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 The Endless Plains
Posted: Feb 6 2012, 02:08 PM

Mysterious voice from the sea

Group: Members
Posts: 353
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Joined: 26-July 11

Welcome to the world of The Endless Plains. Legends say that a legendary bandit by the name of Gol D Roger once hid all of the loot he managed to steal somewhere in the Great Chasm, a canyon so wide and deep that it is said that none are able to see the other side. This canyon is plagued with dense fog and mirages which make traveling from town to town much too difficult for many travelers. The areas around the canyon are also heavily defended by monstrous birds called Sky Lords, as they have placed their nests at the sides of the canyon.

Our story takes place away from the Great Chasm though, it occurs at a small town located near a massive mountain. This town has recently become a target for many bandits as the mines have found something amazing, devil ore. This ore is a strange thing, as direct contact with a natural chunk of it will cause a person to develop strange and unusual abilities, abilities which only seem to go away when one ventures deep underground or comes in contact with another mysterious ore which has become abundant in the area, Gaia Stone, a strange nearly unbreakable stone. The mining operations have also caused a type of creatures to come up to the surface again, these creatures are called the Rizos. Rizos are lizard men known for their abilities to survive in locations normal folk just can’t. They have been persecuted for a time, but recently things have seemingly come to a peace. We now join our heroes, or perhaps villains, at the small boom town of…..Chiheisen.

(Basically The Endless Plains is an alternate version of The Endless Horizon with devil ore replacing the fruits, and Rizos replacing fishmen. It should be obvious what replaces what else so let the cowboy awesomeness begin!)


A black haired man was struggling to pull a wagon through the grass. The wagon seemed to have various things inside, which would explain how it was possible to carry, but he was struggling nevertheless. He had lost his horse in a Sky Lord attack and was paying the price now. He made sure his brown hat blocked the sun as he kept walking.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to sync with you?”

A head stuck out from the ground as it continued to move ahead of him. The man simply sighed as he continued to struggle.

“No, we’re almost to town, I don’t want to waste our sync over something like this…besides, I know we’ll find what we’re looking for here!”

As the man reached town, he smiled at the buildings, it was truly a grand town. Little did he know that he wasn’t the only one coming here searching for something. In fact, there were many things for different people to find in a town such as this.
Posted: Feb 6 2012, 11:01 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 11
Member No.: 106
Joined: 11-January 12

Ira walked the Endless Plains.He had heard many rumors and stories about the Devil Ore and the Sky Lords that guarded the Great Chasm.He wanted to go with some other people but for now he was alone.He noticed a fight breaking out far from the road leading into Chiheisen.Three bandits were beating a strange lizard-looking animal.Ira chose to help the creature,more for the lizard's benefit then his.He quickly turned into his full form and ran over two of the bandits. The other bandit dodged the attack and sidestepped. The lizard-man meekly scrambled away to the side.Ira changed into his half form and lunged at the last bandit.However the bandit caught his arm and it started to sizzle.Ira stepped back.

"Devil Fruit powers?What the hell are you?"

"I could say the same about you...however this is no devil fruit" the bandit said as he held up a strange looking rock.
Posted: Feb 6 2012, 11:22 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 101
Member No.: 42
Joined: 14-August 11

Shaw slammed the shot glass into the bar, groaning as the sensation in his throat dulled. "Another." The disgusted barman shook his head and poured another, watching as Shaw slid the empty glass to add to the growing collection to his right. He slugged back the vodka and shook his head. The barman tutted. "Keep that up and you'll goin' to sleep but no wakin' up."
"Maybe I want that." His orange-tinted goggles were steamed up, it was a wonder he hadn't wasted any liquor yet.
"Well, do it elsewhere. You're just gonna cause trouble." He flinched as the blonde drunk slumped to stand and strolled out, grabbing a bottle from a table nearest the door. An enraged bandit pushed past his friends, bursting out the dark bar, filled with the hot air being stirred meekly by the single ceiling fan to the street, dust floating around his feet from the breeze. Running still, he leapt to tackle the idiot in the overalls who thought he could steal his booze...

The bandit was thrown back in to his comrades via the grimy window, sunlight and glass raining down into the bar. Shaw staggered off, still drinking. "Put it on my tab! Hehehe...Ack.." He coughed as he lit a cigarette, as he set off in any direction.
Posted: Feb 7 2012, 11:46 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 11
Member No.: 106
Joined: 11-January 12

Ira was very confused.He wanted a few more minutes to sit down and think but this wasn't the time.

"Hey yo lizard.He was after you for a reason.What the hell does that rock do?"He pointed to the Rizo."Tell me how to kill him"

The Rizo was shocked at Ira asking him for help.He muttered something and tossed another strange looking rock to Ira.It hit him on the kneecap.

"Son of a bi-" Ira said as he stumbled.The bandit jumped at the chance but Ira grabbed him as he fell.Ira pressed the rock against the bandits chest and grinned.The bandit cringed for a moment and blinked.There was a long silence.Ira stared at the rock.Then looked at the Rizo.

"THIS IS A REGULAR ROCK!" he raged as the threw the rock at the Rizo.He then made a fist and punched the bandit full in the face before he could figure out what was happening.
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