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Title: ~ultimate Rsps Price Guide~
Description: Our server prices

One love - December 19, 2011 02:20 AM (GMT)
Ultimate RSPS Official Price Guide!

I cannot promise that these prices that follow will always be accurate. Prices may flucuate as the Ultimate Economy begins to settle. If the prices of an item have risen or falled, please just post about it. I will check around in game, and will then change the guide if needed.


Barrows~ All non-donors will pay 30m a peice for barrows. (that excludesthe weapons) Donators have the option to buy Barrow's armour from the Donator-only area.

Weapons are as followed~ -Verac's Flail-10m
-Ahrim's Staff-15m
- Karil's Crossbow - 9m
- Guthan's Warspear- 15m
- Dharoks Greataxe- 35m
- Torag's Hammers- 25m

Bandos~ -Bandos Chestplate- 850m
-Bandos Tassets- 950m
-Bandos Boots- 450m

3Rd Age~ -Range Pieces- 120m
-Mage Pieces- 150m
-Melee- Platebody-850m
Platelegs- 750m
Kiteshield- 900m
Full Helmet- 600m
The 3rd age Ammulet will also be sold. Please ask Admin+ to spawn you an ammlet if you want one. Ammulet-400m

Primal~ -Primal Kiteshield- 3000m
-Primal Platebody- 4500m
-Primal Platelegs- 4000m
-Primal Full Helm- 4000m
-Primal Gauntlets- 2500m
-Primal Boots- 2500m
-Primal Kiteshield- 4000m

Primal may be a Donator or Staff-Only armour. Please PM me If you want to know. It may change.

Katagon~ -Katagon Platebody- 2500m
-Katagon Platelegs- 2000m
-Katagon Full Helm- 2000m
-Katagon Gauntlets- 1000m
-Katagon Boots- 1000m
-Katagon Kitshield-2500m

Katagon may be a Donator or Staff-Only armour. Please PM me If you want to know. It may change.
Gorgonite~(Gorg.) -Gorg. Platebody-3000m
-Gorg. Platelegs-2500m
-Gorg. Full Helm-2500m
-Gorg. Gauntlets-2000m
-Gorg Boots-2000m
-Gorg. Kiteshield-2500m

Katagon may be a Donator or Staff-Only armour. Please PM me If you want to know. It may change.

Torva Platebody- 3500m
Torva Platelegs-3000m
Torva Full Helm-2500m

Statius Platebody-2500m
Statius Platelegs-2500m
Statius Full Helm-2000m


Party Hats- Yellow-1000m
Santa Hat- 750m

H'ween Masks- Green-500m
Easter Ring- 1b

Spirit Sheilds!
Spirit Sheild- 300m
Blessed Spirit Sheild- 500m
Elysian Spirit Sheild-750m
Spectral Spirit Sheild-1000m
Arcane Spirit Sheild-1500m
Divine Spirit Sheild- 2500m

Ely Sigil-250m
Spec Sigil-500m
Arcane Sigil-1000m
Divine Sigil-2000m

Chaotic Weapons!

Chaotic Rapier-1500m
Chaotic Maul-2000m
Chaotic Staff-1500m
Chaotic Crossbow-2000m
Chaotic Longsword-1500m

All Godsword shards will be 250m.
Bandos Hilt-100m
Zamorak Hilt-150m
Saradomin Hilt-500m
Armadyl Hilt-750m
Bandos GS-850m
Zamorak GS-900m
Saradomin GS-1250m
Armadyl GS-1500m

God Armours!
Guthix-5m a peice
Zamorak-10m a peice
Saradomin-15m a peice
All God Robes will be sold at 50m a peice.

Dragonfire Shield-150m
Dragon Full Helm-50m
Dragon Platebody-350m
Abyssal Whip-20m
Ammulet of Fury-15m
Slayer Helm-250m
Barrelchest Ancor-400m
White Flowers-250m
Black Flowers-350m
Black Cavalier-200m

I am more then aware this guide isn't completed. If you see that there is a specific item/items missing from the guide, please post or Pm me the items. Also, please discuss with others as to what a good price would be. Give me a few prices, and i might throw you in the post for helping!

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f geubels - December 19, 2011 11:09 AM (GMT)
nice price guide ;)

One love - December 19, 2011 04:10 PM (GMT)
Thankss =) Im thinkin about changing up the colors to make them a bit more welcoming.. Idk though.

f geubels - December 19, 2011 04:13 PM (GMT)
make them like, white ;)

Chris - December 19, 2011 07:30 PM (GMT)
The price's are looking nice. :D keep up the good work.

One love - December 20, 2011 12:45 AM (GMT)
White is so boringgg. and thank you Chris!

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