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Posted by: victorgrant Mar 5 2018, 02:13 AM
Unnecessary and unreasonable defensive buff !!! Why supercell? WHY ?
totally unbelievable that SC decided to bring such ridiculous buff to TH11 defense while it was absolutely zero need for it... why would developers buff defense in such manner? are they even playing this game? its already dead difficult to 3 star a well designed th11 base even with max heroes and new inferno mechanic..
what made you think that TH11 needs new giant bombs, skelly trap, air bombs and buffed inferno ALL TOGETHER ??!?!?
do you understand that we dont have 100 healers or 20 heal spells ???
the new bombs will destroy bowlers and together with new skelli traps, they will completely obliterate miners.... it so ridiculous and more like a "scam" that you increased the miner housing to 6 because of nerfed inferno, and now, to my amazement, you introduce all these anti-miner defensive buffs and buff inferno again.... now will you give us 5 space miners back ?? no because developers are all defensive minded... because you like modders to win clan wars with their cheat/mods/auto touch scripting etc...
strong offense as we have now was the only way for us fairplay players to have chance to win wars in TH11 heavy lineups and now you destroyed it by this nonsense update...
totally horrible decision buy again enjoy the 1,2 star gameplay

Any help appreciated.

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