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"You're waiting for a train - a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope the train will take you, but you can't know for sure. But it doesn't matter. How can it not matter where the train will take you?"

Welcome to Warped Realities, an RPG based off of the popular movie Inception. Step into our world, a world where we share dreams. In this world, anything can happen and everything is possible. You're not limited by that silly thing called physics or even by reality. If you can dream it, it can happen.

Our plot takes place a year and a half after the Fischer Job. The team members have tried to pick up and move on. Some are still involved in the art of dream sharing and extraction while others are simply trying to stay "clean." Fischer-Morrow has broken up, but a new business is rising from its ashes. One that Robert Fischer himself has built from the ground up, something different than his father's company.

Meanwhile, the art of dream sharing is slowly becoming more known. Ever since the stories and rumors of the first ever Inception Job has started spreading, more and more people are finding themselves stumbling into the world of dream sharing. By extension, the art of extraction is becoming more practiced and commonplace. While the average citizen doesn't yet know about dream sharing, it is only a matter of time before it spreads like wildfire to even the simplest and least experienced person.

Step into our world, take a look around. Are you experienced in the world of dream sharing? Are you part of an extraction team, in it for the thrills and satisfaction that the creations give you? Are you someone who's brand new to the experience and is trying to learn any and every way you can? Or are you one of those who have yet to learn about dream sharing?


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We'll put the winners of any contests that we have as soon as we have some!

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 Penelope Buxton.
Penelope Buxton
Posted: Sep 21 2011, 04:09 AM


Group: Chemists
Posts: 4
Member No.: 7
Joined: 19-September 11


user posted image

bonne renommée vaut mieux que ceinture dorée

full name Penelope Amber Buxton.
nicknames Penny.
age 28.
birthdate November 30, 1982.
gender Female.
sexuality Straight.

l'amour est aveugle

hair Brown, curled most of the times.
eyes Hazel.
build Slim, 5'6", 122 lb.
clothing Sophisticated chic, kind of a chameleon, she is unafraid of the bold colours and busy patterns. Penelope usually wears stylish fabrics.

play by Rose Byrne.

fais ce que je dis, ne fais pas ce que je fais

■ science
■ gadgets
■ literature
■ video games
■ cooking
■ writing down lists
■ doing research
■ comfortable silence
■ crowds
■ being sick
■ irresponsibility
■ being misunderstood
■ lies
■ people who stare
■ feeling helpless
■ hard worker
■ her agile mind
■ eidetic memory
■ organization
■ prudence
■ introverted
■ rancorous
■ impatient
■ nervous around strangers
■ being unable of getting rid of unwanted thoughts
■ waking up early
■ visiting unannounced
■ reviewing her day at night
■ speaks with her hands
■ doodling
■ cracking her knuckles
■ find a better use for the condition of her memory
■ see the northern lights
■ to be an excellent conversationalist
■ losing people important to her
■ public speaking
■ being judged
totem A locket that doesn't seem to open.

general personality
    She is classified as awkward by other persons, at least the ones that don't know her well, probably because Penelope prefers the strangest things over the normal ones. Her decisions always amaze most of the people, but she seems to be accustomed to their faces in disbelief, nor is it surprising that her intellectual demeanor may appear to be uncommon. The time has enabled all those critics, which brand her as weird, to go unnoticed. It is perhaps natural that she has built a thick impenetrable barrier.

    Since Penny was a little girl, she began to withdraw into her own world, somehow, making it difficult to create links with people outside her circle of acquaintances. She suddenly became introverted and quiet, it was not usual for her to share thoughts with others, since she did not think they would pay attention or care enough about it. Fortunately, later she opened a little and changed into a more sociable person; although she only shows her true self to people she really trusts or cares for.

    Penelope has a certain characteristic that makes her special, and even more rare: her eidetic memory, she can remember anything that she both hears and reads. Many people believe it's a gift, but in reality it is something that has made her life more complicated for several reasons, for example, from time to time, it becomes problematic to avoid falling into anxiety, because she has to deal with her mind to concentrate and process simple things.

chat échaudé craint l'eau froide

parents Simon Buxton and Martha Buxton.
siblings Theodore Buxton, Gwen Buxton, Anthony Buxton, Clarisse Buxton.
spouse/significant other Arthur Martin, dating him on and off for a year
children None.
any other important people None.

occupation Research associate in a laboratory. Chemist in Myles' team.
hometown Sydney, Australia.

general history
    Penny was born the middle child in a fairly large family. Her childhood is not something she likes telling to others, that part of her life is enough vivid to remember, even without recurring to her quality. It seemed like everyone around Penelope, got all of the attention, she grew up overshadowed by her older brothers and their success, and also because her younger siblings stole every display of affection. In other words, she was like an outsider in the family, it bothered her greatly before she finally got used to it, she went through a tough process of adaptation.

