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Title: Flag Girl
Description: A Patriotic Teen Superheroine

Flag Girl - November 27, 2008 07:21 AM (GMT)
Real Name: Ashley Johnson
Superheroine Name: Flag Girl
Day Job: High School Student
Age: 14-17 depending on scene

Bio: I started out just a normal Teenage girl, in some ways I looked very young for my Age, particularly my height (I知 only 4 feet 10 inches (147 cm) tall) making me much shorter then anyone else at my school and even many kids in Middle School, and to agree my facial features. But in other ways I知 very developed for my age, my Legs and Breasts are envied by many girls even older then I am.

I致e done allot of Gymnastics makeing me very fit, one day after hearing about the evil Nazi Supervillainess Naziatrix, I decided naively to become a Superheroine and try to stop her, so I made myself a costume based on the American Flag, cause I am very patriotic, and began my crime fighting career.

I don稚 have any Superpowers, and despite being very athletic I知 still not stronger then any other Teenage Girl, so I often get into trouble, cause I知 very cocky and sometimes very easy to outsmart, I知 clearly in over my head.

Here are some Pictures of me in my Costume
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
Here are some pics of me not in my Costume
user posted image
user posted image

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