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 Club 500 Championship FUN (and flips)
Posted by Capt. N. Ervous - 04-12-16 10:38 - 0 comments
Although my Championship season has started late it turned into what for me personally was the best day's racing I can remember. With seven racers raring to go and obviously had read the new rules and regs. and even Ken being early things were ...read more
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 Finally Underway
Posted by Capt. N. Ervous - 11-29-15 23:42 - 1 comments
Well we finally got underway with the winter series with seven of us turning up and what a day to get going. Our Club 500 shelter got a good test in the gale that kept springing up all morning but we proved that our merry band of mad racers will ha ...read more
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 Cluvb 500 Winter Series
Posted by Capt. N. Ervous - 11-11-15 18:45 - 0 comments
The winter racing series will start on Sunday (15 Nov)

Usual start time.


sailing-003. ...<a href="http://z13.invisionfree.com/St_Helens_Model_Boat/index.php?s=618af0236d07dc7dc8f55f4d69e0a6fa&showtopic=725">read more</a></td>
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 Club 500 Video 2015 final
Posted by Capt. N. Ervous - 11-2-15 17:04 - 6 comments
The aerial video of Club 500 final race (both heats) is now on the club's Facebook page

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 Club500 last race....
Posted by gaffer - 10-28-15 16:24 - 7 comments
Hi All,

I have an event on 1st that I cant get out of... if I can get rid of this man flu.... so unable to attend ang ...<a href="http://z13.invisionfree.com/St_Helens_Model_Boat/index.php?s=618af0236d07dc7dc8f55f4d69e0a6fa&showtopic=723">read more</a></td>
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 SUBS FOR 2016
Posted by Control - 10-24-15 12:31 - 0 comments
The last race for the 2015 summer season is on the 1st November 2015.

Club 500 members, you may wish to pay your subs at the Lake on the last race day Sunday 1st November 2015.

Subs can also be paid at the ...read more
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 CLUB 500 - 2015 RACE RESULTS - Update
Posted by dmb - 09-20-15 13:43 - 4 comments
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 racing today...
Posted by gaffer - 09-6-15 06:07 - 1 comments
Apologies to coordinator and all racers..unable to get to lake today due to health reasons smiley-bang ...<a href="http://z13.invisionfree.com/St_Helens_Model_Boat/index.php?s=618af0236d07dc7dc8f55f4d69e0a6fa&showtopic=712">read more</a></td>
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 Racing 09/08/2015
Posted by dmb - 08-9-15 12:29 - 6 comments
Thanks to the sterling efforts of Rob and Dave B the course was fantastic today adding in the fact that there was a lower number of racers this meant many were able to concentrate and put in some good racing.

Well done to all

...read more
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 racing sunday...
Posted by gaffer - 08-8-15 14:35 - 0 comments
Hi peeps n racing coordinator,
Unfortunately, something has come up for tomorrow,so I'm unable to join the racing gang on Sunday Read 49 times - make a comment   Print email