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Thank you for the skin cody's a wizard @ shine. kismet @ rpg-d for the tabbed sidebar code. Thank you revo @ rpg-d for the drop down code.

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 Member Rules!, read them carefully...
Mimi Matsumoto
Posted: Dec 17 2013, 02:59 AM

"Now, now, Gryffindors be nice to the newbie"
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Group: Professors
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    1. All posts must pertain to the ongoing's of the game at all times. Keywords that will be looked for while scoring include any of the ball types, the players, and the weather of the game and it's odds against or for you.

    2. Editing your post 2 minutes after it has been posted to alter the course of the game is not tolerated. This is cheating.

    3. No other players must handle the quaffle besides Chaser‘s (unless you‘re a Keeper, Captain or Co-Captain).

    4. All posts must be 3 complete sentences or more. Try to aim for 2-3 lines and your post is sure to count.

    5. CREATURES - on the pitch, your character is not a witch, a seer, a vampire. it's not anything but a person on a broomstick. wands, creature powers, and other similar things are forbidden.

    6. FROZEN PLAYERS - So no posts for 2 pages as a chaser, then the captain or co-captain can simply say they have possession of the ball. If they're a chaser, wonderful, they carry on. If not, then they must complete a pass to a chaser on their team (which can be intercepted).

    A frozen keeper who has not responded to a goal shot (or if a team has no keeper) can wait either 2 pages again if they have already posted in the game (then the captain/co-cap takes it) OR if no keeper has posted in that game for a team it's taken by the captain/co-cap straight after the goal in an empty hoop.

    7. GAME STALLING - If shots are now made after 3 pages, you can hold the quaffle for to 4 pages. If a shot is made on the 4th page or beyond, it's an instant no-goal even if they countdown successfully. A keeper than has 2 pages as mentioned above to pass out.

    8. SIGN UPS - Sign ups are open 3 hours before agame to make sure everyone there will turn up instead of having teams full of reserves. We will take applications for a captain/co-cap for each team - we need someone who will turn up to all their matches for definite, and has been reliable in the past. The rest of the team is signed up for on the day.

    9. COMPLAINTS - avoid all drama, and come to a game moderator if you have any problems with players or captains. if you suspect a team cheating or breaking rules, CONTACT US. do not spread rumours amongst your team and friends. if it is found that you are the cause of any serious drama, you will be permanently removed from the club.

    10. POSTPONEMENTS - postponements will be decided upon by game moderators, and game moderators alone. captains and players must not take it upon themselves. the mods are here to help you.

    11. DOUBLE ACCOUNTS - double accounts are not permitted, unless both captains agree on them. if an agreement between the player and captains is not reached, then, obviously, you should not play on two teams. Only if your close friends to the admin in real life

    12. BEFORE RELEASE- before the balls are released, only two posts from each player are counted. balls will be released once at least one player from each team has posted once. if you are found "stalling the game" by telling your team not to post until the rest of your team arrives, your chances of winning the game will be severely slim.
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