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 Samson Oakleaf, Mayor
Samson Oakleaf
Posted: Apr 24 2012, 02:53 PM




NICKNAME: Samson, although most people just call him Mayor
AGE: 48
BIRTHDAY: August 20
FACE CLAIM: Viggo Mortenson

As far back as anyone can recall, the Oakleafs have always been lumberjacks. That’s just the way it was. Somewhere back in the line, someone rose through the ranks until he was managing his own logging firm. Since then, the family has been held in high regard throughout the District and are well-noted for being the hardest of workers. Over the years, the logging firm has been passed down through the generations until it reached the hands of one Mr. Flex Oakleaf. Flex was known far and wide for his large stature, accompanying physical strength, and overall jolly personality. He and his wife, Maggie, had two young sons – Seamus and Samson – who wanted nothing more than to fell trees since the day they were born. The Oakleafs were essentially the perfect family.

The day they announced the beginning of the tournament known as the Hunger Games was a day that will live in infamy. Seamus was 12 at the time, and would therefore be entered into the Reaping bowl. Luckily for the family, though, it didn’t happen. During the 5th running of the Games, however, a sickly frail boy whose father had recently died in a logging accident was reaped in his first year of eligibility. Seamus, being 17 and ever the honorable one, volunteered in the boy’s place.

Samson was 13 at the time and to this day remembers every gruesome detail that followed his brother’s decision. He had, until that time, been quite a loving young boy, but Seamus’s death changed him. He managed to make it to the final ten, but was tragically killed –murdered – by...Samson doesn’t like to relive it. At all. The memory haunts him enough internally that he vowed to never speak of it outloud.

A few short years later, just after Samson turned 19 and was thus free from ever being Reaped, his father was handpicked by the Capitol – along with Miller Pallet, owner and operator of one of the largest sawmills in District 7 – to be entered in the race for district mayor. Now Miller had always been a popular fellow among his peers, but people had always felt that he lacked a bit of backbone. So, naturally, Flex was voted into office and the Oakleafs lives changed forever.

Flex handed operations of the logging firm over to Samson while he began making the transfer into political office. The Capitol sent a special team to help train him and explain just what his duties as mayor would be, and he took to them like a fish to a bicycle. Because, despite his well-defined leadership skills, Flex had always been much more of a hands-on man. Sitting in an office all day and having other people do things for you just wasn’t his cup of tea. But the Capitol didn’t seem to mind his lackluster political abilities, so they removed their team from District 7 and let him try and run things himself.

On the other side of the draw, Samson took to his new position wonderfully. Logging was his calling, it was in his heart. Tree sap ran through his veins. Despite his love for the job and his eagerness to lend his workers a hand rather than manage from afar, it took a while for the firm’s employees to really accept him as a leader. The majority of them were almost twice as old as he was. But once they saw the conviction he put forth, they followed him each and every way he would go.

When he was 26, Samson married a flowering young girl named Molly Hammer, and four years later they welcomed a beautiful baby into the family. Two more children would follow, as well as a large dog called Bear that looked more like its namesake than an actual dog, before the family was complete.

It was six years after the birth of Samson's third child that his father caught the fever and passed away. There wasn’t much of a precedence for it at the time, so Samson took over the mayoral position until the Capitol could send someone out to assess the situation. It took nearly three months for that to happen, and in those three months Samson had been dividing his time between the political chair and the family’s logging firm. After an initial study, it was declared that there would be an election between Samson Oakleaf and any who opposed him. Samson fought the Capitol on the decision, wanting instead to return to his job at the logging firm, but they would not be swayed one way or another. Samson ended up running unopposed and won the election by default. His children weren’t old enough for him to pass the firm to, like his father had done for him, so instead he came up with another plan: the Oakleaf family would retain ownership over half of the firm, and the other half would be divided amongst the longest-serving employees, four of which would be promoted to managerial positions. That way the workers would be able to have a say as to the inner workings of the firm and Samson wouldn’t have to run the entire business.

It’s been seven years since Samson became the District 7 mayor. He’s been much more proficient at the position than his father ever was, and has made some key changes to the District. He’s tried to make more, but has been stifled by the Capitol. Samson often butts heads with those of higher station, since he doesn’t quite understand why he’s the mayor if he’s not able to make important decisions regarding his District. He has long since decided that the Capitol only allows the election of mayors so the people feel like they’re involved in the government, but really it’s quite the opposite, especially since the Capitol chooses who runs for election and more or less leaves the position in the family of those elected. It’s not nearly as much of a democracy as it looks like on the outside, but Samson’s kept his mouth shut – more or less – for fear of retaliation.


YOUR GENDER: Lady-parts
ROLE-PLAY EXPERIENCE: 8 billion years
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 12:43 PM

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