3/16 -- activity check! if you want to keep your lovely characters, you'd better go post in it. the survivors of flight 815 have been on the island for ONE WEEK. plan your new threads accordingly.
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Posted: Feb 18 2012, 10:09 PM

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    for the purpose of keeping certain mythologies simple and organized, we are a humans only site. in some cases, this will only affect certain characters and in others will will affect whole fandoms. no vampires, no werewolves, no angels, no gods, no ghosts, no demons, etc. nothing of supernatural origin. no aliens. furthermore, no futuristic characters or fandoms that couldn't easily take place in the twenty first century.

    when it comes to super heroes, here's what's been decided: if there is a semi/psuedo scientific explanation for their powers, they are fine. this means genetic experimentation/mutations, not coming from another planet or magic. it's why we're allowing characters from inception and heroes, but not harry potter or dr. who.

    for now, regarding tv shows, your character should be in either the main or recurring cast. that way we don’t get that rando who’s been in only one episode when there are plenty of other, more significant characters that might be requested. after we get a lot of the important ones, this might change. but for now, let’s follow the five-or-more episode rule.

    whoever makes the first character from the fandom gets to decide where it starts from. for example, if someone makes the first character from glee, they can decide whether they want to pick up from mid season 2 or post season 3 or wherever. everyone else who makes characters in that fandom will follow suit. everything should still be canon up to point where you decide to start. you can't change everything around.

    no killing other characters, unless they are NPC. every now and then, staff members may update the site with an event that kills someone... usually an inactive account or NPCs (storms, hunting accidents, rip tides, etc) but if your character is rather unsavory and kills people back home, don't go around murdering canons that haven't been made yet. capice?

    yes, you have to use the play by used in the movie or television show for your character. the exception to this would be if the actor/actress is super obscure and there aren't any decent pictures of them to make pretty graphics with. those with books have a little more leeway and you can pick a fitting play by for them. our face claim is pretty lenient because there are bound to be a few multiples. that's just fine. don't worry about it. it's more just to keep track of everything rather than say 'this one's taken, think of another'. in character, just assume that the two dianna agrons look eerily similar but not identical.

    the member groups are book characters, movie characters, and television characters. if you pick a fandom that has been more than one (an adapted book, tv show gone movie series, etc) you can pick between either one to use.

    can you put the past away was a mass crossover plane crash site that i was apart of... oh, maybe a year ago? but yes, it was the inspiration behind this site. kat and sasper are both wonderful and made an awesome site, but it didn't last, and i wanted to bring something like it back. but again, there is no affiliation between can you put the past away and wash away. this is not a revamp of the former. c:
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