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Welcom to World of Tomorrow, we are a steampunk post apoc rp with a Fallout/Bioshock feel. When signing up use your characters first and last name in all caps. FIRST LAST. This site is rated M for Mature.


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 Claire, Matthew, Viscar Crimelord/Assassin
Posted: Jan 19 2012, 01:43 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 25-December 11

user posted image

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Matthew Claire

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Name: Matthew “Vlad, Vlad Dracula, Vlad Dracul, Dracula, Dracul” Claire
Age: 40
Birthday: October 31st 2118
Occupation: Elite/Crimelord
Super Fast
Super Strong
Heightened senses especially sight
Very smart
Race: Viscar

user posted image

Father: Dimitri Hanzer
Mother: Daphne Claire
Children: None
Siblings: Janette Claire

user posted image

Height: 6’4’
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Playby: Alexander Skarsgard

Tall and lean while still retaining a muscled form, Matthew is an imposing figure. The kind of guy people know to get out of the way for just by the look of him. Matthew usually dresses in all black clothing, always in his black leather motorcycle jacket, black singlet top and black leather pants that make women's head turn wherever he goes. The only time he’s not in black is when he others to wear a suit for important business meeting’s which even then is usually black or very occasionally silver. Like all Viscar when angered Matthew’s reaction is violent, extended nails, fans and black eye’s it doesn’t take much to set Matthew off so he is always ready for fight. Mathews clothes are designed to give him freedom of movement when fighting and to conceal weapons of which he has a wide variety of on him at all times. Over a dozen knives and other small blades as wells as several small arms and amo including a plasma pistol.

user posted image

✤Being called Vlad
✤The Government
✤Being controlled
✤Janette’s Suitors
✤Not getting his way
✤Anything that separates him from Janette
✤Anyone, but Janette calling him Matthew
✤Most people

✤Over protective of Janette
General Personality:
Matthew is in simple terms and asshole, he considers himself sophisticated and above everyone else including other Viscar. Except possibly Janette. Matt retains a thick Romanian accent as apposed to his sister who has been trying to lessen hers . Although he can fake accents form all over the world if he wants too due to his training as an assassin, but he rarely does as he thinks people should make the effort too understand him. The only times he does is when he believes a little subtlety is necessary.

Matthew is a very angry Viscar often lashing out over the smallest thin if he was human people would assume it was roid rage. Anyone who even started to suggest to his face would soon have no tongue to suggest anything ever again. Matthew is a masochist and enjoys seeing other people in pain, in the war he was often used to interrogate people. The pain is more of a bonus as Matthew really just enjoys the dominance and power of it, instilling fear into those he perceives as weaker (i.e. everybody).

Matthew has based most of his knowledge of torture and fear off of Vlad the Impaler the original source of the myth of Dracula. In fact Matthew even forces everybody, but Janette to call him Vlad or Dracula or variants of either. Matthew enjoys the connotations of its namesake and of vampirism of which many have compared his race to.

Despite this Matthew considers himself a very sophisticated kind of guy he loves reading and will generally go through a book a day if he has the time, which he seems to have less and less of lately.

Matthew wants to get even more involved in the criminal underworld (i.e. drugs, arms dealing prostitution everything really) and in regards to the rebel underground movements he wants to play both sides against the middle, but Janette has so far been holding him back. It is just one of many issues of which the argue constantly about.

In regards to his sister Matthew feels as if he in a constant battle with her over... well pretty much everything at one point he is fairly certain there was a pool on when, who and where one of them would kill the other although Matthew knows he could never truly hurt Janette. The closest he’s ever come is maybe moving her out of the way while he attempted to kill one of her lovers. Matthew believes no one is good enough for her.

user posted image

Matthew was born in a lab that he doesn’t even know the name or location of. Raised as a toddler until he was 5 by his mother and in these early years Matthew was inseparable from his sister which meant that when they eventually did separate that it all the more harder for him.

During training Matt excelled above every other Viscar he was bred for killing in every sense right down too his personality even more so than other Viscar as he appeared almost psychotic about his desire to kill. It soon became apparent that like his sister he was a dominant Viscar maybe even more so.In fact he was so proficient at combat training that he was one of the few Viscar too have spare time and was also one of the few who didn’t welcome it as he soon became intolerably bored in the training base. So Matthew took to exercising his mind instead at first he only researched and read books about strategy and combat, but it didn’t take long for the curious Viscar too branch out into other fields. Everything from history and the world too fantasy books, he particularly liked the works of the late 19th and early 20th century a time called the Victorian era after some reigning Queen at the time. After he read Dracula the Viscar became interested in the whole concept of vampires and also the inspiration for. When he was finally sent out on missions it could not have come sooner to Matthews mind.

During his active duty Matthew became feared and respected by not only other Viscar, but by the Jackals and Reapers as well. (Well ok maybe not feared, but respected). Matthew was the one sent on the most dangerous figures so much so he was even sent after the Jackals and Reapers themselves. Although Matthew didn’t always come away completely unscathed it reinforced his belief that he was the best fighter in the world. It seemed nothing could beat or even phase him even his own so called ‘masters’ began to fear him. Not knowing how they would control him, while knowing that he would only fight so long as he felt like it.

It came as quite a shock then when Matthew was told that his sister Janette had been killed by the enemy. Matthews ‘masters’ had used his sister escape and capture to motivate Matthew to fight for them for good. Matthew became increasingly erratic lashing out at anyone at anytime taking whatever females he wanted even by force. Still the plan worked and Matthew became intensely loyal so loyal he killed others on the mere suggestion of escape or turning sides. Although admittedly this may have been more out of his need to kill and the fact that any rouge Viscar could one day become the enemy and his goal in life was now to destroy those enemies that had killed his sister.

When he and the Viscar got captured. Matthew blatantly refused their offer never willing to work for the government that killed Jeanette. Thus when his sister ended up alive and saving his life Matthew felt betrayed. She had switched sides if she was any other Viscar he’d have killed her. Matthew didn’t talk to her for months until she literally begged him too. Matthew immediately recanted his cruel joke and agreed to hepl the government for his sisters sake.

When the Jackals fell upon the city Matthew wanted to stay and fight. He argued with Jeanette for hours in insistence and it wasn’t until Jeanette threatened to stay as well that he reluctantly agreed to evacuate.

When the war was over Matthew went into business with his sister even if he did feel like she should let him take charge as the male. At first it was amusing, then it became annoying, then frustrating and now it’s just downright pissing him off how she refuses to budge even though by rights he should be the leader. Particularly when she outright refuses, most of the time she agree’s with him, but Matthew knows it is only to keep him complacent which is fine she can play her ames so long as he gets his way. Yet there are still a few issues such as his wanting to get further into the criminal underworld or her mating with other Viscar. Matthew knows it is only a matter of time so he sometimes wonders why she resist so.

For now Matthew does his usual thing and is usually the one out of the two of them that takes the government contracts and set the criminal end in motion while Jeanette handles the legal things and the actual dealings with the government. Matthew can’t stand them and for some reason she seems to think he might do more harm than good if he did handle that connection. In his calmer more reflective moments Matthews tends to agree.

user posted image
Name: Connor
Gender: Male
Age: 18
How you found us: Caution
Any Previous Characters:Nope

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