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The Lion King. It is a tale of family, love, responsibility, betrayal, friendship, faith, hope, and coming of age; the very elements that we all must face in our own life adventures. But the story of the Pridelands did not end with Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Kiara, and Kovu. Africa's chronicle has continued on long after, with these great leaders looking on from the glittering evening stars. Africa's stories, the histories of these majestic lion prides, are still being written: here on Ulaya, the Lion King RPG.
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Leader's Mate & Lead Huntress: Nasari
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 Makali, Male | Cheopard | Adolescent
Posted: Sep 15 2011, 12:18 PM

A Name Lost to Time
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Group: Staff
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Joined: 3-August 11

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i just can't wait to be king
general information

user posted image
    NAME: Makali (Swahili meaning "sharp")
    NICKNAME: ---
    GENDER: Male
    SPECIES: Cheetah/Leopard
    RANKING: Member
    AGE: Adolescent

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Being half leopard, he's a bit thicker and more muscular than a full-blooded cheetah. Also taking after his father's side, he has retractile claws and a powerful bite force. He's understandably a bit slow for cheetahs, but still much quicker than lions and leopards. This mix has given him the powerful combination of speed and strength, making him a tough opponent. Along his neck and onto his head is a short cheetah mane that darkens towards the tips. His rusty-gold pelt has a unique pattern of black spots. Some border the line of king cheetah type markings, and half rosettes can be found here and there. There are also a few spots with light centers. He has an intimidating set of crimson eyes.
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in the circle, the circle of life
personal information

user posted image
    PERSONALITY: As a young cub, he was playful and bold. But due to his trying life, he has developed a drastic change since then. He can be moody and easily ruffled by anything to do with his past and family. It doesn't help that he has no problem with mild violence when provoked enough. More typically he is angsty and gravely serious. Makali often tries to prove himself a loyal member to the clan, though often he questions why he should even have to when he's done nothing. However, he can have his good moments when he allows himself to temporarily forget his problems. During these rare times, he is actually capable of having fun and being completely confident. He has an appreciation for the small things in life, having already lost so much in his short time. Following this, he values anyone who doesn't question his loyalty or try to be sympathetic to him...and of course can stand his temper.

    RELATIVES: ---

    HISTORY: The road he's traveled in life was started before he was born. His father, a leopard, had been taken into the Nekura Clan as a cub. What they were unaware of was his mother's death was the fault of a cheetah couple in the clan, and the cub wanted revenge for her wrongful death. As he grew into an adult, he eventually took on a cheetah as a mate, the daughter of the very members he planned to kill. Makali was born of the pair. He knew nothing but love from both his parents. All were unaware of his father's dark intentions.

    And then the fateful day came. The grown leopard, having carried his grudge through the years, finally found the opportunity to take the lives of his in-laws. Things didn't quite go as planned. Makali's mother happened onto the scene and jumped in the way to stop her mate, only to take a fatal blow. Whether he didn't care or couldn't stop himself in time to save her is unknown. Having committed the crimes, and perhaps weighed by the guilt of killing his mate, the leopard fled the Nekura never to return....leaving Makali all alone in the world. The unfortunate little halfbreed witnessed his father fleeing, and stumbled upon his mother as she took her last breaths. This tragic incident in his life has haunted him in ways he couldn't foresee at that time. Still so attached to both his parents, he refused to believe his father could murder his mother and would defend him in emotional outbursts when it was brought up. Because of this, there wasn't a clan member willing to adopt the orphan. Some even went so far as to say he had bad blood in him and couldn't be trusted. So the youngster has mostly taken care of himself growing up, developing a hardened view of the world.

    Now half grown, he tries to prove himself to his clan. Which can be harder than you think with his temper. And how pure his intentions are is often questioned.
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hakuna matata
everything else

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    NAME/ALIAS: formerly known as Kazani, and you're still welcome to call me Kaz. I will also answer to Amber or AJ
    HOW YOU FOUND US: was given a link from Chronicles of the Pridelands, and have been around since 2005
    OTHER CHARRIES: well, just check my signature for the ones I have on this version of Ulaya
    OTHER: well I had to find someone who blurs the lines between good guy/bad guy since I don't have Shadow. and I'm loving this poor guy :3

One of the valley's spotted residents was climbing the cliffs towards the desert. Every now and then giving a powerful bound to make the ascent quicker than just following the path entirely. Right now he felt like getting away to think. It would be nice to avoid the clan for awhile and just look out at his home as he mulled things over.

The lithe, muscular male flopped down near the edge of the cliff face, sending up a cloud of sand. Looking at the peaceful valley below contrasted with the flow of thoughts in his head. It was just one of those days. Makali extended a long, black claw and was absent-mindedly stirring it around in the sand. It was about that time the wind changed and put him downwind. A light spray of sand hit the halfa's oddly spotted pelt. But something else hit his nose. The smell of a stranger. He quickly hopped up and spun around to see where this other cat was. Kaffir was closing in on the Nekura, close enough to see the valley below. This, of course, left the leopard cheetah mix feeling awkward he hadn't noticed the approach before now.

user posted image RULES PASSWORD: Correct!

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.:: Ashanti | Jewel | Makali | Sarla | Kadiz | Kiwa | Ubawa | Wakati ::.

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Posted: Sep 15 2011, 05:49 PM

Agent, not a Gent
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Welcome to Ulaya! Your application meets our qualifications, and we have
approved your character. Please be sure to create a thread in Meeting At The
Watering Hole
to start plotting and get involved in the RPG! If you have any
questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :) Thank you, and enjoy yourself!

4 - Adult creatures
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2 - Adolescents

and an 'Embyr' in a pear tree >D
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