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 THAT BUTLER, ALLURING, an excerpt from my fanfic
  Posted: Mar 12 2012, 04:42 AM

"Who's He?" Fan

Group: Members
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Joined: 4-March 12

okay....so i'm writing a fanfic about black butler and i included my o.c. in it.
its basically a mystery story and it has a few other elements in it...
so without further ado, here is the excerpt.

its basically one chapter. but with all the sebastian you'll ever need.

The next day, a carriage drove up towards the Phantomhive Manor. Two men knocked on the door, bearing a large box. Sebastian answered the door.
“Morning , Sir.” Greeted one of the two men. “A parcel for Miss Mishimee.”
“Actually, that would be Mishimi.” Corrected Sebastian. “And I’ll take it from here.”
The two men slowly dropped the large box on the foyer’s marble floor. Finnian and Bardroy had entered the foyer and stared at the box. “It must be from Sienna’s parents.” Finnian said.
“Wonder what’s inside?” Bardroy asked. Ciel then walked in and noticed the large box.
“Sebastian, who sent the box?” he asked. Finnian and Bardroy, unable to contain their curiousity, tapped the box. They heard something heavy move back and forth inside.
“It must be one of those Japanese paintings.” Bardroy said.
Finnian then tapped it again. Suddenly, they heard the box crack. “Uh-oh!” whimpered Finnian. The cracks continued to sound off until finally, the box gave way and…
“What?!” exclaimed Finnian.
Spears, swords, shields and daggers spilled unto the foyer floor. “WHAT THE HELL?” exclaimed Bardroy. “Who in the world would send weapons to a girl?” He tried lifting the spear. It proved heavy. “And heavy weapons at that!”
“Oh my, what happened?” Sienna and Mey-rin had walked in , carrying a basket of flowers that came from the garden. Noticing the weapons, she sighed. “Oh, what was Big Brother thinking?”
“EH?” exclaimed Bardroy. Sienna placed the basket on top of the hallway table and went over to pick up the weapons. Bardroy and Finnian gasped as Sienna easily lifted the weapons and placed them back on the box.
“My Big Brother’s always reminding me to practice my weaponry.” She exclaimed. “But it’s so infuriating to have them all with me. So I left them back home when I came here. Honestly, Big Brother can be so mean sometimes.”
Sebastian picked the box up. “Where would you like this placed?”
“If it isn’t too much of a trouble, you can place it in my room.” She said. As Sebastian carried the box to her room, Ciel then said. “Sienna, we will be going to Lau’s place in a few minutes. So I suggest you get ready.”
“Alright, Ciel.” She said before going off to help Sebastian. The moment she was out of their sight, Bardroy then asked Ciel.
“Young Master, is it me or is Lady Sienna as strong and gung-ho as Lady Frances?” He was referring to Ciel’s aunt, the fiercesome Lady Frances Midford, mother of Lady Elizabeth Midford.
“No…” Ciel replied. “She’s more than gung-ho, as you so declared.” Then he turned his back and walked away. “She’s as capable as Sebastian.”

“I apologize for Finnian.” Sebastian said. “You must understand. He is very strong and quite careless sometimes.”
“It’s alright.” Sienna said as she polished the blade of a sword. “I‘m careless too, you know. One time, I was practicing how to walk in geisha sandals and all of a sudden I tripped and fell into the garden pond at Himeji Castle. “ And she laughed at the memory. Sebastian couldn’t help but give a little chuckle.
“Besides, you were all bound to find out eventually that I practice with weapons.” She placed the sword back in the box. She then stretched out and said. “Thank you very much for helping me.”
Sebastian nodded. Then checking his pocketwatch, he said. “We had best get going. My young Master is never one to be late.”
Sienna nodded and as she walked to the door, she suddenly asked. “Sebastian, I never finished telling you what happened to me in France, did I?”
He shook his head. As she was about to tell him, he placed a finger on her lips. “How about we save it for later? “ Seeing that their priority was Lau, she consented.

