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no way it's jay - January 17, 2013 04:45 PM (GMT)
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Do you have a question that needs answering and no one is on to lend a hand? Then you can post here! Below are some questions that have been previously asked and their answers answers. (:<br><br><br><br>

What is the setting?<br>
In a fictional world called Nightingale not to get confused with the largest city within it by the same name. The world just got out of a huge war twelve years ago and tension is still on the rise. It's a medieval fantasy world with magical creatures without modern technology.<br><br><br>

Can I have more than one character?<br>
I believe this is in the rules, but yes you can! =) Have as many as you want to have! Just make sure to be active with them.<br><br><br>

I want to be royalty!<br>
Well then, you can! Just make sure that you're active and that if someone created a character from that kingdom that's royalty your history revolves around that we can't have inconsistencies! You don't need to be an active member before applying, just promise that you will be active. If you haven't logged on and or post in a month or more, your account will be gone and the position of the royalty will be available for another. =)<br><br><br>

Is there a way to have your own sub-board?<br>
Not at this time, sorry. Maybe later we will allow people to have their own sub-boards but for now that answer is a no.<br><br><br>

How can I make paragraphs in the application without it looking like a wall of text?<br>
You use the < br > tags or a < p > tag minus the spaces.<br><br><br>

Do I have to have a play-by?<br>
Yes you do. You don't have to 'claim' it if you don't want to but that means you should not use their images either. This may change later if a lot of people want more options in terms of play-by's. Check the Face Claim thread for more info. (:<br><br><br>

Can I be staff? I have experience!<br>
No... Plain and simple.<br><br><br>

What kind of species are allowed?<br>
Like the rules say basically everything and anything. Just nothing immortal-like such as gods or demi-gods. Also, nothing canon so everything must be from your own imagination!<br><br><br>

How many threads can you have?<br>
As many as you want! =) There's no restrictions.<br><br><br>

Can I have my threads moved back?<br>
Sure thing! Just supply the link, tell a staff member where it originally was, and it can be moved back with no problem!

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