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 Le Puuuurr~
Posted by JazzCat67 - 10-6-14 23:01 - 1 comments
A very late intro post, but better late than never I suppose. 😅

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is JazzCat but I answer to Jazz, Jazzy, Cat, JC, or any other kind of way you can shorten that name. I promise I'll answer& ...read more
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 Hey Hi Hello :3
Posted by SkycladObserver - 05-25-14 23:09 - 3 comments
Well... I've actually had an account for a while but only recently decided to well... post tongue.gif

...read more
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 Hello everyone =D
Posted by Cuddles_of_Mass_Destruction - 01-29-14 06:13 - 9 comments
Hi everyone I'm Cuddles_of_Mass_Destruction, but my name is Clair for short! I'm super excited to finally have the time to delve into the depths of anime and really figure out what I like and who I like. J. Michael Tatum's voice was ...read more
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 uhh. hi I guess..
Posted by lucid dreams - 01-29-14 00:44 - 0 comments
So yeah, hi. I guess thats a good way to start. Im new to this so anything that could help me not totally fail anything I do here would be graciously accepted . Im lucid dreams and I love J .Micheal Tatum for the obvious reasons of awesomeness.
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 Oh my...
Posted by AproposVendetta - 11-8-13 18:25 - 4 comments
Oh dear, it's been so long since I've been here 0.o

A severe case of Tatum fever has sent me rushing back to the forums with gusto.

I look forward to getting reacquainted with you guys! <3
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 T-shirts and meet ups
Posted by Mari-chan - 10-4-13 15:41 - 2 comments
Hello, I was wondering since I am kind of new to the Followers, but have been a HUGE fan for ages.....How can we buy the T-shirts and are there specific times or places that the Followers meet?? Thanks, <3 Read 334 times - last comment by ChaosFanatic   Print email

 Bonjour, mes amis~
Posted by ChaosFanatic - 10-1-13 09:47 - 5 comments
Bonjour mes amis, I'm ChaosFanatic! I'm a rather enthusiastic fan of J. Michael Tatum, and was more than ecstatic to see that I was accepted into his official fan club! ^^

The anime that first got me really invested in a ...read more
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Posted by Rosemellen - 09-8-13 05:15 - 10 comments
Hi everyone! I am new, and I know nothing about how to get around on this site. As it is obvious, I am a fan of J. Michael Tatum, but I am still learning about him. I feel so awkward.... Anyway, I love drawing, anime, LOTR, Harry Potter, things ...read more
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 Hello~! ^^
Posted by honeychann - 08-13-13 00:10 - 1 comments
Hello everyone! I'm Molly. I just made my account, so I thought I'd post up an introduction!
I am currently nineteen and I've been hooked on anime since I was fourteen. I'm a really big fan of Tatum's work. I have s ...read more
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Posted by Carogsnow - 07-7-13 18:32 - 3 comments
Hey! I'm new here so this is my introduction to the amazing Shadow Followers! smile.gif I live in Texas an ...read more
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