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 Up All Night, tag; open
Cassidy Wellington
Posted: Apr 18 2012, 04:20 AM


It was pretty late at night. At least, Cassidy thought so. Everyone was in a deep sleep, but Cassidy couldn't fall asleep. She was able to get in a few minutes here and there, but she continued to toss and turn throughout most of the night. She was not going to get anymore sleep and gave up trying. It was pointless. The night was eerily quiet. But for some reason, Cassidy could still hear the screams of panic and the cries of help in her head. It's been a couple of months, but it feels like the tsunami happened yesterday. A light breeze through the canopy of the trees made her alert. There was no way she would fall asleep now.

Cassidy wasn't used to living in the outdoors. She was born and raised in the city and suburbs. She wasn't used to "roughing it." So, it was hard for her to get used to sleeping outdoors, no matter how tired she was. She thought that perhaps walking to the beach might make her feel better. Maybe feeling the cool ocean breeze and hearing the soothing sound of the water might be better. So, she left camp with everyone sleeping and started heading west. Unfortunately, Cassidy was not very good at directions and soon realized she was lost in the forest. She looked up at the sky hoping that it might be helpful, but she didn't know which star to follow or how to even follow it.

Instead of stopping and turning around to retrace her steps, Cassidy kept walking. She figured, she would have to reach the end of the forest soon, right? And, eventually, she would find the ocean. They were on an island. They're surrounded by water. So, even if it took her all night, Cassidy would walk the entire length of the island just to get to her destination.

Suddenly, she heard a noise that sounded like footsteps. Shit. She stood frozen and could feel her heart beating hard against her chest. It was stupid of her to walk around the island without some kind of weapon. There were people on the island that weren't very nice. You would think that being some of the last survivors on earth would make people nicer to one another. Instead, it just made their fight for survival even more acute. Cassidy tried to listen to the noise but didn't hear anything. Eventually, she thought she might have made up the whole thing in her head. She continued walking until she heard the footsteps again. "Who's there," she called out. Maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to do, but she was scared out of her mind and she wanted to make sure that she didn't make it up this time.
Nathaniel Maxwell
Posted: Jun 14 2012, 11:41 PM


"Up! You kwai!"

A sharp pain was went through Nathan's arm and it stirred him awake. "Son of a bitch." Nathan murmured with his eyes closed. He rolled on the old blanket he laid out across the sand right on the shore. It was all a damn dream, Nathan thought to himself. But the crashing of the waves instantly brought him back to reality. There was no longer the pug nose guard Chuan barking orders because everything was gone. But the pain his arm persisted and it made him open his eyes. A little blue crab latched onto the skin on Nat's forearm in attempt to get out from underneath it. "Ahhhh-ow!" he groaned while he yanked the crab off of his skin. The blue crab was then sent sailing back into the ocean. By then Nathan was wide awake and for some reason his heart refused to slow down in his chest. Almost every morning or late night he wakes up to Chuan screaming or his friend Wanai poking him. The island was still so hard for Nathan to believe. It was better than what he use to dream about. It was pure freedom. Something Nat never thought was possible for him. He swore he was just going to drift forever in purgatory. But the world ended and he was alive and free.

But that meant that he was hearing voices again. But he could maybe blame it on sleep. He was always half asleep when he heard them anyways. Nathan chuckled awkwardly to himself since he really knew that was bullshit. He felt like his mind was a glass of water that was filled just to the rim. It was now a trick of keeping his balance. Sleeping to the ocean was his first step towards keeping himself sane. The crickets in the forest were deafening and Nat could hardly close his eyes let alone sleep to the noise. But the ocean was soothing, and it helped.

The water felt cold against Nathan's bare feet. But he stood ankle high in the tide staring out at the nothingness. The breeze was oddly hot against his exposed chest and it gave him a weird feeling. Both of his hands were shoved in the pockets of his shorts. He moved a large shark tooth around between his fingers. It was a tooth he found when he first washed up on the island. It was almost the size of his palm, and it was bleached white. For some strange reason Nathan felt as if the tooth was his good luck charm. Since after he found it the knife wound on his arm began to fight the infection the plagued it while he was adrift at sea. It was now just a ugly scabbed scar indented in his bicep. It was rather scarey looking but it was healing and Nathan was grateful.

