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After a rather long wait, we've got our next Character of the Month, for the month of June! This time it's a rather odd winner, but all the same, give it up for Professor Stevens!

Though he's an NPC, Stevens still boasts a rather amusing sort of personality. Eternally happy and always wearing that lazy smile, the Prof takes crap from all incoming trainers, without breaking a sweat. Either he enjoys talking to other people, or he has the patience of a saint. Or perhaps both.

Seeing the fact that, from what we know about him, he is restricted by some greater power, he is unable to leave the establishment in which he works. So, he occupies himself by reading manga volumes and watching anime episodes on his laptop and keeping himself up at night with a little help from his coffeemaker. All in all, the Professor is either an extremely light-hearted, cheery guy, OR is extremely good at acting. But congrats, old man! Your hard work has not gone unnoticed! Cheers!

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 The Beginning, //ready, go!
Posted: Feb 1 2009, 02:16 AM


Group: Head Honcho
Posts: 592
Member No.: 1
Joined: 16-November 08


Thatís the first thing you feel.

An icy, biting sort of coldness has settled on your skin. An accompaniment to the darkness that shrouds you, the inky blackness that presses against your eyelids, so all you can hear is the erratic beating of your heart.

Or wait. canít.

Which isÖ say the least...

Thereís a flash as your eyelids flutter open.

Youíre face down on something cold and wet. The pungent scent of freshly mowed grass hits your senses.


Getting to your feet, you blink lethargically, running a hand through your hair in order to tame the messy strands. Your eyes widen as you take in the surroundings. A small shake of your head as you try to convince yourself that this isnít real.

Except it is.

Of course, thereís nothing wrong with what you see. Everything seems fairly normal. Youíre in the middle of a field of grass that overlooks a relatively quaint little village. There are buildings. There are people. There is wind. There is sunlight. Sunlight that is uncannily gray, but sunlight all the same.

Yet you donít remember this place at all.

In fact, you canít even remember how you got here.

Hell, forget that.

Youíre having trouble remembering things in general.

Itís as if a chunk (or maybe a few chunks) of your memory have suddenly gone missing.

Is it amnesia? You certainly donít remember hitting your head that hard.

You wait there, face pulled into a grimace, struggling for clarity, for an explanation. Hoping that you can recall something. Anything.

How the hell did you get here?

The only response you get is a blank, white fog that settles over your mind and senses.

As if youíre trying to remember something that was never there in the first place.

You release a frustrated groan, about to plop uselessly to the ground, when suddenly thereís a sharp buzz as your leg begins to tingle. Clapping a hand over your pocket, you pull out a cellphone that most certainly doesnít look like yours. Yet it was in your pocket, and the text message that you receive is most certainly addressed to you.

Go to the Estrella Laboratory To Pick Up a Starter pokťmon.

Necessary Details regarding your Registration have already been sent.

The message is not signed.

Just when you think things canít get any stranger, your phone buzzes again. You skim the text message:

To whom it may concern;

I have just sent some very important files to your cell phone. It is in your interest to read them. They may assist in answering some of your queries.

Good luck.

So now you have some documents that barely answer your questions or alleviate your doubts, a cryptic message, and not a clue as to what you are doing here.

So, you do what nearly anybody in your situation would do.

Taking a deep breath, you begin your descent down the grassy hill and into the village, headed towards the central building with nothing but your bag on your shoulders.

You have no idea where youíre headed, no idea how you got here, and no idea whatís in store for you in the near future.

All you know is that, right now, you are sure of one thing, and one thing alone.

A piece of you is missing. And youíre going to get it back.

No matter what it takes.


Memory is a way of holding on
to the things you love
the things you are

the things you never want to lose.
. . .
Alfred [Soap] White

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