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It probably wonít come as a shock to many that RA has closed, in fact itís a wonder that itís been left open this long... Some of you will think it a shame, but others will understand why we had to let it go. We had a great five and a half years, had some really fun plots and a lot of us have grown up with the site and itís because of that, that we think itís time to say goodbye. Most of our members are starting or, in some cases, finished college and university and stepping out into the real world which unfortunately doesnít leave time for role-playing.

After spending so much time here with all of you, I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you that made RA such a fun and happy place. Itís hard to sum up everything I want to say in such a small box, so Iíll try to keep it short and sweet; so long and good luck! I wish each and every one of you the best in life and hope youíve enjoyed your time here as much as I did.

But, fret not, registered and accepted members can still log in and see the boards. The c-box has been moved, so only members can see it. Feel free to use it to keep in touch and, if you really want, you can even continue to post on the boards.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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Revolution Academy has been up and running since September 2005. Our members are dedicated to telling a story rather than just engaging in drama and we pride ourselves on giving them an environment in which they can do so. We are an intermediate board and, as such, ask for 350 words minimum per IC post. Our main aim is to provide a fun place where people can work on and, hopefully, perfect the art of writing and are more than willing to help anyone who truly wishes to improve and become part of our game. All in all we are a friendly board with friendly members and helpful staff, so if this sounds like the sort of place for you, donít hesitate to join up or drop us a line in the c-box.

When signing up please select a first and last name and use proper capitalisation. Anything that deviates from this will be deleted without notice.

Blood is being shed, and thereís no telling who will continue standing where they initially rose. Some will change sides after a revelation, while others will remain headfast and steady. The mutants had harbored no ill will toward human kind, though there are rumors that they will longer take the insults any longer. They once desired peace and harmony, where both races could be considered as equals.
Now they want revenge.

Nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder as New York finds itself hurled into the depths of WINTER. Forecasters as predicting a particularly cold one this year with more than its fair share of snow, rain, sleet and ice that brings with it the promise of a white Christmas. But donít forget to wrap up warm, we wouldnít want you missing the seasonal festivities!

August 14 2010 ē
The subplots "Leaving the urban jungle!" and "It is the day of judgement" have been launched. All participants are welcome to join the threads found here and here respectively.

July 20th 2010 ē
Our first summer sub-event is open for sign-ups! You can view the proceedings here.

March 30th 2010 ē
ATTN. The March/April roll call will go up tomorrow (March 31st) and will run until April 20th. Make sure you donít miss it!

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Junior X-Men

For more information on what characters we would like to see here at Revolution Academy, please go here.

played by David
This months Character of the Month award goes to David; a long-term and much loved member here at Revolution Academy, who has recently decided to turn his hand to writing Storm, one of the most beloved X-men characters. His posts are always impeccably well written and are obviously a labour of love by their writer. The character is played in a way reminiscent to the X-men cartoons of the early 90ís, which only makes us love the character even more. Congrats David, we love ya!


X-Men mentions, roots and plots, movie verse and not, belong to their rightful Marvel creators. Original plot, rules, lists, applications, & etc © the Revolution Academy Staff. DO NOT COPY ANY ASPECT OF THIS FORUM WITHOUT PERMISSION. It is encouraged that site owners create their own look for their own forum. Revolution Academy administration, went through a lot to make this layout. Please respect that and refrain from copying elements of this site. For a more detailed listing of due credits, go here.

The members and staff of Revolution Academy neither encourage nor promote the use of any illegal paraphernalia, such as sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.

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