Suddenly he saw movement out of the corner of his eyes. It was coming from the brush on the border of the forest. A large lizard scurried away and across the beach. Automatically Nathan ran up to his stuff on the blanket and snatched up his handmade spear. Nat knew that there were people he knew were okay camping close by in the forest. But he was not about to take any gambles. Slowly he stalked through the forest looking for anything or anyone that could of been walking around. The woman was only in his sights for a few moments when he heard her call out. Nathan stepped out a few feet in front of her with his spear limp at his side. "It's just me." he said as if she knew him. But he was sure she did know of him, or would recgonize him. He definitely recgonized her as a familiar face around the camp.
Cassidy Wellington
Posted: Jun 21 2012, 07:05 AM


Cassidy didn't hear anything for a while, but it didn't take too long before someone came out in front of her. She gave a jump, but realized it was a familiar face. She didn't remember his name, but she had seen him around. "Oh," she cried out as she grabbed her chest. "You scared the crap out of me! What are you doing up so late?" Then, she noticed the spear that he was holding in his hand. Maybe it would be safer to stick with this guy. At least he had a weapon. If anything happened, hopefully he would be the type to protect her. Cassidy was probably the worse person to be stranded on an island. With little to no survival skills, it was amazing she had lasted this long. Then again, she had relied on others for her survival so far.

"Where were you headed," she asked him. There was no way he was just aimlessly walking around the woods. He didn't seem to be the type to just walk around the forest in the middle of the night. "I'm Cassidy by the way," she introduced herself. Though she had seen him around camp, Cass never really took the time to know people's name. She figured if she introduced herself first, he would feel obligated to return the favor. It was about time Cassidy started learning people's faces. At first, she had been afraid to approach the new people. She had heard about the "pirates" and didn't know if there was a distincitve way to tell them apart. Apparently, there wasn't a way. You just had to find out for yourself. That was why Cassidy was weary of strangers, but she had seen this man around before and he seemed like someone she could trust.

((occ: blah, it's a crap post, but I promise it'll get better. ))
Nathaniel Maxwell
Posted: Jun 22 2012, 12:47 AM


"I wasn't trying to scare you." he reassured with a small chuckle. The look in her face was priceless when he came out of the shadows even if he wasn't trying to get that reaction out of her. Sure, he was purposely creeping around the woods after her. But it was not her personally that he was after in particular. He was relieved to see that there was no threat though. Nathan constantly lived in fear of a social and moral break down plaguing the island. When men are pushed to their limits things change drastically and suddenly. He has seen it before, when humanity snaps and every man is for himself. Nathan was certain that a break down now would be ten times worse than what he has experienced. It would be like some Lord of the Flies shit for sure.

"I wasn't heading anywhere. My camp is on the beach and I heard you walking around." he shrugged some and poked at the ground with his spear. "I got a little paranoid." he added on and hoped that was enough for her to trust him with. Nathan was crazy but he was no night time stalker. Those sort of people even creeped him out. "I'm Nathan, and I have seen you around." he said to her although he was looking up at the full moon and the dark sky while speaking. After a small silence he glanced back down to looked at her. "It's not real smart to come out here alone with no weapon. Where were you heading?" he spoke with a smile which made his easily insulting words not so insulting.
Cassidy Wellington
Posted: Jun 23 2012, 01:02 AM


Cassidy believed he wasn't trying to scare her. Her heart had finally returned to its normal pace and she felt herself relax a little. "No, it's okay," she said. It definitely wasn't his fault for jumping out like that. "I guess I was just a little jumpy. I'm not used to walking around the woods at night. But, I guess not everyone is, either. I heard that there were tigers in the woods or something. Or you could have been a pirate...You're not a pirate, are you?" Cassidy never thought to ask that. She always assumed pirates were selfish people who didn't care what they did or who they hurted. The man standing in front of her didn't look like a pirate.

"Sorry," she said, apologizing for making him paranoid. "I guess I'm not as quiet as I thought I was walking around. You weren't sleeping, were you? Because then I would feel really bad." It was one thing for Cassidy not being able to fall asleep. She would feel terrible if she kept someone up with her loud stomping. The man said his name and she nodded. "Yeah, same here." He was looking up at the moon, and Cassidy looked up over her shoulder to see what he was looking at. Maybe he noticed something that she didn't. When she didn't see anything spectacular, she looked back down at him.

"Yeah, well, I actually don't have a weapon," she said sheepishly. "I wouldn't know how to use one if I had it." Cassidy would have balked if she had to use a weapon to hurt someone. She was trained to save lives, not take them. "I guess it would have been smarter if I took at least a stick or something, right?" She looked down at his spear and wondered where Nathan was able to get one. Maybe he made it himself. "I couldn't fall asleep. I was with a group of people that are camping in the forest. I'm not used to sleeping outdoors and I guess the noises just kept me up. I was actually hoping to find the beach. I thought it might help me relax. You know, the sound of the waves and all that." Cassidy shrugged her shoulders, unsure if she was making sense this late at night.
Posted: Dec 19 2012, 07:40 AM

Shark Bait

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