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Title: Iiiiiit's plot time!!! 8D
Description: Fall plots

PeppermintKitty - December 3, 2011 01:15 AM (GMT)

But really, I am in dire need of threads! I know that I all ready have some planned, which I will list later, but here are my charries (or future ones for some).

Mist: A bubbly water nymph! She's FoR (Fresh outta the river) and she honestly doesn't have a clue about anything. She's very naive and gullible, but don't mistake that for stupidity. She is deathly afraid of humans; she believes that they all want to harm her in some way shape or form (With the exception of Andrew. Ironic that a human is her best friend, isn't it? XD). She also is very wishy-washy about wearing clothes. She doesn't understand the concept of them, and she pretty much only wears them when forced to.

Andrew Strauss: Teeeeeeeeechnically, he doesn't exist yet... But I'm working on his profile! 8D Andrew is an adventurer who has a bit of a shady past. He doesn't talk about his younger years much, and if you ask, he'll more than likely give a vague answer and steer the subject to another matter. He's very friendly and polite. He has traveled the world (especially in Alagain) and he knows a lot of little odd facts about different places. He is the owner and operator of Odd Jobs and Errands in Mapleshore (or at least... he will be once I get him all set up XD) and he is just your all around typical nice guy... especially around the ladies. ;D

Maeryn Laryathar: Maeryn.... -shakes her head- This girl has sooooo many issues, it isn't even funny. Another shady past that she absoloutly refuses to reaveal under any circumstances whatsoever! She has an attitude and talks back to everyone (except for Yaavie and Ellias, but they're a different story). Tough as nails, this girl has no fears (totally not true), and she can take care of herself (once again, totally not true!). The word "help" does not exist in her vocabulary if she's the one asking for it. She has a tendency to push people away, even though she is really lonely and wants so desperatly to make so friends... But it's for their own good. Or that's her reasoning at least. This girl is certainly one tought cookie to crack!

Ellias Laryathar: A little elven child with out a single untruthful bone in his body. He loves to lend a helping hand, and just absoloutly loves to play games and use his imagination! Unfortunatly enough, this causes some problems. He has an "imaginary friend" named Analie (who is actually the ghost of his twin sister, but shhhhh... he doesn't know that!) who is as real to him as his two sisters are! Ellias also has a few quirks. He has an odd fixation with the weather, the stars, the clouds, the moon... pretty much anything that has to do wtih the sky. He can accuratly predict the weather, and knows every constillation and star out there! Even little minor ones that might just so happen to pop up over night!

Yaavie Laryathar: A very sweet, polite young adult elf. Unfortunatly enough, she can't remember a thing about herself. She can't remember her parents, where she used to live... anything! All she knows are the minute details that Ellias and Maeryn have shared with her. Oddly enough, she can remember information that she has learned over the years, like the different names of many plants, several minor spells, and of course things that are just common knowledge. Yaavie loves to sing, and can often be found singing elven ballads to the flowers or the trees, but if you were to ask her where she learned them, she wouldn't be able to remember. Yaavie also loves all things that have to do with nature. She is very strong with nature magic, and loves to talk to the flora and fauna of the area.

Now for the threads that are planned:


.... Any other takers??? 8DDD

Briar Rosethorn - December 3, 2011 02:46 AM (GMT)
Hmm... either Elonya/Yaavie or Elonya/Andrew. ^^ You pick. I know we already have the Tev/Mist one planned, though so if you only want to do one at a time, I'm fine with that, too.

Rastanton94 - December 3, 2011 02:52 AM (GMT)
Hm hm....Verity and Andrew may have to wait a bit if we're RPing in the library....but we could easily have it outside. Verity needs to get out more often anyway! xD

Other then that, yup, Xavier/Maeryn and Lacerta/Mist!

ShadowPopcorn - December 3, 2011 02:15 PM (GMT)
....How about a Maeryn/Raven or DM thread after I get back into the swing of things? :3 I think that'd be fun... And sometime in the future, after they've all met and stuff, I think it'd be fun to have a Maeryn/DM/Xavier thread if you and Ras were up to it.

Rastanton94 - December 3, 2011 05:29 PM (GMT)
o3o Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Kel loves that idea! Maeryn/DM/Xavier sounds awesome =3

PeppermintKitty - December 3, 2011 06:25 PM (GMT)
O3O I like that idea too!!!! 8DDDDD

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