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Title: FAQ: Roleplaying At Ulaya

The Storyteller - September 23, 2011 05:22 PM (GMT)
The threads I start seem to be getting ignored. Why is that?
    Try not to take it personally. Sometimes, no one is available to jump into another thread right then, or perhaps they do not have characters that would fit into that situation.

    Other times, people are unsure if they are even allowed to respond to a thread, for fear of trespassing on plots or conversations that may have already been planned out ahead of time. Make sure to announce who is welcome in that thread in the topic descriptions and feel free to edit them if things change.
Yes, but how do I get replies?
    To ensure you get replies, try discussing possible character meetings with another member [better yet, members!] beforehand. Plotting is VERY important, as it is a great way to organize any ideas you may have and eliminates most inconsistencies in the storyline. Our OoC "Watering Hole" board is designed for just this purpose, to find other members to thread with first. This way, before you even start the thread, you will know exactly who will be joining in, guaranteeing replies for yourself.

    Also, please keep in mind that we strongly encourage joining threads that have already been long as they are marked 'Open'!
There is no word count?! Awesome! I can do whatever I want!
    Slow down there, wild one! Thatís not necessarily the case. While the rping styles definitely range here on Ulaya, that doesnít mean you donít have to pay attention to what the other players are doing. Expecting someone who normally posts wordy paragraphs to reply with three liners or visa versa can be asking for too much. Therefore, you must either compromise your technique or find someone who has a similar style.

    We will warn you though: the second choice will undoubtedly limit your options for thread partners. Besides, it could be fun to challenge yourself...why not try to write more than you might normally or limit yourself to only the critical details? This is how you grow as a writer, by adapting to restrictions or pushing for more. We know you can write more than one or two liners, so give it a go!
What happens to finished threads?
    Finished threads are gently placed into archives specifically made for their storage. So, when you are all done with a thread, let a staff member know about it and theyíll add it to the collection.
My partner left, but has returned and we want to finish our thread. Where did it go?
    Most likely, it is in the archives too, but donít worry! If you ask one of the staff, they can "magically" move it back to its original position and re-open it. Then, you and your partner can continue on with your story. :)
May I be in more than one thread at once?
    Yes. You are allowed be in more than one thread at once. However, we ask is that you keep a timeline log of those threads also, in chronological order or in the matter in which they happened in that characterís life. Timelines are located in the "Critter Chronicles" area. This way, others can follow along with their story in the order it all 'occurs', too. ;)
May I create another pride/clan/tribe/etc?
    No, at this time we are not looking for more groups. We have plenty available already and weíd like to see their populations grow before new ones will be considered for creation. This may change at a later time, but for now: no new prides/clans/tribes/etc.
I canít reply to the In-Character sections? How come?
    Have you made an approved character yet? If not, try making one first. Things should work after that.

    If itís still not working, ask one of the staff. Itís possible that you may have missed an activity check or some technical error happened during an update. Our sincerest apologies are given if this happens to you.
For [insert reason], Iím not able to make my own character. Do you have any adoptables available?
    It's certainly possible. Check the "Want Ads" bulletin area. Members are always looking for someone to create or adopt and play pre-made characters. The progress of these creatures may vary though, meaning you may have to discuss further details with the bulletin poster if need be. You may even be asked to add your own influences into the final profile.
Where do inactive characters go?
    They will be or have been moved to the archives. Characters here are never deleted, in case their owners return. If you are having difficulty finding your animal there, ask for help.
Where is the password?
    *points to "The Rules" with a neon arrow that has flashing lights* Read them & you shall find the password.
Can my character change prides?
    Sure, why not? Just inform a staff member so they can move your characterís profile into the right family. Also, be sure that this has been confirmed 'In-Character' first, before the profile transfer occurs.
Oops! I missed the activity check! DX
    No worries! We understand that life happens; so long as you don't miss them all the time, it's all good. :) If your profiles have been moved, let the staff know so they can return them to their proper places. Then, you'll be all set to continue.

    If you have to take a lengthy hiatus, please contact one of the staff before then. For the sake of the story, you need to discuss what's to be said and done about your characters until your return!
Do we have to go in order when replying to threads?
    That's really between you and the people you are posting with. The post pace can get slower if you decide wait, but, if more information gets added to the scene when others are away, catching up could be hard for them.

    It's a toss up. To see what makes you all more comfortable, try out or use both methods.
Why is there a rule about no 'Out-of-Character' talking, when characters such as Timon and the hyenas kept mentioning 'Out-of-Character' things throughout the movies?
    In truth, this is directed more toward notes and messages people may leave for each other during in-character postings.

    However, now that you mention it, the staff is not gonna scold anyone who uses the words 'man', 'lady', or similiar terms in their posts. For example, 'man' could be used to describe gender here, rather than referring to an actual male homosapien. It just depends on members' individual writing styles.
    In extremes, the rule is pointing out that no wild animal is going to be able to identify the specific brand of jeep that travels across the savannah. Or say, "Hey, there's a plane flying through the air!" when they look up and see one. They wouldn't know what one was and, seeing it in the air, probably would assume it was some type of bird first.
Can supernatural things happen 'In-Character'?
    If you are referring to the "Kings of the Past" appearing in cloud form, we donít mind that. But if it wasn't in the movies, then it's not happening here.

    Also, keep in mind that it is VERY unlikely, IMPOSSIBLE actually, that Mufusa or one of the others would appear to any of the characters in this generation. At the most, the previous leaders might advise or haunt the current ones, but they tend to only show themselves their relatives. Or make their presence known a shamans, but both encounters are for short periods of time, right? That's how it seems to be done in the films, so that's how it's done here.
Can I still make a post if my characters are archived?
    NO, not until one of the mods has moved your characters back to their proper profile sections. After that is done, you may post again.
Do I have to write an example post for each character profile I make?
    No, you don't. An example post is only necessary for the FIRST character you make. For any profile you add after, you do not have to have an example post, unless you want to.

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