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Welcome to Star Wars: Force Aura. We are an text-based, alternate universe roleplaying board set several years after the events of Episode VI. The only difference that comes from our board is that during the events of Episode VI, Luke Skywalker turned to the dark side so that he and his father could defeat Emperor Palpatine. From the day Palpatine died, the new Skywalker Empire was born. Our story begins 21 years after that day.
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Star Wars: Force Aura is a play by post Star Wars roleplay that takes place in an Alternate Universe, 21 years after the end of Episode VI. We are a beginner to Advanced roleplay.

Year: 25 ABY

We accept all characters, canon or original. See the banner for needed faction members.


In 4 ABY Luke Skywalker and his father, Darth Vader, overthrew the Emperor to bring the galaxy under their control. And so the Skywalker Empire was born, however it was for the benefit of the galaxy as a whole. Luke had a vision in the force that if he embraced the dark side, it would stop Palpatine from ever coming back.

Between 4 and 10 ABY, during the reign of Darth Vader as Emperor, the sith were reborn. When Vader died shortly after a killing blow to the last of Palpatine's clones, Luke became Emperor of the Galaxy. The Empire was stronger than ever, but a new darkness was waiting to yet strike out at the galaxy. After Luke became Emperor, he had another vision through the force, this time a new enemy was coming after the galaxy, and if it could be defeated it would have to be done under a unified galaxy.

The year is now 25 ABY, and the galaxy is still at war. The Rebellion and their jedi defenders are still fighting both Politically and physically to regain the galaxy while the Empire and Sith are doing the same. The darkness that Luke saw long ago is looming ever closer, and a time is coming soon where the galaxy must rise up and take action against the darkness. Efforts are being made to rebuild a galaxy where all are at peace, but such efforts are not going smoothly or uninterrupted by parties who do not wish to see such change in the galaxy.

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 .Jedi's Plot Tracker
Posted: Feb 22 2012, 12:19 AM


Group: Founder
Posts: 313
Member No.: 2
Joined: 8-September 11


[b]People Involved:[/b]
[b]Short Synopsis:[/b]

Thread: Imperialism at its finest
Location: Coruscant
People Involved: Imperials & Sith (all of the higher ranked variety)
Short Synopsis: A party more or less, with a slight undertone of business, as a select group (the participants) were invited by Luke to discuss the upcoming peace summit.
Status: Inactive

Thread: Show me what you've got
Location: Sith Temple, Coruscant
People Involved: Luke Skywalker, Alivia Raines
Short Synopsis: Luke continues his training of Alivia by seeing just how far she has progressed in six months of training under his tutelage.
Status: Completed

Thread: Torture, Pain, and Mayhem
Location: Korriban
People Involved: Luke, Alivia, Prudii
Short Synopsis: a mission to locate and terminate three ex-sith who go by the names: Torture, Pain, and Mayhem.
Status: Completed

Thread: Death of a Father, Rise of the Son
Location: Past Events - Coruscant, Space, Byss
People Involved: Luke Skywalker
Short Synopsis: Luke recalls his mission to Byss to slay the last of Palpatine's clones with his father, Emperor Vader.
Status: Completed

Thread: A Second Chance
Location: Past Events - Coruscant
People Involved: Luke, Alivia
Short Synopsis: Luke meets Alivia for the first time and sets her down the road of the sith by taking her as his apprentice.
Status: Completed

Thread: It's Personal
Location: Manda'yaim (Mandalore)
People Involved: Dhakar, Kale, Queeg (NPC)
Short Synopsis: A bounty has been placed on the head of Queeg Stryfe by the remainder of Clan Stryfe. Dhakar Skirata has taken the bounty and will attempt to bring in Queeg alive to Kale.
Status: Ongoing

Thread: It's a TRAP!
Location: Coruscant - Past
People Involved: Luke, Mara
Short Synopsis: Mara looks to kill Luke skywalker
Status: Ongoing

Thread: Digging up the Rangers
Location: Antar 4
People Involved: Hai, Salina, Arathilion, Kalleo (cameo)
Short Synopsis: The jedi look to find the Antar 4 branch of Antarian rangers and bring them back into the folds of jedi operations, as additional support is needed.
Status: Inactive

Thread: A Time for Action
Location: Naboo
People Involved: Multiple participants
Short Synopsis: Blockade of Naboo
Status: Ongoing

Thread: Opposition
Location: Korriban
People Involved: Luke, Rakar
Short Synopsis: Luke vs. Rakar....opposing viewpoints on the galaxy, the sith, and the like
Status: Ongoing

Thread: Survive at any Cost
Location: Antar 4
People Involved: Arathilion, Tyr
Short Synopsis: The rangers must survive whatever comes at them from Imperial forces on the world of Antar 4.
Status: Ongoing

Thread: Night Liasons
Location: Coruscant
People Involved: Thane, Zorah
Short Synopsis: Thane Frei seeks to purchase information pertaining to imperial army and naval forces to avoid trouble in his profession.
Status: Ongoing

Thread: Back to the graveyard
Location: Korriban
People Involved: Luke, Alivia, Prudii
Short Synopsis: The trio have landed themselves in something troublesome again.
Status: Ongoing

Thread: Tuk'ata Problems
Location: Korriban
People Involved: Rashos, Luke
Short Synopsis: A Tuk'ata pack on Korriban is becoming a problem for the sith, as they are interfering with sith business on the planet. The mothers and Queen must be killed. If Tuk'ata pups are found they may be taken or killed, that is up to you.
Status: Ongoing

Thread: Bringing the Pain
Location: Coruscant
People Involved: Luke, Alivia, Rashos, Prudii, NPC's
Short Synopsis: The ex-sith known as Pain has resurfaced with a challenge to the sith. He needs to be killed, hopefully before he levels Coruscant.
Status: Ongoing

This is your .JEDI speaking, please keep all appendages inside the vehicle at all times. We have reports of rancors on the loose, you wouldn't want to lose your parts to them. Trust me, it isn't pretty.
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