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 Hi from Spain (110r,130LR and Favorit 136)
Posted by Ouvreur - 11-5-13 17:19 - 0 comments

My name is Sergio, and I live on North of Spain.
Ive got a Skoda 130LR for Historic Regularity Rallies, a Favorit 136ADA for dayly use and from last week a 110R Coupe for a new project, a 130RS Replic.

We have a group ...read more
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 Late night eBay = Skoda ownership
Posted by Skunkola - 07-13-13 23:16 - 1 comments

Recently (Monday) took receipt of a 1972 S110L after getting carried away on eBay.

Thought, "Oh what have I done," for a while, especially after the first tentative drive. My normal runner is a Volvo 240 estate ...read more
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 Kiwi Newbie
Posted by elanplus2 - 11-21-12 02:53 - 0 comments
Hello, I have recently bought a 110 coupe and am looking for some parts etc to enable the restoration of it. where is the best place to find pasrt for these cars as there is not much in New Zealand. Thanks. Ray
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 hi i am new
Posted by randomguy - 11-25-11 06:22 - 1 comments
I am new on this forum.. appreciated your help.. cheers2.gif
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 Greetings from New Zealand
Posted by alfashark - 09-8-11 08:12 - 0 comments
Hi all, I'm Steve from way down here in New Zealand.
Currently I don't own a pre-VAG era Skoda, but in the past I've had 2x 120L and 2x S110L - 3 were basket cases, but the last S110L was an immaculate '78 that had been re-spray ...read more
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 for sale
Posted by lynne - 07-27-11 19:03 - 0 comments
Hi really don't know how this all works but I am the owner of a 1989 Skoda Estelle that has been kept garaged since new and has only done 8000 miles, body work is good no rust . this car belonged to my father in law who can no longer drive due t ...read more
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 how do i post a picture?
Posted by ginge - 11-20-10 22:35 - 2 comments
Hi,i cant seem to find out how to upload a photo,could any one help please?
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 new to site
Posted by ginge - 11-12-10 12:49 - 2 comments
Hi there,my brother has purchased a left hand drive s110r bright
red from europe.He has offered it to me . Th
e car looks very nice,and i am very tempted.Has anyone any idea of a
value.?I would like to pay him a fair price,but i will ...read more
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 New to the forum
Posted by Neatham - 11-3-10 09:11 - 2 comments
Hi All,

I have recently purchased a 1970 S100 (lhd).

There are a few things I need to do to it and wondered if someone on here could point me in the right direction with regard to parts.

Parts I need:

Cast ...read more
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 new to forum
Posted by chojak - 10-30-09 13:38 - 2 comments

hi new to forum have got a 1977 s110r coupe wich needs a total rebuild just puting feelers out to see if any body parts are out there for sale hope someone can help cheers will try and put some pics on soon cheers
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