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YG One Love

 Join the Team!
Posted by o0hockeys_angel0o - 10-2-10 03:36 - 3 comments
Interested in joining the family? Copy the form below into your post and fill it out.

Position you're applying for (you can do more than one): Translator (Korean, Chinese, or Japanese), Editor, Timer, QC, Typesetter, Encoder, or Uploader)
Do you have any subbing experience?: (It's okay if you don't have much, everyone starts at some point right?)

You can find out if your application has been accepted if you go back to check on your application post to see an edit from one of the admins (Ro, Jess, or Michelle). Once your application has been accepted, please go over to the YG One Love Family forum to fill out your staff contact info and post your introduction
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