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The Lion King. It is a tale of family, love, responsibility, betrayal, friendship, faith, hope, and coming of age; the very elements that we all must face in our own life adventures. But the story of the Pridelands did not end with Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Kiara, and Kovu. Africa's chronicle has continued on long after, with these great leaders looking on from the glittering evening stars. Africa's stories, the histories of these majestic lion prides, are still being written: here on Ulaya, the Lion King RPG.
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 Pickachus adventure!, The begining
  Posted: Oct 28 2011, 12:30 AM

Open your eyes before you get hurt.
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Hello my name is pickachu,blonde fur,coco brown mane,Blue eyes,i'm a lion cub,why is my name like that,because im in a zoo,named by kids,I use to have parents,but died by hunters i was alone,until a female human found me& took me in a zoo where homeless,endangered for everyday animals&birds,There were other animals that are weird,not from around here.I don't know what they are but my buddy,pangy,who is a penguin, describes what they look like.We met when i was drop off here,scared,Pangy is a son from a smart penguin in New York central park zoo,He never told anyone why he left.This zoo wasn't bad,it was actually.....homey,comfortable. Oh heck it was yumderful,i got that from mishka,a funny giraffe,She always make new words,and makes jokes.Ok Some of them weren't funny.But my life gets wierder and weirder.Remember I said about wierd looking creatures?I think they're called Pokemon?I mean come on a pokemon isn't real,they're a tv show!Theres one called a Mankey,some sort of monkey,REALLY how in the world Is there a Mankey!?! Scientists.WHY did you brought them?In real life they're dangerous,REALLY dangerous,TV shows also dangerous.How i know these things.A phone.Pangy has one,my favorite show is Regular Show,always made my day.We watch shows at night.Heck i'm acting like a human more than a male lion cub!If my parents were alive they would tell me im a lion.I should tell you about the "people",Pangy:Black and white, immune to cold&hot,Smart,silly,eyes ice blue. Mishka:A Giraffe,hair bangs,spots dark brown,somewhat funny,eyes:brown. Mr.cranky(A.K.A kipper):cranky,crocodile,dark green,eyes green.Foxy:Fox,sneaky,Cute(my mom would be angry at me,pickachu, for saying this,Foxy is more than cute,,eyes fiery red. Chris:Bald eagle,snappy when angry,naggy,fun,eyes yellow.crystal:bald eagle,fiancÚ to chris,funner than chris,eyes crystal clear violet.Me(pickachu):Fur blonde,eyes blue,mane coco brown,nose outlander,nickname Lightning strike,speedy,good at climbing,swimming and sign language taught by zookeepers to tell kids something.Yeah my adventure starts ma˝ana. tomorrow.

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