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 Abiba's life, Beginning
  Posted: Nov 24 2011, 04:01 AM

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Hi guys! Yeah i said I would make Otieno's & his Family's life,but I had to get milk,visit my cousins Apartment,AND Find a way home,so I decided to make up a Novel of ABIBA,Not Otienos mother ABEBA,Otieno's grandmother,So Let the Novel BEGIN!

Somewhere at the savannah where a red eye,black furred,blonde paw colored lion cub female(DONT ASK WHY THE CUB'S PAWS BLONDE TLKFrown.png ) Lost,hungry,and alittle wounded, is looking for a place where Someone would Take care of her,Her family's pride was attacked by their enemys pride for their territory,her parents,and older brother(The bro is like 18 yrs old in Lions yrs) were killed from battle,the some of her own members cubs were hidden,but alas Not Many(like 16 or 12) were lucky,some were killed or kidnaped for their own,or bethroth,or as slaves.But Abiba was able to esape,she knew her family would want her to be strong,& move on,so she tried to find a pride to live in,but it was hard,some lions make it sound easy,but it wasn't,But she see's 2 shadows of adult lions,1 female,and 1 male,Abeba Ran to them,but she was afraid they might mate,her mother told her not to inter fear 2 lions when they mate,so she sat and wait until a male cub bumped into her,the male cub had green eyes,brown fur,and a black hair luft,Brown cub:Hey Watch it! Abiba:I-I-I'm sorry,I-I-I didn't see you there. Brown cub:Your lucky I didn't attack you. TLKFrown.png Then a Goldish brown,red eyed, cub came Goldish cub:Hey Taka I thought tag is running and tagging not sitting and waiting! TLKLaugh.png Taka:Hey!This cub was sitting here and Blocked my way Muffy! TLKFrown.png Muffy:Umm,Taka YOU bumped into her without looking making sure i wasn't catching up! Taka: TLKFrown.png Muffy:Forgive my brother miss whats your name? Abiba:A-A-Abiba,My names Abiba Taka:*talks to self*wierd name Muffy:WELL my name is Mufasa,Future king of the Pridelands. Taka:My Name is taka,Why Were you siting here watching our parents? Abiba:I was going to ask if they have a pride,But I was afraid if they were going to mate. Taka
Woah Woah,Why would OUR parents mate? Muffy:Yeah I have enough of siblings,1. Abiba:oh. Muffy:why did you say you were going to ask them if they have a pride since We do? TLKCurious.png Abiba:My family's pride were killed by my prides enemys. Muffy:Well Lets take you to our parents! Abiba:ok. Taka:*talks to self*hope she isn't annoying.

At the king and queen shady spot
A lioness who had green eyes,brown fur,and colored paws Queen:My,it is a beautiful day my dear Ahadi. Black mane,red eyed,Brownish gold fur named Ahadi,Ahadi:Its sure is my beautiful Queen Uru. Uru:Dear our cubs is coming,but there is a female wounded cub. TLKCurious.png Ahadi:Huh,this should be good. Muffy:Mom,Dad! We found a friend! Taka:who said WE. Uru:my who is she? TLKSmile.png Abiba:my names Abiba. Ahadi:and what are you doing here alone? Abibe:My-My-family were killed by my prides enemy's pride. TLKSad.png Uru:Oh you poor dear! Abiba:I was wondering if I could join your pride. Uru:Well- Ahadi:Hold on a minute,I would like to talk with my mate alone. Abiba:ok.
Ahadi:I'm not sure of this Uru
Uru:Oh Ahadi,look at her,she looked really Wounded! Ahadi:yes,but I'm afraid she might be a spy! Uru:Oh pish posh!A cub as a spy?she looked starve! Ahadi:maybe your right dear. Uru:I'll ask one of the members to be her gaurdian.Mutia always wanted a cub to follow her paw prints. Ahadi:fine she'll stay.
With cubs
Muffy:What are they saying? Taka:Dunno. Abiba:Which lioness will take care of me I guess?
*Ahadi&Uru walks to cubs*
Ahadi:she can stay. Uru:but i Have to ask one of our members to take care of you. TLKSmile.png
Abiba:*jumps for joy*Yay!

And so Abiba is excepted to her new home.But consequences wild come in a few weeks or so.

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