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no way it's jay - December 15, 2012 11:49 PM (GMT)
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Hello there and welcome to the Kingdom of Nightingale. Here at TKON we have some rules. They're fairly simple to understand so here's the jist of it. If you have any questions or whatnot, we have a board in which anyone can reply to with any questions that you have. Remember, these rules are subject to change to check back often!<br><br><br><br>

- - - - - basics<br><br>
• By joining you understand and will obey InvisionFree's TOS. Meaning keep things PG-13. Feel the need to go overboard, take it someplace else. Simple.<br><br>

• Remember to be polite and courteous to others. If you're upset at a member, please don't fight it out, take it to PM's or talk to a staff member and they'll help.<br><br>

•Also, remember to keep your characters active. Any account that we deem inactive might get deleted. We usually wait until the activity check but sometimes we feel the need to clean up the site. If this happens, feel free to re-join.<br><br>

- - - - - characters & posting<br><br>
• One account per character. We will, however, make exceptions for two characters on one account – such as a dragon and it's rider. Please have the account the full-name of your character if they have a play-by - as in first (middle optional) last. Beasts and creatures without play-by's may use just one name if you'd like. There can be exceptions to this if given a decent reason.<br><br>

• At the moment, we just allow characters that are eighteen years or older. This includes Play-By's that you will use. This may be subject to change but as of now, this is what is allowed.<br><br>

• Be original. We do not want Harry Potter-like wizards or Gimli-like drawves. We want originality. You may, however, use myth and such as bases for characters, but please try to make them your own.<br><br>

• No power-playing or god-modding as well as meta-gaming.<br><br>

• We may allow a lot of species and powers, but please have some sort of base to them. As in vampire's can't reproduce or go in the sunlight and dragons sleep with one eye open. We do allow made-up races as long as you explain them. We do not accept Gods, demi-gods, Satan, the four Apostles, etc.<br><br>

• We have no word count, but please, do not post one-liners. We will let you decide what you want to post. Quality over quantity!<br><br>

• Posting may be in first or third – whatever you're comfortable with.<br><br>

- - - - - extra<br><br>
• Images in a signature or in a post should not exceed 500 pixels in width. Avatars shouldn't exceed 200 in width. As for height, we don't really mind. As long as it isn't ridiculous.<br><br>

• Do not impersonate, don’t be an asshole, no links to other RP sites (advertising), and no flooding (5+ messages) in the CBox.<br><br>

• Stealing is bad. Don't do it. Remember to give credit when credit is due.<br><br>

• Remember this is a medieval role play. Electronics and brand-name clothes are just not allowed.<br><br>


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