They had entered a somewhat dark and crowded tunnel, blindly making their way past Chinese salesmen and chattering old men. They stopped at a door made with red Chinese wood fretwork. Ciel opened it and entered a dark room. Sienna glanced to her side. There were about 20 men lying on what appeared to be stone beds, inhaling a form of smoke.
“Opium.” She said. Ciel looked at Sienna and gently held her hand.
“Lau’s form of business may be questionable, but he has proven himself useful to me. It’s only natural that I disregard this foul sight. Unless, of course, he steers away from his intended task.” Ciel said as they approached a silhouetted figure sitting in the center.
The figure began to move. “Oh my, we meet again in my humble place of business, my dear Earl.”
“Lau, I was under the impression you would behave yourself when we are in the presence of Lady Sienna.” Ciel said. “She was rather quick to notice the scent of opium.”
“Naturally.” Lau emerged from the smoke sitting on an opium bed with Ran Mao on his lap. “After all, Japan did experience the opium wars. If my memory serves me right, it was Lady Sienna’s brother, Lord Tetsuo, who discovered the said cause of the opium wars.”
“It did more than that.” Said Sienna. “It nearly killed thousands of children. “ Glancing at the men, she added. “Although, Her Majesty does not know, I’m pretty sure that it might occur. Might I suggest a change in business? “
Lau laughed. Then he got up. “How about if we talk in my office?”
Ciel nodded. “At least you still know your place around me.”
“I’m merely being a good friend.” He said. As Lau and Ran Mao led them to the next room, Sienna stared at the men. How could they live like this? She thought to herself. They don’t….
“Sienna?” Sebastian had interrupted her thoughts. “Are you alright?”
Shaking off her gaze, she nodded. “I’m fine…I just remembered something.”
Sebastian then said. “Humans are quite erratic, don’t you think? They would do anything that gives them pleasure…be it sex or opium.”
“No, they just refuse to accept the truth.” She said.
The truth, huh? Thought Sebastian.

“Now, isn’t this more appropriate?” Lau had led them to a room furnished with lovely Chinese furniture.
“Yes…but…” Sienna pointed to Ran Mao sitting on Lau’s lap. “Does she have to sit like that?”
“Why not?” Lau asked. “She is my sister. Even if we are not of the same blood. Do you not sit on your brother’s lap, My Lady?”
Sienna shook her head, apparently disgusted. “My brothers and I never do that kind of thing.” Ciel cleared his throat, signaling them to return to the topic at hand.
“Lau, we need information.” Ciel said. “Do you know someone named Madame Ching?”
Lau thought long and hard. Then he replied. “Ah, you mean Mistress Ching.? Yes, I know her very well. We sometimes gather together to play mahjong.”
“Then you know where she is?” Sienna asked.
“I won’t tell you.” Lau answered cheerfully. Ciel, getting irritated then exclaimed.
“We need to find her. She’s the only one who can lead us to Takiko Mori and the other girls those victims smuggled.”
“But I can’t just sell my fellow businesswoman. It would be unprofessional.” Said Lau.
Suddenly, Sienna then began to speak in Chinese. “Liú yìyuán, qǐng. Zhè shì hàipà de nǚhái shuí bùxiǎng huí jiā. Wǒmen bù yāoqiú nǐ mài nǐ de tóngbāo de shíyè jiā. Wǒmen yāoqiú nǐ lái bāngzhù wǒmen bāngzhù zhèxiē girls.The nánzǐ zuòle yī jiàn tāmen, tèbié Takiko de” (“Lau, please. These are scared girls who want to go home. We're not asking you to sell out your fellow businesswoman. We're asking you to help us help these girls.The men did something to them, particularly Takiko.”)
Lau scratched his head. Then he smiled. “Since you asked in such a nice manner, I shall tell you this. Go to the East End. Look for the house with blue curtains and bring along with you some egg tarts. She won’t let anyone in unless they bring her a basket of egg tarts.”
There was silence. Then Ciel angrily said. “YOU COULD HAVE TOLD US THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!”
“Eh…and where will the fun go?” Lau said. With an irritated look, Ciel bade goodbye and as they turned to leave, Lau called out.
“I had been meaning to ask, Lady Sienna.” Sienna turned to face him. “The night before, those moves. Wasn’t that fighting style Wudang?”
Sienna nodded. “Why do you ask?”
“Oh, nothing. Just curious.” Suddenly he opened his eyes. “However, the Wudang style is purely exclusively for the monks of the Wudang mountains. I am pretty sure they don’t teach outsiders their skills . Let alone girls. You must have be an interesting exception to learn an art that is almost forgotten.”
Sienna shrugged and calmly replied. “It was bitter work, yes. But you see, I’m not your ordinary lady.”

