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 Kakusei Makuragi
Posted: Oct 25 2011, 03:08 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Banned
Posts: 370
Member No.: 53
Joined: 8-September 11

~~~~Basic Information~~~~
Name: Kakusei Makuragi
Nickname: Ragi
Epithet: The sleeper
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Human
Birthplace: Sabaody Archipelago
Devil Fruit: Neru neru no mi

~~~~Physical appearance~~~~
Picture: user posted image
Height: 1.50 meters
Weight: 50kg
Hair Color: white
Hair Length: medium length
Eye color: red
Clothing: a black sleeveless vest, black flowing pants, a white jacket worn on the shoulders, a black skirt that looked like it was cut it into thick, straight ribbons (think ezio's skirt thing), combat boots
Accessories: black fingerless gloves that go over the wrists

Likes: sleeping when not fully energized, moving around when overenergized, cats, candy, especially cookies
Dislikes: having to be active when sleepy, dogs, agressive people, killing, he prefers knocking people out.
Fears: women
Dreams: to get over his fear of women
Character smells like a maple
Character is most represented by a cat
black most represents character

Character's history

Makuragi was born on the shabaody archipelo, growing up with a reasonably well off family, known well enough that if he were to get kidnapped it would be noticed.

Ragi did not lead a sheltered life, protected yes, but he wasn't sheltered from the harsh realities of the world, he was often taken to slave trades to watch and he'd often see pirates brawl each other or intimidate innocent citizens, it made him mad.

Ragi would often sneak out of his home at night to prank those he had stamped as evil, often setting up certain things to explode and stealing whatever they had, sometimes actually doing harm to the 'evildoers', eventually he actually started enjoying these kinds of activities, making his traps more dangerous and putting them closer to the 'evildoers'.

one time Ragi stumbled upon a group of pirates scared out of their wits, they had somehow managed to steal a devil fruit from a celestial dragon's home but they had found out that something had been stolen and marines were actively searching the island for them.

Ragi saw this as the perfect opportunity to steal from them, he threw a rock into some bushes on the other side, scaring the thieves away from their precious loot while Ragi stormed in and swooped it up almost without being seen, leaving the thieves to the proverbial wolves as not long after that marines found them.

when Ragi ate the fruit he gained the power of the neru neru no mi, a feat which was not visible unless he was in a crowd, it was his new skills that cought the attention of his new captain and crew, their work had at first seem bad to him but then he thought of what he did and how skewed his morals really were and he stopped caring, though he would never harm an innocent.

(not the best history but i'm depressed, go easy on me)

~~~~Mercenary Information~~~~
Former Company:
Current Company: Seven

(Split 2200 among the following stats)
Strength: 400
Speed: 500
Stamina: 400
Devil Fruit: 900
Level: 2
Experience: 260 from The Initiation of Kakusei Makuragi

~~~~Fighting style info~~~~
Name: Sleepy palm/Energetic fist
Sleepy palm is a completely defensive style that involves using the open hand to push attacks to the side or to latch on to an opponent while getting energized for energetic fist.

Energetic fist is an offensive fighting style that utilizes strength and speed in combination with the devil fruit to tire out the opponent, it mainly involves strafing around the opponent and delivering fast blows to vulnerasble areas while remaining away from the enemy who is constantly getting drained.


1. Name: Stunning blow

Type: Physical

Description: a quick blow to the back, usually aimed at a kidney

2.Name: Crippling blow

Type: Physical

Description: slides under the opponent and delivers a fast punch to the opponent's crotch.

3.Name: Chikara bun (energy share)

Type: Devil fruit

Description: Maku can force the energy he absorbs to someone he is touching, this mainly serves to revitalize exhausted teammates but it can also be used offensively to overcharge an enemy, putting more energy in their bodies then they can handle, making them much stronger and faster but also wearing their bodies from the inside.

this attack puts far more strain on the enemy's body then said person can handle and causes their muscles to break down from being overworked, the wear depends on how much energy is pumped into their muscles, at twice their normal amount they will burn off 10% of their stamina each round every 50% more increases it by 5%

the powerboost essentialy gives the enemy what he gets, if he gets twice the normal amount of energy then he will be twice as fast and strong, with 300% he will get three times the power etc.

this technique is mostly used to immobilize an enemy for an extended period of time as their muscles need to heal.

4.Name: Energy distribution

Type: DF/Pysical

Description: floods a body part with energy for a brief moment to strengthen and quicken an attack. this will drain some of Maku's energy as the energy gets placed into the attack and forced into the opponent's body as damage.

5.Name: Shared Suffering

Type: DF

Description: releases a shockwave that increases energy drainage, making enemies fall asleep twice as fast but drains his own stamina as well.

~~~~RP Sample~~~~
"we got you now you bastard! we'll show you for poisoning our food! get him boys!" a muscular man shouted as a large group of men charged at a young man who was walking almost like a zombie, like the life had been drained from him.

When the men got close to their target, he seemed to slowly move straighter as the men got closer.

"I'm sorry, but i can't let you win." the man said with a soft voice, walking in a different direction from the charging men who were visibly slowing down more and more, some men got close enough to hit the man with their blades but before they could make the deciding movement they fell over, fast asleep, having their energy drained from their bodies.

The man that was being 'pursued' looked behind him and gave a small smile. "Goodbye." he said before running off three times faster then the group originally ran.
Posted: Nov 14 2011, 01:16 PM

Mysterious voice from the sea

Group: Members
Posts: 353
Member No.: 23
Joined: 26-July 11

Seems decent enough for me, though if anyone wants to overrule me they should feel free www.MessenTools.com-1-hello-hola.gif

Anyway, enjoy getting yourself killed due to creating an op enemy that will maul you www.MessenTools.com-06-malvado.gif
Posted: Jan 29 2012, 11:28 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Banned
Posts: 370
Member No.: 53
Joined: 8-September 11

350 stats from level up, no new moves, 50 added to strength, speed and stamina. 200 added to DF
Posted: Jan 29 2012, 11:32 AM

Your Lord and Master

Group: Admin
Posts: 405
Member No.: 1
Joined: 16-June 11

This level-up has been approved by the institute of awesome stuff and party-favors
Posted: Apr 10 2012, 05:55 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Banned
Posts: 370
Member No.: 53
Joined: 8-September 11

Level up! level 3

2 new attacks: Energy Distribution. floods a body part with energy for a brief moment to strengthen and quicken an attack.

Shared suffering: releases a shockwave that increases energy drainage, making enemies fall asleep twice as fast but drains his own stamina as well.

Strength: 350+50=400
Speed: 350+150=500
Stamina: 350+50=400
Devil Fruit: 900
Posted: Oct 4 2012, 10:14 PM

Fail-Co President and CEO

Group: Admin
Posts: 211
Member No.: 3
Joined: 16-June 11

Level up approved!
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