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Whirlpool Weyr is an Alternate Universe, literate/advanced Pern RP forum with a focus on characters. We consider ourselves Semi-Canon. Set in the South during the Eighth Interval. Pern is changing and Whirlpool Weyr has found itself at the center of the storm.

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Updated 04.05
Dragonriders 33 29
Candidates 0 3
Weyrfolk 1 0
Wher Handlers 7 5
Wher Candidates 2 0
Holders 3 2
Crafters 3 2
Dolphineers 2 0
TOTALS 52 44
Dragons & Riders M F
Greens 7 12
Blues 7 9
Browns 12 4
Bronzes 6 2
Golds 1 2
TOTALS 27 23


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The Staff
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LeadershipNewsState of the Weyr
Weyrleader: B'run of Bronze Olemuth
Weyrwoman: Kira of Gold Yenth
Jr. Weyrwoman: Leria of Gold Simath

Candidatemaster: Kimessa of Blue Isstineeth
Candidatemaster's Second: Available. See Admin
Weyrlingmaster: K'bam of Green Iokaminth
Weyrlingmaster's Second: Jalisse of Blue Oreth

Wher Troop Leader: Available. See Admin
Wherlingmaster: Ronan of Brown Ronansk

Headwoman: Available. See Admin.
Asst. Headwoman: Available

Lord Holder of Blackfish Timberhold: Peldon
Lord Holder of Blackfish Seahold: Tylvin

The Princess Bride clutch has hatched! Whirlpool Weyr has a new class of Weyrlings!
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Current Status of Weyr and Holds
(Newest updates at the bottom!)

Next Dragon Hatching: ~August?
Next Wher Hatching: ????
Next Firelizard Hatching:????

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Thank you to everyone that was part of Whirlpool but due to real life, a total lack of desire and a myriad of other things it is currently closed. Perhaps one day in the future, but that doesn't seem likely.
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