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 Soto, Male | African Lion | Adolescent
Posted: Sep 24 2011, 10:22 AM

member - "there's one in every family, sire."
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general information
    NAME: Soto
    NICKNAME: So or So-So, To-to (all said with hard "o"s)
    GENDER: Male
    SPECIES: Lion
    RANKING: Member
    AGE: Adolescent

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Soto has a lanky build, his limbs not fully developed. He's rather scrawny for a male lion and does not have a lot of muscle on him. His black mane is still growing and does not look like it has potential to become very full. Currently, it appears to be on the top of his head, a line down his back, a patch on his chest, and side-burn-like spots on his cheeks. Soto's main fur color is a dull, brown color with lighter coloring on his muzzle, chest and underbelly. His eyes are a muted orange and hint towards a reddish tone. Think of a cleaner version of Nuka. (Picture to come.)
in the circle, the circle of life
personal information
    PERSONALITY: Just like his build, Soto does not have much confidence. He's always been at the bottom, having others tell him what to do. He's used to having a dominent figure beside him to protect him and give him directions. He's not very self-dependent and has done a poor job living on his own. He's scared easily and his instinct is always to flee. Soto has never had any true friends for a long period of time, so he's cautious about opening up to other lions, especially adults. He interacts better with cubs than lions his age and older. He never likes to express his opinion and never openly disagrees with anyone, even the tiniest kit. Soto is extremely clumsy and will occationally trip over his own paws, which makes him an awful hunter. If anyone does have the opportunity to make friends with this awkward teen, they will notice that deep inside he is the most caring lion on the planet and will do anything to protect the ones he loves, even if that means standing up to the superior.


    HISTORY: Soto came from a far away land that was ruled by his family's pride. Everything was normal: hunting, the seasons, dangers, nothing out of the ordinary. He had two brothers and a sister, all where BFFs like most young cubs. They played all day, bothered the adults, and got into normal cub trouble. Over the course of their first year, one brother died from sickness and the sister in the jaws of hyenas. Soto's brother took it the worst and often lashed out at his smaller brother. He became cruel and unforgiving, and the lionesses took nothing of it. Even their own mother did not try and correct her son's violent behavior. As they grew, the difference between Soto and his brother in terms of height and personality were canyons. At adolescence, the brother almost had a full mane and was always aggressive to any lion (or lioness) he approached. Soto's father was increasingly displeased with his larger son's behavior and often scolded him. Thus, his father favored his submissive son and often protected him. Soon enough, even before Soto and his brother were adults, the brother challenged his very old father. The brother won and banished both his father and Soto. The two traveled together towards the pridelands where the father knew the great king would help the banished duo find a home. Before they reached the borders, the father was struck down by a pack of wild dogs when he distracted them to help his son escape. Soto, with his poor navigational skills, never found the pridelands, but instead the Tawi forest...
hakuna matata
everything else
    NAME/ALIAS: (OOC name)
    ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: About 1-2 years
    HOW YOU FOUND US: I was looking around one day for a lion king RP and went through a few affiliate buttons to find you guys. That was a while ago and I was undecided, but Juffy was persistent in saying this was a great place to RP
    OTHER: I'm this person on Deviant Art

(Using Soto's past as an example and pretending his father is another character)

Who knew any creature could ever be this tired or sorrowful? Aching paws, burning wounds, tired eyes and a broken heart defined Soto. The endless plodding  was his lifestyle and the land only his father knew seemed like a fairytale dream. The Pridelands, was it like heaven? Were there really lions who excepted everyone in without another question? It was their best bet, they had no other choice.

The young lion looked up, his eyes focused on the stars. His father said that spirit of the past were the twinkling lights above, always watching the souls on the plains. Soto wondered whether his young brother and sister were there gazing down to him. He wondered if they were watching his family as well. With the wide space around his, the adolescent's mind wandered from day dream to day dream. He imagined his family behind him and how they were fairing with his brother as their leader and imagined his mother missing him, which was certainly a dream. He wandered to the lands beyond, and his own imaginary haven. A land with a waterhole at every turn and endless herds of fat, slow zebra that were easy to catch. He imagined himself with a full mane and a pride that respected him and loved him. Cubs tumbled in his path and looked up to him with wide, curious eyes. He imagined his siblings at his sides and their loving purrs rumbled in his ears.

The purrs turned into growls.


Distracted from the world around him, Soto had not noticed the scent of wild dogs' stench in the air. The grumbling he thought was his sibling's purr echoed from every angle on the plain. Suddenly, his senses were overwhelmed by the danger lurking around the traveling duo. His glowing eyes opened wide and his ears flattened back into his growing mane. Looking frantically to his father, Soto whispered, "What do we do?"


Posted: Sep 24 2011, 09:02 PM

Fire is Catching
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Welcome to Ulaya! Your application meets our qualifications, and we have
approved your character. Please be sure to create a thread in Meeting At The
Watering Hole
to start plotting and get involved in the RPG! If you have any
questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :) Thank you, and enjoy yourself!


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