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Title: How to get members in your new clan ???

victorgrant - March 5, 2018 08:20 AM (GMT)
I have seen many players complaining about not get members easily for their new clan and saying its too difficult .So i decided of posting some tips to help other players in getting members as fast as possible:
1)If u r below TH 8 ,then u should not think about making a clan at all . With the start of the clan games nowdays players concentrate more on the High level clans ,so there is no chance they will join your newly made clan .(i know most of u r saying 'where is the tip in this' ) P.S keep on reading
2) I would recommend that if u r a small TH guy then u must get to TH 8 and after that u must have good quality troops so that u can donate some small players who join u .Small players love donations and even if they are small players , it doesn't mean they will never become high lvl players ,trust you clanmates .
3) Also , if u want to get members as fast as possible then u must trophy push atleast to the Crystal league .I have seen this most of the time that players always join clans who are having the High league players . So trophy push yourself and players will get attracted to your clan !!!
4) If u have real life friends who are high lvl players then u must ask them to join your clan , u can decide with them all the clan stuff easily and u will get players too,also u can complete the CG with good planning among your friends .
Your friends can take control of the clan when u r inactive for a while ,they are someone u can trust .A friend in need is a friend indeed.
5)Once u have atleast the 10 players then u most focus on war and get your clan to lvl 5 as fast as possible ,clan levels matters a lot nowdays .
6)Use forums or other platforms to get in touch with as many players as possible, forums are a great way to get players .There are large number of players who post threads everyday for a clan ,also , you can post recruitment thread and give your own requirements for a player to join your clan !!!
Also, u must be patient with your 'clan dream' as it takes time to finally become the best clan.So don't give up , players will surely come to u !!! : )

Any help appreciated.

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