their destination, a small voice chirped up at him from the ground. The baboon looked down from his spot in the tree, tongue still sticking out, to see who had called to him.

"HI!!" Tunji said after managing to get his tongue back into his mouth, his expression friendly if not also a bit too excitedly crazed. Somebody who wanted to talk to him! Maybe play with him too! Quickly he hopped out of the tree and landed close to the bird, crouching down and sitting his blue bottom onto the forest's leafy floor.

By now he'd forgotten her question and the lizard all together, although the floppy green tail still remained in his hand. "What kind of bird are you? What's your name? I'm Tunji do you want to play? A large smile creased his features, big amber brown eyes looking hopefully at his new companion.

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