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 Tonre - Work in Progress, Male~Lion~Adult
Posted: Dec 16 2011, 02:06 AM

newbie - "lie down before you hurt yourself."
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i just can't wait to be king
general information
    NAME: Tonre ((tawn-ray))
    NICKNAME: None. He prefers to be called by his given name.
    GENDER: Male
    SPECIES: Barbary Lion
    RANKING: Member
    AGE: Adult

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tonre is a rather hefty male with well-rounded shoulders and large paws. He possesses somewhat harsh facial features. His dark brown mane is coarse and dense. It spans a great deal of his back, forearms and stomach. The front of his mane is a golden blonde that travels down from his head, and follows a path directly down his spine. Little threads of golden fur run through various parts of his mane on his chest area. His main pelt is a dusty, sandy color, with a light, peach colored underbelly. Tonre’s eyes are caramel colored.

    In case my description didnt make any sense, which it most likely didn't, here's a quick reference I drew of Tonre.

    user posted image
in the circle, the circle of life
personal information
[LIST]PERSONALITY: Cynical, demanding, callous and impatient are just a few words that can be used to effectively describe Tonre. He is often mistrusting upon meeting strangers, especially other lions, and it can prove to be quite difficult to earn that trust. But once it’s been won, it’s also tough to lose. Tonre strongly believes in having structure and unity in a pride. He values his pride and each member in it very highly and as a result of that, he is cautious of most strangers that approach his fellow pride members. It may be difficult for him to see the good in others due to his suspicious nature. He does not have any sort of ranking within his pride, but he feels that he doesn’t need one to ensure the absolute safety of its members. Tonre is definitely not one to turn down a challenge; his brash nature simply wouldn’t allow it. This has proven to be a problem on many occasions where he’s challenged opponents he simply could not defeat.

RELATIVES: Amara - Mother - Living

HISTORY: Tonre hails from a meagre pride that resided in the farthest outreaches of remote lands, in the west. The name of this pride is unknown, however. This pride was very little in number but despite this, they thrived well in the unforgiving lands in which they lived. Tonre was born to a lioness named Amara, though all that is known of his father is that he lived in a neighbouring pride. He had never had any real desire to seek out his birth father, as he was perfectly content living with his mother.

After many suns, the pride’s leadership shifted into the paws of a ruthless king. To minimize any opposition, he exiled most of the strong, healthy males from the pride, and by force. To further establish his dominance, he began to abuse and disrespect the pride’s females as well. Tonre, one of the few remaining males challenged the leader for his throne. Still being quite young and inexperienced in battle, he was beaten down and disgraced. Tonre was finally cast out from the pride, though he had come to peace with that reality. He would rather leave than to witness more of the king’s cruel reign. After many months of traveling on his own, Tonre decided to make the Majabalian pride his home. He has not had any further connection with his mother, though he hopes to one day return to the land of his birth.
hakuna matata
everything else
[LIST]NAME/ALIAS: Ahnrah is fine :)
ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Its been about 7-8 years I think
HOW YOU FOUND US: Discovered this through word of mouth.
OTHER: (Any randomness you want to say XP)

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