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Current Champions

| Wrestler of the Week |
Krissy Filapovich

| RolePlayer of the Week |
Krissy Filapovich

| Segment of the Week |
Liz Smalls Opening Segment

| Match of the Week |
Griffin Hawkins v. Kaelyn Divera

| Oh Shit! of the Week |
Amy hitting Harley's Kiss from 20 feet up on Mikah, and straight through a table!

| Surprise of the Week |
Liz Smalls faking her injuries, and costing Griffin Hawkins his match!

News & Updates
Updated: 8/29/14

Well, to say that the build up for Code Red was amazing would be an understatement. SIN was full of surprises, returns, big winners, big losers, and of course... Uncensored Action!

Andrew Watts continued his assault on Ethan Alexander, proving that Alexander is safe nowhere...

Krissy Filapovich became the NEW Number One Contender for the Ironman Championship...

Liz Smalls outsmarted EVERYONE...

The hatred between Amy Drew and Desiree Parker grew even higher, as if that was possible...

And much... much more. Check out the latest episode of SIN ASAP, you will love it... and get ready for CODE RED!

Newest Signings:
Kjorn Battlestar(Signed August 21)
Joey Miles(Signed August 24)
Thaddeus Stone(Signed August 26)
Sebastian Cassidy(Signed August 29)

| Uncensored World Champion |

Liz Smalls

| #1 Contender |
Griffin Hawkins

| Uncensored Ironman Champion |
Gavin Stephens

| #1 Contender |
Krissy Filapovich

| Uncensored KOTDM Champion |

| #1 Contender |
Ethan Alexander/Ian Reznik

| Uncensored Vixens Champion |
Empress Esperanza

| #1 Contender |

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Uncensored Inc.

So... it's honestly been a great run, it has had it's ups and it's downs, but what doesn't right? However the game just isn't what it used to be. After a 5 year leave and coming back to what it is today, it is nothing like it was years ago. Literally every aspect of this game has changed and it is almost not even fun anymore. The whole point of a game is to have fun right? Well it's been fun at times, it's been great... but for the majority, all the game is about anymore is winning the top gold, being the face of the fed and being able to brag about it on Twitter. It's as if about 90% of the fed world only cares about if they win Championships and win matches... and the second they lose- the believe they've been cheated and demand reasons as to why they lost or why they were pinned in the match. Another big thing, everyone is worried about their character and making sure their character is put over in the match, even if they lost. That's the thing, when wrestlers lose in real life, or even back in the day in e-fedding, they weren't put over... a loss is a loss, take it as it is and don't dwell on it for weeks after you've been pinned. Have a short term memory, get over it, and kick ass the next week. Everyone loses, it's part of the game. When you lose in a game of monopoly do you ask the other people, "well I want to at least look better than you did even though you won?" No, because well... just picture how that would sound.

Now I know we are going to get a lot of hate, because let's face it, a lot of people out there didn't like us... not sure on the reasons really but whatever, that is up to them. A lot of people loved us and backed us, while the rest, sort of probably waited... maybe even prayed for this day to happen. Now with that said we would like to thank EVERYONE who supported Uncensored and was behind us the whole time... for the great showings week in and week out by some of our RPers, for the great help from some of our members who helped with results, graphics, and what not... and for the fun times OOC, which are the best times honestly.

With that said, Uncensored isn't "done." Not for good at least, but for now it is just a bit too much work for us. Especially witth things been a bit busy in real life for us between work, school, and just general every day things going on. We'd still love to keep in touch with everyone whether it is through Twitter, or other ways of speaking... but for now Uncensored is going on a leave.

For anyone that will need a new home, or a new place to join to RP at, here are a few great places that we believe you should check out.





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