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 Amina, Female | African Lion | Cub
Posted: Aug 8 2011, 01:53 PM

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i just can't wait to be king
general information
    NAME: Amina
    NICKNAME: ---
    GENDER: Female
    SPECIES: Lion
    RANKING: Member
    AGE: Cub

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Large, pretty hazel eyes. Amina's average build is made up of a mixture of browns. Overall, she has a dark mocha pelt. However, the inside her ears are a light tan, as well as her eyes patches and pawpads. Her tail tuff is a deep-deep brown, easily mistaken for black.

    A combination of ebony spots and streaks round the top of her head, trailing down her spine to the dock of her tail. White jewel-like shapes blot the middle of this "crown", lying just above the space and a little inbetween her eyebrows.
in the circle, the circle of life
personal information
    PERSONALITY: At first, she might seem shy and hesitant, especially when meeting unfamiliar adults. But, with cubs and others who closer in age, her high level of comfort and confidence is quickly visible. One could definitely say that the young lioness is junior member of the Pridelands “Welcoming Committee”, as she tends to hover around the frontline whenever a newcomer arrives. Even if she doesn’t speak up right away, a sweet smile should form on her mouth, ready to greet visitors and new pride members alike with good manners and an upbeat attitude.

    Still…don’t assume from this and her appearance that she is an entirely innocent, perky little girl. It would be wrong to think that she would simply sit back and allow others to treat her or someone she cares about badly or for someone to believe that she sees everyone in a positive light.
    While Amina honestly tries to be optimistic, it is not always possible, making her behavior solely depend the behavior of others. Always attempting to be respectively polite and considerate, Amina will try to keep up with these practices as best as she can.
    - If the company gives off a pleasant aura, she’ll be a friendly, loyal, and playful companion.
    - If there is no danger, but a good impression isn’t left either, her personality won’t be ’unkind’, but it is admittedly not as nice as it would normally be. (Hey, why waste time on someone who has no interest in being nice to you?)

    Her main pet peeve is rudeness. Thankfully, the female cub chooses her battles carefully, going for indifference or removing herself from annoyances altogether instead using energy on continual arguing or fighting.
    She will, however, stand up for what she believes in if there’s a dire need or righteous cause.

    Thus Amina can come off as prissy and snobbish, just because she tries remain neutral and level-headed in all cases. But, in truth, she can be and is just as lively as her friends. She enjoys having fun and exploring new things, even if it means straying a little too far from the grown-ups.

    By the way, family is very important to her, too. Seeing as she doesn't remember what happened to her own, Amina has made it a personal goal to try to make sure everyone she comes across feel welcomed. Every creature should have a place call to home, where they can be safe and loved.
    And, the closer the relationship is, the more likely it will be that place is near her, too. Or at least that's what she'll expect.

    RELATIVES: None yet.

    HISTORY: As she is currently an orphan with amnesia, her earliest memory is of waking up and following a strange, but beautiful butterfly to a cave. Instincts warning that there was something scary inside, she didn't follow the insect into the cavern depths. Instead, the cub decided to return to where it was she had come from.
    It was also then that she realized there was a sore bump on her head, but trying to figure out where to go next was oddly very difficult. The scenery felt familiar, but her barrings were all messed up and turned every which way. It was like she knew where she was, but was unsure of how to get back to where she had been before.
    Then, worst of all, a bigger problem appeared. It turned out that she couldn't recall anything before then, not even who she was.

    Mind you it was not complete amnesia. She could still remember some important facts of life, like what she was and what other creatures were, even whether they were dangerous or not. However, who her own mother was or what she looked or smelled like was completely gone, an empty void of mystery. All she could do was wander around, hoping someone would recognize her or visa versa.

    She ventured on, entering the territories of a few family groups on her journey. These, however, were not friendly environments and her stay was never long. In the last one, pride's cubs grew jealous of the attention little Amina had been getting and chased her off.

    After a couple weeks, the Prideland Queen approached her. Apparently, the older lioness had been monitoring the cub for awhile and finally choose to confront her about her business in the lands. Amina told her that she was lost and looking for her family. When she couldn't give a description about what they looked like and the adult noticed a bruise on her forehead, the pair went to visit the local shaman. With a clear bill of health, except for the memory loss, the Pridelander lioness took Amina to Pride Rock. There, it is what promised that the pride would be on alert for her parents and family, when or if they passed through the lands. Until then, it would probably be best if she stayed with them though.

    So she is staying in the Pridelands for now, being cared for mainly by Taraji, with others helping also, until her family retrieves her. Amina tries to remain hopeful that they'll find their missing cub, but, so far, no leads have been made.
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    NAME/ALIAS: Embyr_Somm. Embyr for short.
    ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Years and years and years...
    HOW YOU FOUND US: I'm one of the admins. >D
    OTHER CHARRIES: Check out my timeline section. Because there's too many to name here.
    OTHER: Baby...I'm a firework!



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and an 'Embyr' in a pear tree >D
Posted: Aug 8 2011, 02:07 PM

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