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LATEST HEADLINES: WWE Indestructible present headlines... Well ladies and gentlemen the federation is doing extremely well. We will be opening up at the begging of the 2009 year! I hope to see a lot of old faces and even more newer faces! If you need anything please contact the owner Ryan aka RyRy for any help or questions about the federation while it is being opened!
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Welcome ladies and gents boys a girls of all ages. I know you all stopped in to check this place out and first off I would like to thank you for that, you see wrestling federations have changed threw out the past few years. I would like to invite each and every single one of you to step into the ring with some of the best this business has to offer but first we have to make up the site. Please while in the meantime won't you go ahead and reserve a superstar or diva for yourself. Anyone that chooses to sign up as a main eventer or high card superstar or diva will have to show much more effort in his or her contract. I will go ahead and let everyone know a few things about the federation and what you will have to go threw to get into the fed.

Selecting a superstar or diva/Requirements
Ok so on all the federations we see people signing up as the top guys, that's nice but to be a top superstar or diva you will have to be one of the best. We will not just sit around and hand everything to you because you have a name or anything like that, we also hold the right to take away the superstar or diva if we don't feel that you can play them good enough.

In The Contract
You will be required to fill out a pre made form. In the form we will also request that you give us your name, if this isn't done you will not be accepted. Along with a sample role play of the superstar or diva you have chosen to play as, there is no exceptions to this. After and if you get accepted into the federation you will have 24 hours to put your in-box, profile (which will also be made for you to fill out) and your debut. In failure to not do a single one of these you will be deleted!

The Shows
Well will be starting out with only Monday Night Raw at the opening of the federation. I myself will be helping the Raw GM run the show. After and if we get enough superstars and divas that are active we will then take into consideration of making a Smackdown program.

The Titles
At the begging when this place opens the following titles will be assigned, World Heavyweight Title, World Tag Team Titles, Womens Title, IC Titles and Hardcore Title. Depending on your superstar you choose will declare which title you will be eligible to go for. Now in the case of you choosing someone that has never held a high ranking title like the WHC don't fret here we actually will take into consideration (if you earn it) to face the WHC for the title. Diva's of course will only be eligible for the Womens title and sorry we will not be having Diva Tag Titles.

Activity On WWEI
For a lot of federations these days the only way to survive is not only have active staff but as well as active members. We are not looking for inactive people and will delete anyone (except for the Owner's, GM's, and other personal) that are not seen on the fed once every 3-4 days. If you do need to take some time off we will give you a week, if you need more (and I am sure a lot of people will) you will need to talk it out with the Owner's of the federation. If you believe you will be taking a lot of time off please don't sign up or sign up as a high card or main event superstar or diva.

The final say in deletion will be given to not any Admins but the owners of the federation, some people might not like you and yeah at times someone might be biased. But having a owner in which doesn't like to play favorites hopefully we can work it out. If the owner doesn't believe that anyone can come to an agreement you will be deleted.

The Owner
Ok well after a few of the rules have been taken care of here is a little on the person who made up the federation with help from Collin. My names is Ryan everyone around the fedding world that knows me knows that I am "nuts".. Just kidding but yeah for the most part I am a laid back 19 year old Southern boy. I have been around fedding for at least 6 years now. I have I believe a well known reputation when it comes to being friendly. I do have a small temper which should help me out in the case of being Vince McMahon. I am upfront and honest, if I don't think your good enough to play your superstar or diva you signed up for or you don't have the required sample then you will not be accepted. I am a nice guy and most of the girls say I flirt a lot and yeah I do. Um anything else you want you can ask me when the federation opens.

The General Managers
I have chosen my general managers for the Raw show along side of myself I will be having Kristen with me, she will be playing Stephanie McMahon.

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The Taken Roster

Please contact Ryan to get reservations made up!

The Owners
Vincent Kennedy McMahon/ RyRy

Raw General Manager

Raw Superstars

Raw Divas

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