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► Val'Erie, Hayleigh-Jean, Finished Application
Hayleigh-Jean Val'Erie
Posted: Apr 8 2012, 12:35 AM

Group: Members
Posts: 2
Member No.: 17
Joined: 8-April 12

Hayleigh Jean Val'Erie
user posted image

so what if you can see the darker side of me
no one can ever change this animal I have become

user posted image

full name: Hayleigh-Jean Val'Erie
nicknames: Hayleigh.
date of birth: 07 March
date of change: 07 March, 13th Birthday.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual

user posted image

play by: Jordana Brewster
height: Six foot two.
weight: 60 Kilograms
hair: Brunette
eyes: Brown
general appearance:

Hayleigh-Jean was blessed with olive skin and long dark brown hair with light brown natural highlights that reaches the middle of her back, her hair naturally sits in loose curls but is generally blown dead straight out over her shoulders. Hayleigh's fringe changes from time to time but is mostly a full fringe that sits just above her perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Being female and six foot tall is never a great thing for a female for it isn't great to be thought of as looking gangly, however Hayleigh was blessed with great genes and has womanly curves in all the right places leaving her form to be slender but flattering

user posted image

likes: Social Outings, Boys, The Beach, Music, Athletics, Partying, Running.
dislikes: Liars, Spiders, Rain, Disloyalty.
strengths: Agility, Backbone, Honesty.
weaknesses: Stubbornness, Hot Headed, Partying, Boys.
- When nervous or in trouble Hayleigh has a tendancy to bite her lip.
- Hayleigh tends to go running when she is stressed or needs to think something through.
- The idea of imprinting on someone scares her half to death for she doesn't like the idea of having her will taken away from her nor the choice of who she wants to be with.
fears: Spiders, Being alone forever.

Hayleigh-Jean may seem quiet and mysterious at first for she doesn't really branch out and get to know new people for her family tends to move a lot and the friends she does make she always have to leave in the end, but truth be told she is a party girl with a bad habit of getting herself in trouble. She is what could be seen as a rebel by choice always doing the opposite of what her parents want for her and using her partying ways as an escape from reality

Although she may have some issues when it comes to pleasing her parents who are both ex military, Hayleigh is a loyal friend to those she holds close to her heart however she tends to be rather standoffish at first and it does take a while to break through her barrier to get to know her.

user posted image

hometown: Hayleigh moves around a lot but she was born in Canada.
spouse: None.
children: None.
mother: Janice Claire Val'Erie
father: Vincent James Val'Erie
siblings: None.
other family: None.

user posted image

your alias: Cass
age: 22
experience: 12 years
who you play: Hayleigh-Jean Val'Erie
how to contact you: MSN or Email – cass-sanders@live.com.au
how you found us: Found you through an affiliate site on Relive the Magic
have you read the rules: yes
role play sample:

This is a sample Roleplay from my own Private RP Board, I reserve all rights and character references:

The second day had gone smoother than the first, and the third and the fourth... Now with it being Friday it meant that most of the students would be going to Hogsmede this weekend and seeing as how Bailey didn't have a signed permission form she would be one of the only seventh years staying back at the school. It was somewhat unfair to make her stay when she didn't have a parent or guardien to sign for her, also because she was an adult in the wizarding world it was even more unfair – somehow the Ministry thought it better if she stay on the school grounds for the time being, it made Bailey wonder if somehow they had grown suspicious of what she was or maybe the fact they knew nothing about her at all.

Either way, the result was that her mood was somewhat fowl as she sat in the classroom, her eyes starting out the window looking to the owls flying across the skies hopefully heading somewhere much more exciting than History of Magic. What Bailey wouldn't have given for another library lesson where she would be left alone to do her own form of study, she had been good on her word giving the book back to Derek in the common room the night after borrowing it – most people were surprised to see her in there as none had ever seen her before, it would appear she was the talk of the school, everyone wanting to know about her and no one knowing so much as her name.

”Miss Corvinis I would appreciate it if you could even pretend to be listening to what I am explaining to you, we all have better places to be so you'll just need to suck it up” came the professor's voice from the front of the classroom, the woman was a bitter old cow as far as Bailey was concerned.

Turning her head to the front a glare upon her face as she looked to the middle aged somewhat attractive teacher, if she wasn't trying to be a good little student she just might backhand her one for daring to speak to her like that. Better still was the line that came from the woman next as thought trying to assert her authority in the classroom by making Bailey appear smaller than her.

”Bailey Corvinis ladies and gentleman” came the professor's voice, her hands raising to give a little clap that matched the sneer on her face before she picked back up her piece of chalk and text book and continued to read out aloud to the class with a fair note of glee in her voice.

Baileys hands were balled in to fists but she simply looked to Derek who was seated beside her.

“Guess that answers your second question then little wolf” she said oh so quietly that no other ears would hear.


this plot page was made by Tayy<3 of caution 2.0
Please no stealing, thats not very nice now is it? Lyrics are Whatever It Takes
by Lifehouse.
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