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Title: TownHall outside the walls...again?

victorgrant - March 5, 2018 08:17 AM (GMT)
So...back in the day, we would leave our THs outside the walls for the easy shield. Changes were made to the game and that become something less than worthwhile, so most players stopped doing it.
Iíve seen something of a resurgence lately. Some players have been putting the TH on the outside, usually on the corner, and instead protecting their resource storages heavily. In my mind, I can see value here - itís akin to an anti-3-star war base design, but with the storages pulled inside.
Why would anyone do this? Besides offering stronger protection for storages, I think it may also be to stay low in the trophy rankings. There are some days where I will pick up 300-500 trophies from trophy droppers looking to get down to lower rankings for better loot and easier raiding. It does seem to help balance out the unwanted gain.
The way I figure it, farming goes up or down the trophy rankings. Youíre either focused on collectors and easy to reach storages, typically using Goblin Knife, and bleeding trophies, or you are attacking with BArch/GiBArch and picking up trophies to the point that you advance higher than you want to be for easy to obtain loot.
Attack bonuses are nice at higher levels, but they do not compare with what you can raid in an hour boosted BArch/GiBArch attacks because you spend a LOT more time waiting on the stronger armies to cook and the heroes to heal so you can attack deeper into your opponentís base. This time factor strikes me as the most significant benefit to leaving the TH outside the walls, especially with higher cost upgrades at TH10 and TH11.
What do some others see/think...?

Any help appreciated.

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