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As those of you who are still about can see, the rp has died. Whether I have the 'authority' to actually close it or not remains to be seen, I still have admin privileges and will gracefully duck WV out of public existence. We've had various troubles attempting to keep our rules and the like out of 'sticky paws,' and I'd rather that not happen again. If something has started, on behalf of ALL of the Willowvale staff, I must ask you not take any of the old Willowvale things, as the rules were carefully crafted by staffers who worked extremely hard on every facet to make this as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for rping here, for those who did, and if you all wish to contact me to regain character information back or the like, please do not hesitate to poke me at , or hunt me down on tumblr. Those who have my tumblr or skype or whatever know me well enough to know I'll answer just about everything.

It was a pleasure rping with you all, and I wish you well in future endeavors

Violet (Shi elsewhere)

PS: A return of Willowvale may or may not happen. It was a wonderful place, and, despite my extremely cold departure, I have missed you all. It may not be an academy setting, and it will definitely not be as labor intensive, but it may or may not return. I don't want to get your hopes up, and if Siph happens along and decides that she wants to take the whole thing back, kinks and all, she's more than welcome to, but maybe stay tuned~
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