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 Abasi, P-Male | African Lion | Cub
Posted: Aug 10 2011, 04:15 AM

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general information
    NAME: Abasi
    NICKNAME: Basi though his real name is OK too
    GENDER: Male
    SPECIES: Lion
    RANKING: Member
    AGE: Cub

    Abasi is a young cub of about 4-5 in human years age wise if he were a human child and possesses a slightly medium build and has a tawny pelt that tends to be neat but the hair on top of his head is somewhat scruffy. He also has dark blue eyes that bring out his dark brown top eye areas. As for his ears they are rimmed, like a few Pridelanders are. As he continues to grow, Abasi's mane will darken and still contain it's cub like tuft but it will just be slightly longer in appearance which will cover his eyes somewhat.
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personal information
    PERSONALITY: Abasi is a stubborn little cub that tends to be seen pouting quite an awful lot due to him most likely getting into trouble. Like most cubs his age he's curious about the big world around him and wants to get right into the action of whatever is going on. He's also somewhat cocky and is a little independent.

    His biggest dislikes are baths, like most cubs, other lions pinching him on the cheek or possibly cheeks and calling him adorable and such, being bossed around and he also doesn't like being alone. The cub is afraid of the dark, very loud noises such as roars which tend to startle him and make him feel anxious,he also hates being left with an annoying cub-sitter or sitters of whom he's afraid will snuggle him and call him cute names and stuff, and heights like climbing very very high in trees.

    All young cubs his age like exploring and Abasi is certainly no exception. He's definately not afraid to get down and dirty while he's out and about playing whether its by himself or with a few other cubs in the pride. Play wrestling is another one of Abasi's favorite hobbies. He doesn't really pass up the chance to show his strength to other lions, even if they are bigger than himself.

    RELATIVES: -added later-

    While Abasi was born in the Pridelands, he had found it rather difficult to stay near his birth pride all the time. There were always lionesses coddling the little cub and sometimes, he just felt like he needed space to be by himself. To be somewhere out in the world where he'd do what he'd want to do and nobody would tell him otherwise.
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    OTHER: -waves- Hi! I'm Rox and I stumbled upon this site and joined because of my lifelong and I literally do mean lifelong love of TLK. I've only been RPing for about 2 years and am not that much of a writer but and trying my best to work on expanding my posts with details and such. I'm pretty easy to talk to and can't wait to RP and create fun memories with you all! :D

The sun seeped in through the cracks and crevices of the cave in which a little cub named Abasi lived. Shielding his dark cerulean eyes with a paw he squinted his eyes as he tried to get used to the morning light. "Alright..alright..." he complained as he rose up and stretched, trying his best to shake off that 'sleepy morning' feeling in his small body. Having gotten somewhat used to the light, the young cub trotted out and looked around, first to the left, then to the right, trying to scour the land for his morning meal. Rolling his eyes at the fact that nothing was nearby, he set out through the tall and seamlessly never-ending grass of the Savannah. The cub’s rimmed ears pricked up at a sudden noise as he moved. Crouching down, he waited for the sound to reach his ears once more, “BINGO!” he thought as the sound was made again. Stalking towards the unsuspecting victim, the cub noticed it was a small gazelle grazing with its herd in the distance. It seemed like forever in waiting to Abasi until he leapt out from his hiding place and landed flat on his stomach, lifting his head up from the ground just enough to see his potential prey escape.

Posted: Aug 10 2011, 03:09 PM

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