Ciel stared at Sienna as they rode the carriage to the East End. On her lap was the basket of egg tarts. He noticed her hands and how she cracked them once in a while. “Sienna, do you suppose Mistress Ching will cooperate?” he asked.
“That is, if Lau hasn’t gone behind our backs and tipped her off.” She replied. The carriage finally stopped . They stepped down and looked at the building. It looked almost normal on the outside. But Ciel knew that if they went inside, it was completely different.
They walked on the front door and knocked on it. The door opened and a young girl who looked like she was about 9 or 12 stood infront of them. She had short brown hair and light brown eyes.
“Hello there.” Ciel said. The girl began to tremble.
Sebastian began to chuckle. “Young Master, perhaps you’re frightening for the young one.” Ciel flashed an angry look at Sebastian. Sienna then said.
“Hey, what’s your name?” The girl looked at Sienna and replied in an unknown language.
“Khuṇ xyū̀ thī̀ nī̀ s̄ảh̄rạb k̄ĥx s̄enx phiṣ̄es̄ʹ?(Are you here for the special offer?)
Sienna’s eyes widened with shock. “What language was that?” Ciel asked.
“It ‘s Thai.” She replied. Then facing the girl, she said. “Mị̀ Reā xyū̀ thī̀ nī̀ ca ch̀wy h̄ı̂ khuṇ dị̂ rạb thī̀ b̂ān” (No. We’re here to help you get home.)
The girl looked at Sienna, before bowing and silently bursting into tears. “Reā t̂xng dū p̄hū̂h̄ỵing Ching” (We need to see Mistress Ching.) Sienna said. The girl bowed again and allowed them to come in.
Sienna then faced Ciel. Ciel could see that her expression was , in a way, disgusted and angry. “Ciel, exactly how many sick perverts are there in London?”
“What do you mean?” he asked. Sienna then calmed down and replied.
“That girl asked if we were here for the special offer. That literally means having sex with her. Oh God, are some British men that sick and perverted to fool around with a young girl?”
Sebastian then replied. “You saw Viscount Druitt, right? If he’s capable of doing that, how much more for other men?”
“This Mistress Ching better be legit.” She snarled.

The girl led them to a room that was covered with blue curtains and furnished with white and gold furniture. In the middle sat a middle-aged Chinese woman with her long black hair styled into two top knots with two blossoms on both sides. She wore a long blue robe and had claw like ornaments on her two fingers.
“Ahh, so this is the infamous Ciel Phantomhive.” She said with a slight cackle. “My good friend, Lau, has told me so much about you. But aren’t you a little young to be here in my ‘safe house’?”
“More like ‘slave house’.” Sienna said. Mistress Ching then faced Sienna.
“And you are Lady Sienna Ayeka.” She said. “You are indeed beautiful. Just like your mother. But the eyes of your father are there.” She noticed the basket of egg tarts. “Ah, Lau told you that I might like egg tarts.”
“He did mention it, my good woman.” Ciel said. “Now, if you would like to have these egg tarts, you will tell us what we need to know.”
Mistress Ching then got up and walked to them. She extended her long sharp nails and ran them across Ciel’s face. “So young, yet doing something only adults would do.”
She sighed and said. “Alright, what do you want to know?”
“Takiko Mori.” Sienna said. “We want to know where she is.”
Mistress Ching let out a huge sigh. “If only I knew. You see, after the death of that ‘unfortunate man’, she never came to me afterwards. But I heard she frequents White Chapel every Tuesday. You can try your luck there.”
Seeing that she would not give anymore information, Ciel nudged at Sienna and she gave her the basket of egg tart. As Sienna handed the basket, Mistress Ching seized her by the wrist.
“There is something I must ask of you, Lady Sienna.” She cackled. “These ‘unfortunate’ men were killed by someone named Hitokiri. You wouldn’t perhaps know anything about it, would you?”
“That’s why I’m here.” Sienna replied. “I want to find out the coward using the name intended for those who serve the Imperial Family. I could ask you something as well. Why haven’t most of the girls you ‘saved’ returned home?”
Mistress Ching then replied.”These girls are still not ready to go home. You see, they were sold to the men. I can’t very well let them go home just yet.”
“So you ARE keeping them as…”
“On the contrary, I am helping them.” She said. Sienna ‘s anger began to build up. Ciel then said. “Sebastian.”
Sebastian had placed his hand on Mistress Ching.
“It would be wise, my good Lady, to release Sienna. “ he said. “If you promise to send these girls home, then perhaps, My Young Master will think twice about arresting you.”

