Posted by Rage Fury - 08-3-11 20:54 - 0 comments
This is a long over-due goodbye.

I started Sonic Vision in July of 06, originally because my brother got us IP banned from the Sega Boards. No one will probably ever read this, but I think a good old community needs a well done more
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 Validation required!
Posted by Rage Fury - 03-2-08 23:22 - 1 comments
because I am annoyed by these damn bots, I am makeing it so admins must validate you before you can register..
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 we have a "BROTHER" forum...
Posted by 激怒 - 09-30-06 22:19 - 0 comments
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 I missed with the style.
Posted by 激怒 - 08-18-06 13:28 - 0 comments
as you can see, the logo is souronded by red.
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 I need all the members to join this board.
Posted by 激怒 - 08-16-06 20:32 - 0 comments
The Entertanment Kingdom?
join now.every one join. will krobonik and hersheys joined, now it is your turn. I know we already made it, but we moved to invision free, because more
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 I fixed the problem with the smilis!
Posted by 激怒 - 08-16-06 17:02 - 0 comments
yup. i fixed it at last.
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 i added new icons.
Posted by 激怒 - 07-23-06 16:40 - 1 comments
i will be adding more.
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 As You Can See...
Posted by 激怒 - 07-16-06 20:40 - 0 comments
I just re-ordered the catagories.
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Posted by 激怒 - 07-15-06 19:12 - 0 comments
Now that i have your attintiton, I changed my avatar. tongue.gif
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Posted by 激怒 - 07-15-06 16:04 - 1 comments
as you can see i made an Affiliates fourm. if you want your board to be on my Affiliates you must put my baord on your Affiliates.
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 Project Tails Will Not Be Finished
Posted by superkirby119 - 07-13-06 00:15 - 0 comments
I lost my inspiration so i can't continue that fan-fic.
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 Important Annoncment
Posted by 激怒 - 07-8-06 17:14 - 0 comments
I am going to try and fix the problem with the smilies, so you mit start to see things different.
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 New Username?
Posted by Chao_Master - 07-8-06 04:10 - 3 comments
Should I give my self a new username?If so,what should it be?
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 Wall Of Fame
Posted by Hyper Sonic - 07-6-06 21:11 - 20 comments
voting started for wall of fame.
the categories are: best fanfic, best admin, nicest person, funiest person, and personc of choice
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 New Forum-requests
Posted by Chao_Master - 07-6-06 04:08 - 1 comments
We have a new forum for requests!And this one,of course.Now request!
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