    But suddenly, her life would show a sudden change. Since her twelfth birthday, Penelope began to perceive absolutely every moment of her life, with the unconscious purpose of remembering them. She thought hard before telling it to her family, with the fear that they would consider her as a liar, always present. It was something that nobody could explain, not even the doctors they visited a hundred times, she simply did not need an stimuli to get her memories back, they were only there for her disposal. Her siblings especially loved her ability, her parents were still surprised, at first, it was nice to be the centre of attention again, but then she discovered the rare talent caused her terrible experiences. She considered difficult to control that immense flow of thoughts, waking up every morning and noticing something different, even if it was a single little detail. Also having to having to deal with the nicknames related to walking encyclopaedias. Almost complete madness, which lead her to retire to solitude, she would lock herself in her room or find a quiet place and sit and read for hours, or do mathematical equations, simply to pass the time and focus her mind on anything else, that was not thinking what she was told three days ago. It took her years to master this.

    School was also a problem, children were not really very nice, and maybe if she had been brave enough, she would have gotten rid of them without any problems. With her lonely attitude and without distractions, she managed to keep good grades, but she did not receive the deserved recognition, as these achievements were commonly attributed to her gift, which actually had nothing to do. In college, she met a girl named Moira, who thought Penelope’s eidetic memory was an interesting peculiarity, and she seemed serious about that, although the two weren't particularly close, they got along well. Moira and Penelope went into the same profession; they became chemists around the same time before splitting up to pursue their own paths.

    Dream sharing was something she discovered just after graduating, in her first job, she was introduced by her own supervisors, after checking that she was a trustworthy person, of course, and she was given the task of producing the compounds necessary for this. It was a daily encounter with the fact of testing sedatives in others. One day, Penelope could not resist the curiosity and she just wanted to try, it was an experiment really surprising, as a person fond of these findings, she specifically requested to be allowed to make several trials, so that she could develop more efficient hypnotics.

    Her personal life is something she does not like to talk about, but she maintains close contact with her parents, and tries to visit whenever she can the rest of er family, always keeping an eye on her siblings. Penelope met Arthur about a year ago and the two of them seemed to simply click.

roleplaying sample It was nine o'clock in the morning and Penelope was working, she wanted to finish quickly and she was typing with diligence. When she had written the last line, she reached with her arm the delicious coffee she had prepared, she checked her work while drinking. Her face remained rigid, expressionless, devoid of all emotion by an iron will. But her eyes sparkled then. Lips twisted down in one of those typical smiles, she pressed with great force the red cup she was holding, until the knuckles of her right hand suddenly turned white.

"Everything seems to be going well." She said slowly and articulated clearly, as if somehow she tried to share her tranquillity with the desperate voice inside her head. Ending the scrutiny of a report, she abandoned her seat and she walked heavily from one end to another of the vast room, muttering words in isolation. Penelope was thinking about the different markers she had on her desk and why she couldn't find an exact classification for them, since she always found a lot of features that simply she couldn't order, someone always helped her when she was writing a text or stuff like that.

She looked out the window and watched the white clouds in the sky, the day would be like on Monday, and on Saturday, and as the day before, it had not rained and today certainly would not either. Then she looked to the street, many people crossed the avenue as soon as the light turned red, and her mouth tightened into a straight line, she did not want to think about how busy they were, running from side to side.

With great disgust, she returned to the center of the room, specifically where there was a shelf of books, Penelope knew the contents of each of them, but still her eyes were delighted with every word. She picked one randomnly, and took it with herself to a couch where she sat, in the process, Penny noticed her cell phone was near, maybe she would make a few calls before reading. She placed the cup on a table that was in the front, to grab the phone and start pressing the screen looking for several contacts she wanted to say hello.

dis-moi qui tu hantes, je te dirai qui tu es

name If you wish to call me Itz [:
age 16.
where you found us Tumblr. A wonderful invitation I received.

member title "Penelope Buxton"
other characters None.

© 2009 Dixie of RPGD.

Ariadne Smith
Posted: Sep 21 2011, 05:46 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 67
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-September 11

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