“I could have handled that.” Sienna said as they got home. “You didn’t have to do that, Sebastian.”
“Now, Sienna. If I had not acted upon my Young Master’s orders, then I would not be acting as befit of a Phantomhive butler.” Said Sebastian as he removed Ciel and Sienna’s coats. Ciel then added.
“Besides, Sebastian was able to persuade her to release the girls.”
Sienna said nothing. She hate to admit it. Ciel and Sebastian did persuade Mistress Ching to release the girls. “Still, you could have let me do something to her. That woman was…” She stopped mid sentence when Sebastian stood in front of her.
“Are you suggesting, my good Sienna, that you would be able to persuade her if I had not interfered.? My, you sound as if you are as capable as I am.”
“As a matter of fact, Sebastian. “ she said softly. “I’m pretty sure I am as capable and persuasive as you are.”
Ciel began to laugh. “Do you really think you can best Sebastian?”
Sienna said nothing. Then she turned on her heel and suddenly attempted to knifehand strike Sebastian with her hands. Sebastian caught her hand and leaned closer. “My, my…what a feisty girl you are.” Addressing Ciel, he then asked. “Master, if I may…”
“Yes, I suppose you should.” Ciel said.
Then facing Sienna, he asked. “How about we have a match? If you should win, then I shall abide by your wishes and terms.” Then he flashed a mischievous smile. “But if I should win, then you shall do whatever I so desire of you to do.”
“And what would that be?” she asked.
He grinned. “I’ll think of something. There are many things a gentleman can do to a lady.”
It took nearly one minute for Sienna to reply. Ciel noticed the cold tone in her voice. “You’re basically challenging me to a fight.” Sebastian nodded. She chuckled and said.
“Watashi wa anata ni keikoku suru hitsuyō ga arimasu. Dare mo imamade watashi o taoshite inai.”(I should warn you. No man has ever defeated.)
“Omoshiro-sō ne. Watashi mo sentō de muhai nokotte imasu.”(How interesting. I, too, have remained undefeated in combat.) Sebastian replied, in surprisingly perfect Japanese.
Sienna could see that this was a fast learning butler. She knew she shouldn’t take him lightly. She then looked at Ciel. This must be what he meant by demonstrate. Still, accepting Sebastian’s challenge had one drawback. If she lost to Sebastian, she will be bound to whatever Sebastian would do to her. She couldn’t shake the feeling that he wasn’t quite the normal butler.

Tanaka entered Sienna’s room, carrying two cups of tea on a tray. He saw Sienna practicing her swordsmanship in a white kimono with black hakama pants.
“My Lady.” He said as he set the tray down on a table. “I have prepared some tea. Why don’t you take a break and have some tea.” He saw how precise her movements were. And how the sword sliced through the air. “While warriors practice their moves, time to time they must relax and enjoy a good cup of tea.”
Seeing it as his way of showing concern, Sienna ceremoniously returned the sword to its sheath and sat down across Tanaka. It was a good three hours ago that Ciel declared that tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon, the match between Sienna and Sebastian would begin. He had decided to invite Lau, Ran Mao, Agni and Prince Soma to watch.
“I can’t believe Sebastian challenged me to a fight.” She said. “And Ciel wants it to happen.”
“Now, My Lady.” Tanaka began. “You must calm yourself. “ And he slurped the tea.
“Calm myself?” she repeated. “If I lose to Sebastian, Tanaka-san, I’m bound by my word as a Tekkan that I will either be at his mercy or disposal or , God forbid, whatever he plans to do with me.” And she shivered at the thought.
“Now, you’re being nervous.” Tanaka said. “You must not forget that you are the daughter of Prince Heiachi. If you are determined to defeat Sebastian, then there is no doubt you will.”
Sienna began to smile as she placed the cup back on the tray. “You remind me of my grandfather. He always has the wisest words to say when we drink tea.” Tanaka then bowed as he got up.
“I consider it an honor to be compared to His Imperial Majesty, Lady Sienna. “ Then he took the tray and went out. Sienna picked up her sword and resumed her training.

