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The Lion King. It is a tale of family, love, responsibility, betrayal, friendship, faith, hope, and coming of age; the very elements that we all must face in our own life adventures. But the story of the Pridelands did not end with Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Kiara, and Kovu. Africa's chronicle has continued on long after, with these great leaders looking on from the glittering evening stars. Africa's stories, the histories of these majestic lion prides, are still being written: here on Ulaya, the Lion King RPG.
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 ~ History: Then to Now ~
The Storyteller
Posted: Jan 13 2012, 09:53 PM

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Once upon a time, there was a young lion destined to become a kingÖwhat? Oh, youíve heard this story already. Ok, but do you know about his daughterís adventures? Ah, I see. Well, know-it-all, what happens after that? Ha! You donít know, so listen up!

-- Back to the Outlands --

As was expected to happen, Kiara became the leader of the Pridelands, ruling with Kovu as the king. By then, she had birthed twins, a boy and a girl named Chaka and Shani.

When they were cubs, the siblings and their friend, Mwana, were an inseparable trio, but this bond ended abruptly, as choosing the next in line to inherit the kingdom changed the relationship drastically. Eventually, it was determined that Chaka was the better choice and that didnít sit well with their daughter. Disagreeing with the decision, she began secretly gaining followers of her own.

Time went by normally enough, except there seemed to be a split within the pride. Some were referring to Chaka as their leader, while others were claiming Shani was in charge. Tired of the chaos it was causing, Chaka gave Shani an ultimatum: either stop this petty feud and stay or leave with her allies. The sister left, taking her supporters to the Outlands to live. Even though her anger faded, she was still too proud to ever return home.

-- Three and the Crowd --

During Simba's reign, Malka had moved his clan to the opposite side of the range, closer to the Pridelands. Growing old in age, the bachelor king decided to pawpick an heir. After he dies, his adopted son, Mwana, takes over.

After the brother and sister stopped being friends, Mwana found himself in a difficult position. He vowed to not take either side in this instance, attempting to stay fair and neutral, but that didn't work out as planned. Shani ended up bearing his cubs, two daughters named Hedaya and Usoni.

So as not to cause a falling out between Chaka and Mwana, the parents keep their cubs' true lineage a secret. However, to ensure an heir was available for both territories, Hedaya was raised in the mountains. Usoni stayed with her mother, in the Outlands.

The daughters are brought up as friends instead, but Usoniís jealously of Hedaya grew. As the leader of the "lesser territory", she began to feel that she wasnít as respected as the other rulers. Harboring this envy, she developed a scheme to take over Majabali, but fell ill and was never able to carry out an attack.

She hoped her daughter, Grace, would perform this task for her, but the lioness was more peace seeking than her mother. Instead of following Usoniís plot, Grace decided to work toward bettering the Outlands internally, without the threat of war and unnecessary casualties from vengeance.

Unfortunately, a challenger, Shetani the devil, appeared on the scene, overthrowing the queen and evicting the rightful heir from her home. It seemed that no one was bold enough to stand up to the intruder, until a coup, led by Kibaya, rose against her. Sadly, it failed, but the losses on both sides crippled the pride as a whole. Maybe it was this tragic turn of events that sparked something in her, but, almost as quickly as she had arrived, the demon feline vanished, slowly becoming more detached from her pride before slipping entirely out of sight. Where she went, no one knows, but lands were left without a ruler.

It was here that Khali, Kibayaís sister, took control of the situation and rose to power.

In the mountain pride, Hedaya had twins of her own, Enzi and Airya. He is the current king of Majabali and his sister is the lead huntress there. While the family is kind and caring enough, its specialty of holding and making secrets regrettably continues to stand strong, too.

-- Reigns and Riches --

Ignorant to the troubles of the other kingdoms, the Pridelands thrived, passing down its traditions from generation to generation. Chaka found a mate in the lioness, Nasiha, and the pair had a son named Tuvuli.

Overall, Tuvuli wasn't a wretched king. He was just very traumatized by the loss of his mate. She died from sickness when their son, Makavu, was a little more than a cub. This tragedy turned the king cold and cruel, very different than before.

In some instance, it was almost like he blamed the pride for her death. Everyone tried to be understanding at first, but his bitterness remained, affecting their spirit and the landís luster immensely. Then, the laws were altered, becoming confusing and unfair, but their punishments hostile and severe.

Some members decided to escape, fleeing for lands far away, but others choose a closer solution, turning to Makavu for aid and begging him to do something. Feeling sympathy for his family and guilt for the blood coursing through his veins, the son challenged his father to a duel.

Triumphant, Makavu became King of the Pridelands, rejuvenating them into their former glory. Lately, one of his main goals has been to prepare the princess, Alyeska, for the duties she will have.

-- Return of the Forgotten --

As you may know, Shenzi was leader of the Njozi, but after her plan of alliance with the lions obviously and horribly fails, her leadership is put into question. By majority vote, she is replaced by the hyenaess Saket.

Eager to fortify her pack, the new matriarch offers a solution to their problems. She suggests that they leave the lands, in order to regroup and rebuild their community. With no other options or ideas, the tribe follows Saket into the desert, hoping to regain their numbers and strength.

After her aunt dies, Saket's neice, Buena, becomes the leader. Allowing her friend Boomerang to share the power, the dynamic duo decide to return to the graveyard, where they will try to gain the Pridelands for themselves.

On their crossing, a sandstorm splits the pack, scattering the members far and wide. Some chose to go on toward the destination and wait for their leaders to show. Others arenít in as much of a hurry, tending to their own agendas or giving up on group life altogether.

-- A New Approach --

Noticing the world changing, the elders of the cheetah race called together their families and announced that living separately was endangering their livelihood. While some felt that it would put them at greater risk, one elder named Jhor gathered followers and journeyed into the desert.

On their trek, the clan discovered a secluded valley hideaway, settling there and naming it 'Nekura'. Still uncertain about their own strength, some members "adopted" lion and other cat cubs, bringing them back to the valley and raising them there. This increased mixed bloodlines throughout the group, changing another dynamic they weren't used to and causing higher tensions.

Two generations have passed since Jhorís rule. King Dorado is in charge and Queen Nasari is by his side. He is adored, but sheÖnot so much.

-- Forever Young --

Tawi, the newest addition to the feline families, was created by an adolescent named Kuruka. Against traditional pride life, he began his own haven, where cubs and adolescents mingle and live in harmony away from adults. Hidden within the forests outskirting the eastern borders, he invites youngsters and teens of all shapes and sizes to join the troupe.
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