“Sebastian, what are you hoping to gain from fighting Lady Sienna?” Ciel asked. Sebastian poured Darjeeling tea into a cup and set it in front of Ciel.
“Master, you did order me to find everything I can about the Tekkans.” He replied. “If I defeat Sienna in battle, she will be bound by her word of honor to do whatever I ask.”
“Are you sure it’s not because she’s interesting?” Ciel asked. Sebastian grinned.
“Why, Young Master. Are you …jealous?”
“No.” Ciel set the cup down. “I am as interested as you are. There is something about her that makes me think she may know more about the case.”
“Would you have me look into the matter, Young Master?” Sebastian asked.
Ciel shook his head as he got up. “My orders are to win the match tomorrow and do whatever you wish with Sienna. We need to know exactly how capable my Queen is.”
Sebastian smiled before placing his hand to his heart. “Yes, My Lord.” Then he turned on his heel to leave. “Sebastian.” Ciel called.
“Don’t be too rough with her.” He finished with an almost mischievous smirk.
Sebastian smiled and left the room. As he walked down the corridor, he heard grunts and the sound of blades slicing in the air. He saw Finnian and Mey-rin peeking through an open door. “Shouldn’t you two be preparing dinner with Bardroy?” he asked as he went to them.
Mey-rin looked at Sebastian, glasses fogged up and stuttered. “B-B-Bardroy’s in there , sparing with Lady Sienna.” Sebastian leaned in to see. True to Mey-rin’s words, Bardroy was , indeed, sparing with Sienna. Sebastian watched as Bardroy’s punches were deflected by Sienna’s fists and kicks. He had to admit, she was exceptionally good.
“Hey, easy!” Bardroy exclaimed as he dodged Sienna’s kicks and dived back to avoid her spear. “Hey, EASYYYYYYY!”
“Sorry, Bardroy. Got carried away!” said Sienna as she skillfully wielded the spear. “I just don’t understand why Sebastian would challenge me to a fight.”
“My reason is purely to see how capable you are.” Sebastian replied as he entered the room. “Bardroy, see to the dinner preparations.” Taking it as Sebastian’s order to leave the room, Bardroy grabbed Mey-rin and Finnian and dragged them out of the room. Sienna eyed Sebastian with piercing eyes.
“So, is this your idea of watching me as I practice? Is this how you study your opponents before the actual fight?” she asked as she practiced her weapon again.
“My dear Sienna. If I would resort to such tactics, then what kind of butler would I be?” he asked. Sienna then aimed the long spear at his throat.
“What would you gain out of fighting me?” She slowly moved the spear’s tip to his throat, touching the skin. “You do know what happens if, by some miracle, you manage to defeat me, right?”
“The winner will have a daughter of the Tekkan family as his mate or whatever he wishes.” He answered. “I must say I find it interesting to possess a daughter of the Tekkan family as whatever I please.”
“You-“ she said through gritted teeth. Sebastian suddenly took hold of the spear, pointed it away from his throat and leaned forward. Both their hands rested on the spear and their faces were a mere few inches away from each other. “You honestly think I’m going to let someone like you have me?”
“Why not?” he asked. “You might actually enjoy having me.”
“Don’t be too cocky, Sebastian.” She took the spear and placed it against the wall. “You still need to beat me.”
“It will be an interesting battle tomorrow.” Sebastian predicted. “After all, there are so many things I can do to a lady like you. So many questions I have just for you. And so much you can do for me.”
Sienna stared at him. He is strong alright. She thought to herself. He easily held the spear and pointed it away from his throat. Then again, she kept reminding herself not to give in. She was here to stop a killer. And she will.

Tall posts and pillars encircled the Phantomhive courtyard. At the request of Sienna, she had asked if they could build a “Tekkan Ceremonial Battlefield”, a field which she described as a flatland with tall wooden posts.
She explained to them that for hundreds of years, Tekkans and their challengers fought on the field as a symbol of the balance of power in the world. Ciel sat under a shaded spot with Lau, Ran Mao, Prince Soma and Agni right beside him.
“This is quite the battlefield.” Agni commented.
“I agree. “ Prince Soma looked at the field. “And how are they to fight with so many posts?”
“It will be most interesting to see Sebastian spar with a lady as fierce as Sienna.” Lau said, fondly thinking of the incident three nights ago.
Finally, the two fighters walked towards the field. As Sebastian and Sienna stood opposite each other, the three servants laid out as many weapons as they could around the field.
“The rules of Tekkan combat are fairly simple. Even you can follow them without any difficulty.” Sienna then picked up a sword. “The rules are as follow. Use as many weapons as you can to subdue your opponent. Use whatever fighting style you are most comfortable with. No dirty tactics. The fight ends when one of us is pinned down and cannot get up.”
“Fair enough.”Sebastian said. Facing Ciel, he asked. “Your orders, Young Master?”
Sienna saw Ciel touch his eye patch. “This is an order. Win the fight.”
“Yes, My Lord.” Sebastian said while pulling his gloves on with his teeth. Sienna placed one foot behind and raised her two hands.
“Ohhhh. It’s the Tao Lu style.” Lau said. Sienna then ran and attempted to kick Sebastian. He however, dodged it and counter attacked with a fist. She then blocked it and somehow managed to hit him. Sebastian began to punch Sienna, but she avoided it by doing a graceful backflip. Seeing that he was equally strong, Sienna then decided to try slicing him with her hands.
“She’s really efficient.” Prince Soma said, his cheeks turning red. “Are all Japanese women as strong as she, Agni?”
“Perhaps, she is the exceptional one.” He replied.
“You’re pretty good….for a British.” Sienna said as she did a round house kick to Sebastian’s head. “The last man who fought me ended up going home with several broken ribs.”
“Indeed, you are capable as I am.” Sebastian said as he punched. “But I’m afraid, you’re not even close to my abilities.” And he suddenly seized her right wrist and held her from behind. “Oh my, giving up already?”
“Don’t even think about it.” Sienna then stomped on his foot and grabbed his arm and went behind him. “I’m just getting warmed up.”
Sebastian smiled and pulled, from his tailcoat, four butterknives. “Butterknives?” Sienna looked. Sebastian then released himself from her grip and struck her with the knives. She staggered back and winked at him before dashing off towards a post. As Sebastian followed her, he saw, much to his surprise, Sienna grabbing the post and turning around to kick him.
“Oh, she looked like an exotic dancer when she spun around the post.” Lau exclaimed. Ciel shivered at Lau’s comment. But he watched as Sienna punched and kicked.
Sienna started to remove the sword from its scabbard and thrusted the sword towards Sebastian. He blocked it with his knives and leaned closer. “If I may, there is something that has been bothering me for some time.” He said as the sound of steel clashed against their ears.
“What is it?” Sienna asked as she tried to break the knives.
“ Your natural eye color is blue, yes?”
“So what if it is?” Why even ask about eye color? She thought to herself. Sebastian then replied. “A few days ago, I happened to see your eyes. They were red. I assumed it was the trick of the light, but then I saw it happen again just only recently.”
Suddenly, Sienna’s face twisted into fury and anger. “That’s for me to know…AND FOR YOU TO EARN THE RIGHT TO FIND OUT!” She pulled the sword away from his knives and began to slash him. As he blocked her sword, Sebastian saw her eyes turn red for a brief moment.
“There, your eyes just changed color.” He whispered. Sienna frowned and jumped back. Then lowered her sword to the ground and started to run , dragging the sword’s blade across the ground.
She swung the sword blade and attempted to hit Sebastian. She saw Sebastian smirk and suddenly, disarmed her by knocking the sword of her hands. “What the?”
With quick reflexes, Sebastian hurled her over his shoulder and pinned her to the ground with both his hands on her wrist . “Well, well…have I earned the right to find out?” he asked. “I’ve taken you down. “
“Don’t be naïve, Sebastian.” She said. “The rules say that the winner is decided if the opponent is down and can’t get up. I can still do this.” And she head butted Sebastian and crawled out from under him. “You’re really new to this, aren’t you?”
Sebastian said. “I must admit, you are good.” Then he moved quickly and vanished. Sienna felt a prescence behind her and turned to see Sebastian. She gasped. He moved quicker than I did. She thought. Sebastian tackled her and pinned her back to the ground, this time his legs pinned her legs and his head near to hers.
Sienna struggled to free herself. “I’m afraid, Sienna, that I intend to keep you down for good this time.” He said. There was a look in his eyes that made her angry at the same time upset.
Seeing as how she was unable to get up and free herself, she sighed and said. “I am defeated. You have won a Tekkan daughter.” She looked away, with an almost angry look.”wayward…I can’t believe I lost.”
She looked at him and Sebastian’s face was right infront of her. “Now, don’t be such a sore loser, Sienna.” Then he got up and helped her up. As he helped her, Ciel got up from his seat and walked towards them.
“Well, that was rather entertaining.” He said. “You lived up to your name of being the best fighters. It will be interesting indeed.”
Sienna said nothing, but excused herself and went back to the house.

for final thing:
i don;t own the characters except my o.c. all original credit for characters goes to yana toboso. and this is purely fiction. enjoy
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